LG Optimus L9 leaked for MetroPCS


LG Optimus L9 MS769 MetroPCS

Looks like MetroPCS is about get a new addition to their affordable Android lineup with the upcoming LG Optimus L9 headed to the now T-Mobile-owned wireless provider. We just received these leaked press shots of the device and while there is no MetroPCS branding on the device, you will noticed the familiar MetroPCS visual voicemail application on the pictured homescreen.

The LG Optimus L9 may not pack much in terms of specs, but when it comes to low-end smartphones, you could do a whole lot worse. The L9 is identical to the T-Mobile offering (aside from Metro radios, of course), with a 4.5-inch qHD IPS display, dual-core TI OMAP 4430 processor, 5MP camera, 1GB of RAM, micro SD card slot, and removable 2,150mAh battery. Expect it an official announcement on availability and pricing in the coming weeks.

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  1. Are you sure it has Metro radios? Isn’t the plan to transition all Metro customers to T-Mobile’s network over the next couple years?

    I would say “low-end” is an unfair characterization… you can do a lot worse. Mid-range would be more like it.

    1. Didn’t strike me as low end, either – big IPS display, dual core, SD card slot, and a removable battery that’s bigger than that found in a GNex or DNA. At this point, though, I’m not sure what the distinction between low and mid
      might be.

      1. @AaronPeromsik:disqus @ntegrit:disqus

        Well, we have low, mid, and high. Given that the Optimus G and G Pro are currently their high-end models (quad-core Snapdragons), and the Optimus F3 is their midrange (dual-core S4), the L9 with a dual-core OMAP and qHD display is definitely LG’s new low-end.

        Having played with all the aforementioned devices, I can attest to this.

        1. If the one and only thing you compare is the processor than sure, the F3 is better… on paper at least. I own an L9 and I can tell you that OMAP chip performs extraordinarily. Far better than any other dual core phone I’ve used. Looking at the specs the F3 only has a 4 inch screen, with lower PPI than the L9. There’s no way I’d put it above the L9 because of a .2 GHz CPU increase, while ignoring other specs.

          P.S. if you’re going to classify the L9 as low end, where does that leave the likes of their single core offerings, like the Venice and others?

  2. It looks like the LG Spirit on Metro PCS

    1. specs are looking like too

  3. I am curious is it metro LTE
    Or T-Mobile HSPA+.? It’s definitely one the best
    Mid- range devices out there. I purchased one
    As a back up for my nexus 4 .
    I recommend people who are on budgets
    And want a great device to pick one. Up
    You will not be disappointed for under
    200.00$.i am hoping LG will release a l9 2
    With a bigger screen 4.8 and a 1.5 ghz quad core

    1. it will be tmobile hspa+ and 4glte

  4. This phone has low internal memory really bad it only has 2.5GB …i had this phone with t mobile …i had 1gb left and it said i had low memory dont get this phone

  5. Dont get it …i had this phone it suck and low memory

  6. No Metro customers aren’t moving to T-Mobile. Metro is LTE. And yes, unless this is cheaper than the LG Spirit 4G then ok, if not buy the Spirit.

    1. Um.. yeah they are and T-mobile bought them out and T-mobile has LTE as well and Metro towers will be turned into LTE-A towers for t-mobile.

    2. no get this over the spirit, it will be relevant longer

  7. this is a boring product perhaps another line of affordable basic android device for metro customers.

    1. true that N4zty

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