May 17th, 2013

samsung tectiles 2

Samsung has announced the next generation of their TecTile NFC offering. Dubbed TecTiles 2, the programmable stickers are designed to be fully operable with all NFC-enabled handsets from Samsung, including the Galaxy S4.

As with the original TecTiles launched alongside the Galaxy S3, TecTiles 2 feature a companion app for Samsung smartphones that allows users to create custom NFC-based functions. You can get an idea of this from our review for the original TecTiles, but basic interactions include toggling settings like Bluetooth or WiFi, opening a specific application, or checking into Foursquare or Facebook.

Exactly how TecTiles 2 differ from last year’s version isn’t clear, but you can buy them starting today direct from Samsung and soon from other retailers. A pack of five is priced at $14.99.

[via Samsung]

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