HTC found blameless over Nokia microphone technology used in the One


More details have emerged from yesterday’s legal spat between Nokia and HTC, the one that ended with a preliminary injunction against the HTC One in Netherlands. HTC, who can’t ever seem to catch a break, was using a dual-membrane microphone for the HTC One that was made exclusively for Nokia. It turns out that STMicroelectronics (the guys who designed the high-amplitude mics) forgot they had signed a 12-month exclusivity agreement with Nokia, and the Amsterdam district court is putting a 10-month ban on STMicro from selling the microphone to anyone but Nokia.

The court went on to find that HTC was “blameless” in the matter, but they’ll still have to shop around elsewhere for a new microphone component. The HTC One is still available for sale in the Netherlands but nobody can say for how long. We will say this, being a smartphone manufacturer ain’t easy. HTC issued the following the statement to Engadget:

“HTC is disappointed in the decision. We are consulting with STM and will decide whether it is necessary to explore alternative solutions in due course. In the meanwhile, we do not expect this decision to have any immediate impact on our handset sales.”

[via AllAboutPhones]

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  1. Oh no!! I better be able to get one this Summer when my contract expires. LoL!!

    1. It probably won’t have HDR recording though.

  2. Good to hear the manufacturer is the one taking the hit and not htc. But now comes the dilemma of yet another component problem..

  3. How is HTC disappointed with the decision? Did they expect the court to allow STM to continue violating their contract?

    1. Forcing STM to pay a fine while supplying the infringing part and giving HTC sufficient time to find new parts would have been better.

      1. Agreed. Its not HTC’s fault and they should not have to suffer for someone not doing there job correctly at ST. This issue will likely result in more delays down the road and more money coming from HTC’s pocket. HTC has every right to sue ST for their mistake.

        1. Yes they have every right to sue st for this, but that is not good for business. The best way is to come to an agreement behind closed doors. It spares them from making enemies. In business litigation should always be a last resort, but when it comes to mobile manufacturers that seems to go out the window. I blame apple for starting this trend.

  4. Woah… that’s pretty awesome! *BANNED*

    1. Do that more often! :D

  5. HTC should be like, “Judge, it took us 12 months of research to find this perfect microphone chip. it’ll take another 12 months to thoroughly test another microphone chip that’ll give similar performance.”

  6. uuuuhhhhhh, it seems as of this moment, its only effecting the Netherlands, not us here in the states

    1. are you implying phandroid is meant for American’s only?

  7. There is a an error in this article. ST electronics did not design the mic. HAAC mics are a direct result of Nokia’s own R and D and was first mass produced in the 808 pureview. They are only in charge of making and mass producing the component since Nokia can’t do it themselves. Thus the agreement was that ST electronics would make and supply the components to Nokia alone and not anyone else for twelve months. ST thought it was 6 and sold the component to HTC.

    Regarding who is responsible for the tech. There is even a picture of the same mic in the 808 pureview in the article.

    Not that I expect an android fan site to be aware these things.

    1. Naw man you probably won’t see andriod sites write this kind of information…however this site seems to do the best out of all of them who are translating this news from the original source….just from my own browsing. As a nokia/wp and andriod enthusiast…the wp sites seem to know a lot more and are writing correct information on this matter.

  8. Actually, that microphone technology goes way way back way before cell phones.

  9. Better get one before stock ran out!!!

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