Nokia continues assault against HTC One, asks ITC to ban sales


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HTC has already run into some issues over the microphone used in their One handset. According to Nokia, the component being sourced is a proprietary technology. While HTC was found “blameless” (the component manufacturer was in the wrong in this case), they still decided to seek a new microphone elsewhere. But that doesn’t mean Nokia is done. The mobile giant is now petitioning the International Trade Commission, seeking a ban on the import and sale of the HTC One in the US.

Nokia said in statements to ZDNet that it believes HTC has not taken the proper steps to avoid infringing on patented technology, and (as was the case with the microphone debacle) has placed blame on parts suppliers. The ITC filing is merely the latest in a long list of complaints against HTC. Nokia has also sought to go after the company in the US, filing a suit with the District Court in San Diego.

[via ZDNet]

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  1. Haters… Nuff said.

  2. Why dont these companies just enjoy healthy competition all this does is damage the company complaint and give consumers less choice. ( or is it that the bigger companies are scared off HTC and are trying to destroy them.)

    1. Honestly I don’t think they are scared of HTC. HTC is hanging by a thread right now. The One may be a great phone but it’s the only decent phone they’ve had for years. And the One has a lot of competition with the S4 which is outselling it 2:1. This is just patent trolls being patent trolls. If it works for Apple it’ll work for Nokia right?

      1. And HTC could be Nokia’s biggest threat in the WP community, so trying to do them in benefits Nokia.

        1. Exactly, people don’t realize this is a business decision not an opinion of nokia or that nokia feels cheated. Its an opportunity to wipe out a competitor.

      2. HTC has had many great phones in the recent years

      3. The Droid DNA is still a decent phone and that came out in 2012. WTF are you talking about.

      4. Nokia is hanging by a thread. They have seen their market share dwindle as Android and iOS phone have eaten away from them. If it weren’t for feature phones they would be in real deep trouble. Nokia is irrelevant in the smart phone space. They picked an irrelevant phone operating system to lead them into the future. This sounds like a desperate move. I also doubt Microsoft is behind this since HTC has been one of their more successful Windows Phone partners.

      5. A patent troll does not CREATE technology. Nokia has spent over $65 Billion dollars within the past 2 decades on its patent portfolio, which dwarfs the other OEM’s in the mobile sector. It’s not trolling, it’s creating. IMO, HTC simply got caught copying and now it will likely pay a price for this tactic. That being said, I really can’t blame HTC for trying, given its dire financial situation. Sure, Nokia is just coming out of a recovery…but it has significantly more cash to fight this battle. HTC needs a win with the ONE and probably threw the dice in gambling over the IP infractions it had to make to get the product to market. It simply got caught. IMO.

        1. Maybe Nokia should first learn how to create something that people actually want to buy before going after everyone that does.

    2. The background is for sure rotten Microsoft= want to bleed out all the android device manufacturers, this is just a test before they sue Samsung =they pay to Microsoft +now even to Nokia
      With Apple they know they are not capable to compete to Google’s innovations so they must attack them (i)legally
      Don’t give a penny to rotten Microsoft or rotten Apple!

      Fight HTC, don’t give up, ask Google! Otherwise there is a very bad future for Android =everyone will be scared

      1. Disagree. MS is making a ton of money from android royalties. They can stay perfectly silent and add a billion to their annual revenue just from android.

  3. It seems as if HTC is cursed!

  4. WAAA waaa waa, long dead Nokia is scared. A bit too late!

    1. Long dead Nokia? They don’t seem to be doing any worse than HTC. :P

      1. hTC still has future, nokia doesn’t.

        1. Future going backward, maybe.

  5. Lol Nokia isn’t liking the sales HTC Is getting.

  6. Nokia, do not follow the footstep of Apple ( crab mentality ). Let’s give way the htc one to compete.

    1. I’m all for HTC competing…but it has to pay for using Nokia technology…if it can even get permission to begin with.

  7. What qualifies Nokia as a Mobile Giant? The last Nokia phone I’ve owned was an old brick of a cell phone that would have cracked concrete if dropped. Since then, I’ve had Motorola, Pantech, LG, and Samsung phones.
    I don’t know of anybody in my area who has a Nokia phone. Everyone I know has an iPhone, Samsung, or Motorola phone.
    Mobile giant, hardly.

    1. between bag phones and the OG moto razr, they ruled the industry on a global level.

      1. Just as horse and buggy once ruled the land.

    2. I see a few people with Windows Phone. They are the same people that use their phone for social networking, taking pictures and other standard communication.

      And guess what? They love their phone. I will admit, they do look nice.

      1. HTC also makes windows phones. I guess the difference is that Nokia only does Windows.

  8. Lol, Nokia is a joke.

    1. au contraire mon frere, check the global community. The lumina series have cameras on par, if not better than HTC. If thats a joke, it’s not a funny one.

      1. Lumina? I thought chevrolet made those years ago. LOL!!!

      2. Yes, because everyone buys a phone just for the camera. *eyeroll*

      3. No… You’re completely wrong there buddy. The Lumia camera is overly saturated and doesn’t look real at all, and the HTC One takes better night shots than it . Why don’t you have a look at real reviews before regurgitating information?…


          1. Either way, it proves my point of the Lumia camera being overly saturated. If you think that looks good, then you need to get your hands on a good DSLR camera.

          2. Calm down chief. If you read the comparison, the Lumia wasn’t the only ‘One’ with flaws. I was just responding to your opinion which wasthat the Lumia is a joke, which it’s not. Have a nice day and don’t forget to take a picture.

        1. And next time, try a little objectivity. It will take you a long way.

        2. What little I know about the Nokia is that the sensor is far larger. In digital cameras, this by itself is usually the single largest factor in quality. Nokia isn’t relevant, but it’s probably not due to the camera sensor. :)

      4. Tried Windows Phone ROM on my HD2, I can safely say that WP is totally not ready. Lacking apps and the UI is poorly designed.

        1. I have to disagree at least for my own experience. I bought a galaxy nexus and shortly after that I tried a WP for the first time and I liked it a lot. Not enough for me to ditch my GN of course. But there is a lot to like in WP. Its far more fluid than any android phone. The newer ones like HTC one and GS4 are fairly comparable (not enough experience with them to say anything definitive) but the WP interface for me was extremely intuitive. I think for mobile devices simple is a better way to go. GN is my first android phone and it took me a while to figure out the logic of the OS and where everything was. But all I did was pick up the WP at best buy and right away I figured out where the browser was, where and how to launch apps and the logic of how things are organized. What android has however is a much larger backing from the user community which imo is bigger than # of apps or hardware goodness.

      5. All they have is the camera. That’s the only time Nokia is ever mentioned in an article. Perhaps they are in the wrong market.

        1. Well, not true. Lest you forget, Nokia also owns the mapping technology behind 90% of the built in car navigation systems around the world (Navteq). The same navigation system powers Microsoft, Bing, Yahoo, Oracle, Garmin, Amazon…you get the point. Funny enough…Google’s Motorola is one of Navteq’s corporate clients.

          It’s also one of the biggest players in the Mobile infrastructure business, building the networks these smartphones run on…to include the latest LTE networks.

      6. (‘o’)/ *Gasp*
        I always thought it was “On contrary my friend”

    2. I agree.

  9. Can’t sell phones??? Then throw a fit and try to stop others from selling there’s too. I think if the average consumer knew this crap was going on behind the scenes they’d be disgusted too.

  10. Nokia is trying to get anything they can because they are sinking faster than the Titanic. The HTC One is a beast of a phone. I tried both the GS4 and the One and I chose the One hands down. As for why Nokia is scared of an Android phone? Some of the features as well as design queues from the One and maybe some of the hardware will find its’ way into the next Windows phone that HTC makes. Seeing that the HTC 8X is pretty much on par with the Nokia Lumia 928, which is Nokia’s latest, HTC’s next offering will squash it all around. So yeah if I were Nokia I would be worried.

  11. Nokia is hoping to strike a deal similar to the one HTC has with Apple. They want to cash in on the One’s popularity.

    1. Nokia makes about $800 Million per year on its patent portfolio, which sounds like a lot of money, but is expected given the US$65 Billion this Finnish company has invested in R&D over the past 2 decades. No other company in the mobile sector has created more core technology for the mobile sector than Nokia. Not even Motorola.

  12. Get real, Nokia is now just a puppet for Microsoft.

  13. The reason why the people I know have used Nokia in the past was because it had
    very good Arabic support. Of course, the same could always be said about
    Blackberry deivces sold abroad. These days, Android can handle it (no
    offical support before Android 4.0 but the “Android Market” contained many third party layouts
    and CM7 had great international support) and the iPhone had
    offical support for a long time now.

  14. Microsoft Proxy War.

    It’s a shame Nokia is such a slow learner. Would be nice if that camera sensor was in an android.

  15. If nokia’s technology is so great, why can’t they sell any phones in the US. Just another whore company building junk and then crying when another company makes a phone that sells. Here’s a tip Nokia, Windows phones suck and no microphone is going to change that.

  16. I think that instead of worrying about HTC, Nokia should be trying to get themselves back into the game, I mean stop with the exclusivity and start selling your smartphones to all carriers. Maybe then, you might start making profits. I guess they saw that the HTC One was such a beautiful device that they just had to sue them. Stop all this nonsense and get to innovating.

    1. For years, Nokia followed your advice, was heavily criticized for getting nowhere with US carriers. Now that it has changed course and is more flexible with the US carriers…it’s getting lamb-basted for this flexibility. Make up your mind.

  17. So how close are we now to corporate wars LOL When they literally start shooting and blowing each other up.

  18. Nokia’s problem started when they signed their deal with Windows phones exclusive. They screwed themselves. Windows has never caught on, the phone is DOA. I would bet anything that Nokia wishes they could put their hardware around the Android OS. That phone would sell like hotcakes. I would like to buy a Android phone built with Nokia Hardware, they build a great phone with great design. If not for Nokia Hardware the Windows phone would be gone.

  19. That makes no sense!! The only thing they supposedly copied was the microphone, but HTC didn’t know about the deal.

    1. It makes sense because nokia’s market is outside of the u.s. so one of their main competitor is HTC. Get rid of HTC from that market and they will make more money. It has nothing to do with property. Patents here are being used as a way to rationalize hurting HTC some more.

    2. Sure…HTC marketed “Distortion Free Recording” with dual amplitude microphone tech (on its HTC One) a full year after Nokia first launched the capability on its 808 PureView phone. There’s even a Nokia whitepaper published well over a year ago explaining its RichRecording technology in great detail. Why explain this tech to the competition/world?…because the tech was already ring-fenced by over 40 Nokia patents. HTC’s claim of ignorance is really funny and will not hold up in court, IMO. There’s simply too much publicly available information (to include published patents and commercially launched product) for HTC to claim ignorance.

  20. That’s ridiculous. Obviously Nokia is so crap that they want to stop the HTC from wiping out what little chance they have at market share in the USA. By any means necessary.

  21. Way to go Nokia. Choke HTC out. I really hope this breaks the camels back simply because HTC really dicked me over in the past. I hope they die.

  22. Fisher Price should sue Nokia for copying the look of their toys

  23. I’m on Verizon and it appears that sales of the HTC One have already been banned

    1. I laughed… but then I cried. I love (?!) Verizon but damn they are making it hard to do so.

  24. what Nokia get over your self thats why you going bankrupt soon karma is a b i t c h

  25. Business is cut throat. Talk about going after the weakest gazelle in the pack. lol. Poor htc.

  26. M$ nokia needs to die for better of human mankind

  27. Nokia following the Apple business model.

  28. No surprise that Nokia would follow up the successful Dutch Court injunction against STM (HTC’s supplier of Nokia exclusive components) with a broader patent defense. The patent defense takes longer, hence the injunction as a first step. With over $65 Billion invested in its R&D, it understandable that a company like Nokia is careful to defend its IP.

  29. Gotta laugh at Nokia, suing a company that has little to no money. Work on your own failing line of products. They won’t win this, they’re just wasting everyones time.

  30. Nokia even if you stop htc you still not going to sell your phones! your problem is not htc! is microsoft and stephen elop.

  31. sounds like Apple

  32. So much for me wanting to support Nokia in the near future, I’ll be staying away if they’re trying to pick on my favorite hardware manufacturer.

  33. HTC seems to be knocked from every angle it’s sad cause I really want HTC to stay alive I believe there the only company to really push Samsung to get better The HTC One will be in the the minds of Samsung design team when the release the Galaxy S5.

  34. Wow I had no idea Nokia is such a douchey company. HTC was found not to be at fault and they have sourced a new microphone and Nokia is behaving like Apple. All this over a stupid microphone. No wonder Nokia is doing so badly.

  35. Can’t beat them so you sue them. Sounds like Apple.

  36. That is just sad, Nokia’s brick… I mean phones sales are not where they want to be so they pull an Apple and ban the competition… Just pathetic.

  37. I am pretty sure that Microsoft is the driving force here. Nokia and Microsoft are in bed with each other.

  38. Nokia thought Symbian was going to usher in a new mobile era and they stuck with thier own OS too long. HTC aknowledged a mistake was made with the microphone in the one. Even if they successfully sue it will be a gain for Samsung and Motorola. as the Windows OS is still in 3rd place. And folks love Android.

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