Aurora Red Galaxy S4 headed exclusively to AT&T


aurora red galaxy s4

It looks like Samsung’s Galaxy S4 color options are about to expand as one carrier has announced a new exclusive color option for its users. That carrier is AT&T, and its latest rendition of the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes in Aurora Red. It’s a bit ironic considering Red is usually Verizon’s favorite color, though to be fair it’s closer to a maroon than the stronger shade Big Red typically employs.

It seems AT&T has been getting a lot of exclusive love as of late, as the company is also the only one to carry a 32GB version of the fastest selling Android of all time. We’re not sure how much money AT&T is shelling out to get all this preferential treatment but we imagine the pile is extra big and extra green.

Users interested in this peculiar hue will be able to pre-order theirs beginning tomorrow, though the device won’t be available until June 14th. Oh, and this is only coming in 16GB flavoring for now, so if you require more internal storage (especially after the debacle that has brewed over how much space TouchWiz/Nature UX requires) you’re sadly out of luck.

[via AT&T]

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  1. Here we go with the exclusivity crap. People, its time to take back the control that we have. Lets petition all of the OEMs and Google and tell them that we tire of this and we prefer to buy direct from you. To hell with the carriers.

    1. Never going to happen. The vast majority of people would rather pay $100 a month for a contract on a $200 phone, than $60 a month for a $600 phone. :/

      1. Well, that doesn’t include me nor my wife. I’ve also convinced a few of my colleagues at work to buy phones sim free and get sim only deals.

        Its a slow process, but I’ve done it for a few years now!

        Oh, and did I mention: I’ve got Galaxy S4.. I bought it about a week ago, after I tested HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and Galaxy S4, in store.

        It was an easy choice :)

      2. Can’t you do exactly that on T-Mobile? Buy a phone full-price for $600, then pay $60 a month for the 2GB data plan?

  2. they should release a list of what colors are coming out and when. I bet many people wanted red, but got white or black and are now upset.

  3. Wonder if this’ll work on T mobile?

    1. chances are you can get HSPA+ service only in the refarmed 1900mhz, which still has limited service in usa. this is assuming you sim unlock the phone first. i’d be surprise if this phone has the AWS 1700mhz band.

  4. The only red S4 I’m looking forward to is that wonderful-looking Active.

  5. Wish i never left AT&T i would of bout the RED GS IV damn U AT&T

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