Apple targets Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Now in their latest patent infringement claims


galaxy s4 vs iphone 5

With all the awesome tech and software innovations coming out of Google as of late — new apps and services, revamped social network, Google Glass — you may have wondered exactly what Apple’s been doing with their time. Oh, that’s right. Taking notes and suing people. Same ol’, same ol’…

Apple has woken up from their brief nap and once again, it was on the wrong side of the bed. This time they’re asking a court to amend their lawsuit from back in February to include Android’s latest and greatest: the Samsung Galaxy S4. Allegedly, the GS4 infringes on 5 Apple patents, the first dealing data synching, another 2 having something to do with the user interfaces, and the final 2 Siri-related patents specifically targeting Samsung’s use of Google Now in their device.

To investigate and analyze the above claims, Apple went as far as buying Samsung Galaxy S4’s from AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint, as well as diving into 1.9 terabytes of readily available Samsung source code. It was with Google that Apple encountered some resistance. Apparently Google didn’t make their source code available until late March, something Apple wasn’t too happy about.

I think we all know where this is headed, more legal drama for your mama. Hearing is currently scheduled for June 25th, in San Jose, CA. We’ll keep you posted. Think this is a clue Apple may have run out of ideas for the iPhone 5S and/or iOS7?

[via FossPatents | Macworld]

Chris Chavez
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  1. apple at it again…. That company needs to go bankrupt its the only way to stop the madness….

    1. my thoughts exactly, i knew it was too good to be true to think crapple might have been turning over a new leaf. the crazy part is that they think these claims are gonna stick, what a bunch of sore losers. #EffAppleInTheA

      1. Apple is just pitiful hey can’t compete on merit so they litigate….

        1. i think they should team up with windows and get that 2 for one special on tickets straight to hell bro, real talk

      2. Lol EFF apple in the a. I posted something like that a few weeks ago on this site

        1. So summer vacation started right? no more middle school for a couple of months.

    2. It’ll happen soon enough, Apple was practically bankrupt before bringing Jobs back, he can’t come back from the dead, Apple will slowly revert to it’s old bad ways and end up being sold off in chunks, just needs to happen sooner than later

    3. As much as I’d like for that to happen it’s practically impossible now. They have so much cash money they could stay afloat for a long time without doing anything.

    1. awwww man, hit post two seconds late…FML

    2. Nope I beat you ;)

      1. lol well 2nd is better than last lol

        1. Its impossible to be last in a comment board unless the mods close it lol

        2. It’s not, Nieves. It’s really not… O_o

          1. haha Chris, u just sayin that cuz u came in third lol

          2. why are people downvoting on comments that arent even bad…wdf (o___o)

          3. hey chris u gonna let me borrow your google glass? lol

  2. I’m just glad the real world effect of all these Apple suits on Android consumers is nill.

    1. Actually it has done wonders for sammy…. and ambulance chasing lawyers.

  3. hope court tells Apple to go home because they are still drunk

    1. I hope the court tells Apple to go to hell because that’s where they belong #>:D

  4. What’s next? They sue Google for having photosphere? Go home Apple…

  5. Apple cant innovate so they litigate

  6. And Google is still wasting time making their apps available on iOS. Google wake the eff up!

    1. Google makes money off of advertisements, whether you want to believe it or not, Apple has a SHITLOAD of customers. They make more money from iPhone than Android from advertisement.

    2. Actually, the reverse is true. For those of us who know about all this stuff, it puts Google in a better light than Apple will ever be. Apple doesn’t put anything out there for other OS’s other than iTunes on Windows. Google does a lot for iOS, OS X, Windows, AND Linux, and that’s in addition to Android/Glass.

    3. Disagree. Not only does it put google in a good light (except perhaps with fanboys who will never change), but it gives iPhone users the chance to experience and become more familiar with Google, and hopefully, come over to the light.

      1. Not only that but it probably pisses apple fanboys off that Google’s software is so available on iOS. And if they don’t use it they’re foolish (and their ignorance cannot Prevent them from realizing this) because it’s undisputably the best software for it’s intended use, so they get more and more mad.

        It helps me sleep at night.

    4. It highlights what Apple can’t do and slowly peel iPhone users away from Apple.

  7. why are they wasting time on this??? They should be innovating like Google! not waste their time on lawsuits…

  8. Its bullshit how they are ruining Job’s legacy .

    1. This *IS* Jobs’ legacy.

      1. Thermonuclear and all.

      2. tru dat tru dat! lulz

      3. I think he would’ve gotten back to the money by now, instead of hoping to get rich off of lawsuits.

        1. With Jobs, it was always about control. In the process, he made a lot of money.

    2. Um, they are continuing his legacy. He is the 1 that started all of this.

  9. Only God knows how much I hate apple.. For real!

    1. I noticed that too. However it is not so on Apple Insider. The Apple zealots are there and supporting Apple in this.

      1. Yeahhhhh… that’s why I didn’t include their article on the matter. Lol.
        Of course, if their comment numbers are anything to go by, they get far less “foot traffic” than MacRumors.
        Edit: And I’m sure if we dug through the 199 comments (at the time of this posting) on MR, we’d find quite a few Pro-Apple people.

  10. And here I was thinking apple was chilling. Surprise…

  11. Are you serious? Now their saying that Google now is infringing on siri? just because it runs laps around siri they got their panties in a bunch. Again I say, more innovating and less litigating something that Apple has forgotten ever since more people started choosing android instead of ios.

  12. Apple v Google is nigh

    1. GOOGLE SMASH –Hulk Voice–

  13. You know, I was just getting a little relaxed with the whole Apple hating thing and all. It’s unfortunate they’ve decided to be Apple-holes again.

  14. Apple is quickly losing relevance. iOS is stale and Ive isn’t going to save it. The iPhone is no longer the status symbol it once was, and the iPad is dropping in market share at a steady pace. iRadio is hitting major snags while Google rolls out its own service with praises from many. Their desperation is now glaringly obvious, trying to take out flagship phones before they’ve even hit the masses shows they’ve ran out of ideas.

    And where are all those analysts that said AAPL would hit $1000 by Jan 1st this year?

    1. actually GS4 has hit the masses, look at the sales numbers, Apple was late to the party, word has already gotten out and so i doubt by the time this goes to trial itll have much effect on sammy, y u ask, cuz people will have already bought the GS4 by then, HTC One guy here tho! ANDROID FTW

    2. iOS may be stale now, but it still works perfectly, and it’s not going anywhere. People that blatantly make predictions that the iPhone is going down hill and going to die are just wrong. We know that it will still sell millions, and objectively, it’s not a bad device, so stop acting like it’s going to just disappear. iOS is good for some and Android is good for some. The world keeps on spinning.

      1. iOS isn’t perfect, it has its share of problems as well, Apple just does a better job at hiding them. Case in point, when an app crashes, which they do, it goes back to the home screen so most people don’t even put two and two together. No OS is perfect.

        Agreed, people who blatantly make prediction usually are wrong, which is why I didn’t do that. No where in my comment did I say the iPhone was going to die, or disappear. Judging by your comment, you got your feathers ruffled and drew false conclusions from statements I didn’t make.

        1. You did say Jony Ive isn’t going to save it though, implying it could be on a downward turn, I do believe they can save it once again. It’s not as if it’s bad, I personally had nothing but good experiences on it.

          1. It’s not implied, it’s reality. Just look at how many iterations of each release there are. They fix one bug and more appear, far from working perfectly as you said. I’ve read tons of comments from die hard iPhone users that are fed up with the constant iterations that bring little to the functionality. Siri still has flaws and we don’t even need to go deeply into the maps fiasco to know they have major problems going on. And Apple thinks a hardware designer is going to revolutionize their software. Like I originally said, they are losing relevance.

            I once read a comment about Apple that resonated perfectly. I don’t put much stock in analysts but this one nailed it when he said Apple’s greatest strength was when they were out front, leading the way but now they are just another dog running with the pack.

            But they’ll still make their millions because no matter what they do, a large enough group of people will buy their products, no matter what. It’ll just be harder for them now that Android has raised the expectation level on a regular basis.

          2. I do agree with many of your statements, I never said it was the best operating system, no operating system is perfect. But I have no bias so no one should care what OS I use anyway, I do like Android, and I’ve been using it for years now, but I feel like a change.

      2. Unfortunately with only 18% market share they are going downhill severely, compared to where they were a few years ago.

        They have mountains of cash and all they’re doing is stock buyback, dividends, and litigation. They will die if they don’t start to show some innovation.

        1. That’s true, I have high hopes for iOS 7, and it would kind of be sad to see it die.

  15. I have the same reaction to this latest apple crap as I do whenever Lindsay lohan gets drunk and arrested. Both are train wrecks with bleak futures.

  16. So in the end it’s going to be Apple, Judge Koh, and German courts vs Google and Samsung. Samsung’s defense will be ignored, and Google will just hotfix whatever Apple is crying about. Then you’ll see an iOS 7 preview and they’ll have widgets and claim they revolutionized the smartphone industry, again.

  17. If for nothing else, this makes Apple camp a group of ingrates….Google went out of their way to release Google Now on iOS and now Apple’s gonna sue them ??? come on, grow up and get a life apple, i bet ur punk azz would be hurtin if google up and decided to yank ALL Google apps off your appstore….then who’d be suffering…your USERS, the people who remain faithful to you even thru all this bs…its your consumers you should be thinking about, instead u pull childish stunts like this knowing full well that Google is squaring u away with their services even tho they know u hate them….Truly how the mighty have fallen. bunch of suckas…SMH

  18. hey Apple, try paying your fair share of income taxes instead of hiding your income in offshore accounts

    1. Google income shifts too… All the big companies do. They pay the IRS a percentage to do it, legally.

  19. I’m going to buy some Apple flavored jelly in celebration of this validation of success.

  20. This is why source code is released! So that other companies can sue. Thats the whole goal of the open source project! *sarcasm*

  21. Can’t Google just sue Apple over the Notifications Bar? I mean, that was a blatant copy of Androids Notification Bar!

    1. I agree…seems like the lawsuits only go one way. Maybe that’s just Google being the the more mature company? Not slinging mud unnecessarily?

  22. So my wife just had to have an iPhone 5. The first day she had it I set everything up for her to include porting contacts from her old droid RAZR. Thanks to Google, this was even possible. Then I set up her email; without her knowing, her signature now reads “Sent by iPhone but Android is still better”. Looking forward to the day she realizes iPhones have problems too. Also can’t wait to show her the camera is JUST OK compared to GS4. Oh and its been a week and the battery on the iPhone 5 pales in comparison to her old RAZR MAXX. The grass is greener on the other side but who wants just green grass when android gives you the entire galaxy.

    1. Not trying to start an argument, but the iPhone is commonly known as one of the best in terms of battery life. From past experience I also found it had amazing battery life.

      1. Not my wifes, she’s had 3 4s’ and all 3 had crap batteries. She may of just had bad luck considering she had to have it replaced twice.

      2. It only has good battery life if you don’t really do anything with it. As soon as you start watching videos and playing games on it you realize that the iPhone’s battery is just as good/bad as any Android out there.

        1. I beg to differ, but anyway.

          1. Again, not to start an argument, as I’ve been Android since 2009. A recent trip snowboarding, my cousin’s iPhone 4s, running many of the same programs – GPS tracking, taking photos and video. In fact, I was using a separate camera most of the time. Yet at the end of the day, my phone rarely made it back to the room – where he didn’t charge his until well after dinner. Nothing scientific, but I was fairly shocked as how much better it appeared to perform than my GNex, both with and without extended battery.

          2. Who cares if you start an argument, this is the internet, we can battle it out and nothing happens at the end of the day! By the way I agree with you 100%. iPhone’s usually always out last Android phones. But Android does take a lot more to run what with the true to life multi-tasking and all the other heavy resource things it takes.

  23. yeah, apple needs to take a long walk off a short peer.

    this is like a guy who gets beaten in basketball all the time when he goes to the local gym to play and instead of practicing and improving his skills he devises a plan to shut down the gym..

    apple lost a life.

  24. Apple needs to man up already and sue Google, instead of proxy lawsuits trying to get license fees.

    Go for it Apple.

  25. Apple, once again proving they only go to court when something is proven better than something they came up with.

  26. Can’t we all get along and swap some licensing deals?

  27. I really wonder what IOS7 would look like, something is telling be that innovation will be at a stand still for cupertino this year. Lighter, thinner phones/tablets with the exact same bullshit OS.

    1. developers are walking around with polarized screen protectors. me thinks they rip off widgets next.

  28. genius commentators…

  29. UK big fan.
    They are going to need to get some money from somewhere to pay their TAX bill. :-D

  30. Interesting. The Google Now part should be fairly easy to have dismissed or ruled in Samsung’s favor. All they’d have to do is show that Google had working voice search/actions before Siri was created, and that Google Now is an extension of that.

  31. There was a time when Apple was justified to sue both Google and Samsung. That time has passed.

    Google’s Android has evolved WAY beyond iOS.

    Samsung’s Galaxy’s hardware makes the iPhone look like an Ericsson from 2001…
    And this coming from a Windows Phone user/fan. Not a fan of Google products, but I’m not blind: Apple is antiquated; Google is futuristic.

  32. So now innovation = adding a number or an “s” to and suing the crap out of your competition.

  33. Disappointing. Must of run out of things to offer in black and white.

  34. The picture looks a little dangerous, I wouldn’t want to be around when the iPhone blows up because of the S4’s awesomeness.

  35. Don’t buy anything from apple mp3 players or pcs included. Find alternatives. Keep Freedom of choice alive.

  36. i honestly dont care if apple is somehow able to regain their iron grip on the smartphone market, i just want them to stop trying to take away my choices as a consumer in the courtroom with these stupid lawsuits.

    apple corp = the tanya harding of the smartphone world

  37. the best part of these lawsuits is that Samsung will get more press / marketing and make more money, just like the last round of the Apple lawsuits. Apple can’t stop derailing themselves, lol

    1. Yeah. People go “Wait a minute. There’s a phone that is just as “good” as the iPhone and Apple is suing them because they’re feeling threatened?? I want it !!!!” lol

  38. Wait, they’re suing over a feature that is available on their platform??

  39. You lost me at . . . FossPatents.

    Thanks for the headline. But I’ll go somewhere like Groklaw to find a reliable account of what is going on.


  41. if iphone6 is so great according to Kevin why is crapple so scared. nothing has changed on iphone since iphone4 the sales numbers prove it .

  42. Yeah, Apple, about that. The Galaxy S4 is the fastest selling smartphone ever!! And, Ummm, about your, shall we say, stale user interface, your gonna allow more customization like Android, good for you!!

  43. Let them right try lumia hihihi

  44. Dont fight..lets switch to #lumia

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