May 22nd, 2013

Chris Chavez Google Glass watermark

It was back in February Google began running their “#ifihadglass” promotion inviting normal folk (as opposed to developers and Google IO attendees) to tell Google what they’d do if they had had Google Glass, for a chance at wining a pair of their own. Today, Google has announced that they’re finally ready to begin selecting the “winners” for #ifihadglass over the next few weeks, picking out the most inspiring and creative participants amongst thousands of entries.

This marks the first time that those that didn’t sign up for early access at last year’s Google IO will be given the opportunity to rock Glass in their normal day-to-day life. Keep in mind that we use the term “winner” loosely. If selected for #ifihadglass, winners will still be required to pay the $1,500 pricing for this early prototype Google Glass Explorer Edition.

While the Google Glass Explorer program has already closed up shop for new applicants, you can always sign up at here to be notified of future updates. I’m curious if any of our readers were selected for the #ifihadglass promotion, and if you’re planning on forking out all that dough on a pair?

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