HTC One will transition to a new microphone component to avoid legal trouble with Nokia


For the past few days we’ve been covering the legal drama between HTC and Nokia over an STMicroelectronics high-amplitude microphone found inside the HTC One. Apparently, there was a slight mix up on STMicro’s part, selling the component to HTC before their exclusivity agreement was up with Nokia.

Many were left wondering what this meant for the HTC One who, all things considered, is riding a lot on HTC One sales, no matter the market. Yesterday, we discovered that HTC was already found “blameless,” and that sales of the One would continue as normal, despite Nokia’s attempts at recalling the microphones sold to HTC.

To be clarify, HTC mentioned this legal matter was always between Nokia and STMicro, and that because the component was purchased “in good-faith,” HTC can continue to use them until their supply has been exhausted. After that, HTC says they’ll be making the transition to a different, “improved” microphone design. Looks like they dodged a bullet.

[via Engadget]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I wanna get one with the old Microphone. That one may be better. =.3

    1. Well, stop wasting time and get it before they’re gone! :p

  2. Really sounds to me like there was an indemnification clause in the contract between HTC and STMicro for use of the microphone in the phones (basically, that clause would eliminate HTC from blame in any sort of claim). That means HTC attorneys did their job well, in protecting HTC from possibly getting sued.

  3. Having worked with ST before, this doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  4. Hey Nokia, ah ah ah.

  5. I got my HTC One and no one, not even Nokia nor their courts are getting it back. Srew them, I love this phone.

  6. I don’t want to be that guy, but in the last paragraph, I think “to be clarify” isn’t correct. :p

  7. Best looking android phone to date. Supports to add external storage using:

    1. You can also use a USB OTG cable and hook up a USB drive to it.

      1. Sure. It is up to you.

      2. you know and i know how simple it is to hook up thumb drives, but its beyond most folks brain power, especialy the kind of folk who buy a device because its fashionable, look at all the morons with galaxy s3/s4s who cannot even be bothered to find out what the device is capable of and may as well still use a dumb phone, thats a major problem with smart-phones, lots of folks are not smart.

        1. Morons because they prefer the s3/s4. Is this really turning into “apple vs android”?

          1. I think he’s saying they’re morons because they don’t know how to use their smartphones to their fullest potential. I don’t agree though, I think anyone who wants to buy a smartphone (even if they don’t use 10% of it) are welcome to it. The more the merrier. :)

  8. Got my HTC One today. Loving it.

  9. how unusual.a legal decision thats fair and actualy makes sens.

  10. The source link to engadget is broken, an http:// is missing.

  11. I’m not sure I buy the improved part regarding a new microphone.
    I know they kind of have to say that but seriously, there is a reason they went with the one they did in the 1st place.

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