May 24th, 2013

HTC One gallery

HTC has already run into some issues over the microphone used in their One handset. According to Nokia, the component being sourced is a proprietary technology. While HTC was found “blameless” (the component manufacturer was in the wrong in this case), they still decided to seek a new microphone elsewhere. But that doesn’t mean Nokia is done. The mobile giant is now petitioning the International Trade Commission, seeking a ban on the import and sale of the HTC One in the US.

Nokia said in statements to ZDNet that it believes HTC has not taken the proper steps to avoid infringing on patented technology, and (as was the case with the microphone debacle) has placed blame on parts suppliers. The ITC filing is merely the latest in a long list of complaints against HTC. Nokia has also sought to go after the company in the US, filing a suit with the District Court in San Diego.

[via ZDNet]

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