May 22nd, 2013

Sprinkle Islands screenshot 1

We’ve been big fans of the developer duo at Mediocre for quite sometime. You guys know them as the harbringers of pure joy and magic, after releasing the critically acclaimed titles Sprinkle and Granny Smith into the Play Store. While we patiently wait for a full fledged Granny Smith sequel, the boys at Mediocre are first focusing on their original breakout hit, Sprinkle, with the upcoming sequel Sprinkle Islands.

We’ve been following the development on Sprinkle Islands (back when it was simply known as Sprinkle 2) for awhile now. Initially we saw only a few design sketches and barely a screenshot. Today, it looks like development is finally wrapping up for the title, as evidenced by Mediocre’s all new gameplay trailer for Sprinkle Islands.

No doubt the result of countless hours of hard work, the gameplay trailer shows us a world once again in distress after fires have broken out across the world’s inhabitants. Of course, it’s up to your and your makeshift fire truck to put them out before they reduce the tiny villages to ash. This time around levels are bigger, multileveled, and filled with all brain-racking physics puzzles of the original. Players will now have to travel between areas in their firetruck via rafts and elevators, keeping things fresh with brand new level design.

In a world filled with so many “me too” mobile games, the developers at Mediocre have proven that with enough creativity and talent, it’s possible for truly original masterpieces like Sprinkle are possible in mobile gaming. Sprinkle Islands is due out sometime in June, and we’ll let you know as soon as it is available in the Google Play Store.

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