May 23rd, 2013

HTC One BoomSound game

Despite a reshuffling of executives and the delay (or cancellation) of the HTC First in Europe, it’s not all bad news for HTC. The Taiwanese manufacturer has been banking on their flagship HTC One to bring the company out of a slump and as expected, the device has been well received among consumers.

According the Wall Street Journal, the HTC One has sold around 5 million units since it was released almost a month ago. While this is only about half of what Samsung was able to accomplish with the Galaxy S4, we should point out that HTC was able to accomplish this using grassroots marketing and a budget nowhere near the size of Samsung’s, but still enough to help make the device a success. Good for them.

It’s interesting that despite the One not being offered on Verizon Wireless — the largest carriers here in the US — the One was still able to do well for itself. Perhaps it’s for the best. An HTC exec mentioned they’re still having some trouble fulfilling orders. This is due in part to overwhelming demand as well as a shortage of components (even though production has reportedly doubled). Launching right away on Verizon would have no doubt only made shortages worse.

As one of the most well reviewed Android handsets to date (and my personal daily driver), it’s nice to see consumers listening as the One speaks for itself. We’ll have to wait for official numbers and quarterly earnings reports to find out if the One was enough to bring HTC back to their glory days. Either way, we’re sure CEO Peter Chou’s job is safe, but he still has his work cut out for him with stiff competition from Samsung, dominating the smartphone market with their Galaxy line. Protip: Bring the black version to Verizon with red plastic and call it the Droid Incredible One. Profit. Pop bottles.

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