May 22nd, 2013

galaxy s4 vs iphone 5

With all the awesome tech and software innovations coming out of Google as of late — new apps and services, revamped social network, Google Glass — you may have wondered exactly what Apple’s been doing with their time. Oh, that’s right. Taking notes and suing people. Same ol’, same ol’…

Apple has woken up from their brief nap and once again, it was on the wrong side of the bed. This time they’re asking a court to amend their lawsuit from back in February to include Android’s latest and greatest: the Samsung Galaxy S4. Allegedly, the GS4 infringes on 5 Apple patents, the first dealing data synching, another 2 having something to do with the user interfaces, and the final 2 Siri-related patents specifically targeting Samsung’s use of Google Now in their device.

To investigate and analyze the above claims, Apple went as far as buying Samsung Galaxy S4’s from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, as well as diving into 1.9 terabytes of readily available Samsung source code. It was with Google that Apple encountered some resistance. Apparently Google didn’t make their source code available until late March, something Apple wasn’t too happy about.

I think we all know where this is headed, more legal drama for your mama. Hearing is currently scheduled for June 25th, in San Jose, CA. We’ll keep you posted. Think this is a clue Apple may have run out of ideas for the iPhone 5S and/or iOS7?

[via FossPatents | Macworld]

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