HTC One production to double as supply chain issues subside


HTC One rocks

After a slow start to production due to supply constraints, HTC’s North Asian president Jack Tong says production will begin to ramp up for the HTC One this month. Capacity is expected to double and then continue to grow well into June as HTC faces high demand for their flagship One handset.

Along with increased demand for the J Butterfly in Japan also mentioned by Tong it sounds like HTC might finally be clamping down on floundering profits. The company, which has reported dropping revenues for the past several quarters, has been struggling frantically to turn things around. The One has often been dubbed HTC’s last hope, and it seems HTC has reason to be hopeful again.

[via Focus Taiwan]

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  1. I’ve come around on this phone, although I have not held one. Slap stock on this bad boy and I’d be a happy man.

  2. HTC needs a nexus 5 device so I am guaranteed to have a supported device. If they are struggling how well should I trust that this phone will be supported for 2 years. I would be doing a nexus version like s4 at the minimum.

  3. Htc’s definition of high demand and Samsung or Apple’s definition of high demand are two very different things. If either of those were having the same sales volume as HTC they would consider that a big failure. Different standards for different manufacturers is my point here, not to upset anyone.

    1. And what sales numbers are HTC looking at that you seem to know that Samsung and Apple would deem it a failure? Not to upset you, but I think there is quite some room for a middle ground between success and failure even between Samsung/Apple and HTC.

      1. Doesn’t HTC sell like .000001% of what Samsung sells? no really lol

        1. No. Really. Lol.

        2. And Samsung also spends 1000000% more money on marketing.

  4. I just picked one up a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it. Sense isn’t too bad and I use nova launcher, but overall the hardware and software really are absolutely fantastic. My only complaint with the device is really just with Sprint’s crappy slow network.

    1. Yeah, I use Nova Prime on my Note 2, it freakin rocks.

    2. Well i was on the fence about this phone especially after MR Chavez’s review..Mostly ( The quality control was on my mind) after torcherous debate with myself i pulled the plug and added a 4th line on my T MO acccount andi have to say i have Zero regrets, ( was with Sprint for 18 yrs and just couldnt wait for any 4g any longer ) now correct me if i’m wrong but a sprint rep even went so far as to tell me that there existing 4g ( clearwire ) The one does not even have the ability to pick up that spectrum , if thats true man do i feel sorry for any sprint peeps , unless your in a satisfactory LTE are. Anyway i still have my s3 , very briefly had an S4 but returned it quickly , in my opinion the differences between the 3 and the 4 where negligible, but back on topic , my first three smartphones where HTC , and i’m very happy to be back , i hope they act like this is there last chance and totally support this device with timely updates or in my opinion this will be HTC’s last ride in the rodeo…..TGIF

      1. The wait has had me wanting to get a used Evo 4G again to abuse the 4G Wimax that’s still around my area in Hudson County, NJ. And even that is disastrous and unreliable. It horribly maintains a signal in doors. Its just poor f**kin execution on part of sprint and their entire 4G Wimax/LTE network. I don’t know, i been waiting and patient and I’m considering T-MO for the first time in my life. The only thing I know is that Sprint is probably starting 4g LTE testing in NJ, in one town in Clifton,NJ…but if thats a barometer of anything then all of NJ’s got a long damn time before they are covered with LTE. T-MO and S4/HTC one here I come (maybe).

  5. I would feel a lot better about getting this device if they would update to 4.2.2

    1. That’s my main gripe with HTC, slow updates and their failure to support older phones while Samsung is still supporting the S2 even though the S4 is in stores.

    2. It’s coming. There has already been leaks of it for the Droid DNA. It’s also rumored that the update will come next month in June

    3. LOL, I bet you don’t even know that there is so small of a difference between 4.1.2 and 4.2 that you wouldn’t even notice. A new Download notification animation, new sounds and quick setting toggles. Really??? That would make you feel alot better? LMAO!!!

      1. Settle down there Patrick. Maybe pop some Valium…

        Coming from a 4.2.2 Galaxy Nexus to the HTC 1, I can definitely say without the slightest hesitation that I would prefer to have my quick settings toggles back.

        …and for what it is worth, 4.2.2 was the bugfix for nearly every build since 4.1, so it’s just a teeny bit more than “so small of a difference you wouldn’t even notice” to anyone experiencing the issues between 4.1 and 4.2.2.

        1. I guess it really depends if HTC tries to backport as many bugfixes and security fixes as they can. We really can’t tell, Sense is closed sourced software.

      2. LOL,I bet you don’t know about the different bug fixes that it has. People stuck on 4.1 and the media drain when streaming music. Just go Google the media drain issue if you don’t think so. so yea REALLY, that would make me feel a lot better. It’s not even about that update in particular, its updates in general. LMAO!!!

  6. HTC has always made some great devices the problem comes with their lack of support for the phones after they make them. Pushing out updates and firmware fixes was why I went back to using Sammy’s devices.

  7. My brother finally got his hTC ONE from T-Mobile after 3-4 weeks of wait, but it was well worth it according to him!

    1. I ordered the HTC One Developers strait from HTC two weeks ago this Sunday, HTC’s stated it was in stock, along with a case. As of yet it hasn’t shipped. I wouldn’t have been upset if they said back ordered, but per them it was in stock. I called them yesterday, the CSR person was honest and applogetic. I did plan on canceling but will give them a few more days, not counting the weekend. I like the One, was planning on buying off contract for use on AT&T, price was the same, and less considering no sales tax. If it doesn’t go to shipping by next Tuesday, I am going to cancel and wait for the SGS4 from Google.

      1. SGS4 that overheating crap?

    2. 12 to 14 down mps 3 to 4 up ….couldnt be happier

  8. Yup. I hope things turn around because the One is really a solid device. Just push out timely updates and it will be a winner

  9. Really wish Verizon would carry this -_-

    1. It will be coming to VRZ in a matter of weeks. The writing is already on the wall. They needed to get all they could get out of the DNA first, now here comes the One.

  10. Well, HTC, pick up the production before Samsung is up to their usual trick again.
    They will do anything to put competitors out of the business. I guarantee you Samsung will employ a highly illegal strategy just to put HTC in bankruptcy. By the time all the law suits settle, losing the suits would just be the cost of the victory dance for Samsung. Samsung definitely has the money to burn. Samsung has perfected all the illegal strategies.

    1. When have they ever sued HTC before?

      1. yeah when

        1. everybody sues everybody these days!

  11. everyone at my school love that phone. they keep telling me how awesome it looks. kudos to HTC.

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