We’re giving away our IO Tester Mini Android Collectible!


On Wednesday, we announced the limited edition GOgroove Phanbot and hooked you guys up with a special price of $21.99 (type in the promo code “PHANDEAL”). But we love giving stuff away and lots of people have been asking about our Mini Android Collectible from Google IO 2013 called “IO Tester”. So we’re giving that away, too!

If you didn’t attend IO this year, this is likely your only chance at snagging this little Android scientist. Luckily, you’ve still got some time to buy the PhanBot. But one person will win both by commenting on this post- here is how you can put your best foot forward.

Comment on this post answering the following two questions:

  • Who would be the perfect musical artist to perform at Google IO 2014?
  • If that musical artist had their own mini-collectible, how would it be decorated?

You have until the end of the day today! At 11:59PM Pacific we’ll stop accepting entries and over the weekend we’ll pick randomly from among our favorite entries. Basically, if we like your entry, you’ll make the shortlist. We’ll put all our shortlist faves into a hat and pick one. If you’re that one we pick, the PhanBot and IO Tester are yours!

Good luck… and may be the odds be forever in your favor.

Unlucky and never win anything? Buy your own PhanBot for $21.99 while supplies last!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Who would be the perfect musical artist to perform at Google IO 2014? Billy Corgan
    If that musical artist had their own mini-collectible, how would it be decorated? In a pale skin, and wearing a ZERO shirt, holding a Fender. This is only my opinion of course. Love the Smashing Pumpkins

  2. Who would be the perfect musical artist to perform at Google IO 2014? Daft Punk
    If that musical artist had their own mini-collectible, how would it be decorated? Wearing their trademark helmets, of course!

  3. Easy…DEVO. The little Android would be dressed in a silver suit with, oversized round glasses and a pyramid hat. How sweet would that be.

    1. Didn’t see yours before I posted mine. Great minds think alike!

      1. You got that right. How sweet would a Devo one be though? I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  4. The best musical performer would be Skrillex and would be decorated with a black clothes..I/O on the front of the shirt and Android on the back…with Google Glasses for his HUD

  5. Who would be the perfect musical artist to perform at google io 14′? Bon Jovi and if that artist had there own mini collectable, id say hed have be on denim jacket and some leather pants! Gotta love Bon Jovi!

  6. The Japandroids of course. I mean, they have ANDROID in their name. Also the mini-collectible would be simple.. stock Android figure with a map of Japan on it.

  7. Bruce Springsteen!
    and he would theme it like this

  8. Best would be Deadmau5 to perform. How cool would the bot be with the mouse head?

  9. I have two, the obvious one being Daft Punk! Two mini collectibles model of their two helmets, one gold and one silver.
    The second being Volbeat with a Black mini collectible wearing a t-shirt gold wings on the front and the arms would have the index and pinky finger raised.

  10. Cee Lo Green. Andy is perfectly shaped for the bald-head look, plus, you could decorate the usb plug to look like his cat.

  11. Metallica and tricked out metal from head to toe with the classic Metallica logo.

  12. Daft Punk! And, of course, there should be two version with each robot’s head

  13. 1. Juno Reactor
    2. As Baron Samedi from Live and Let Die

  14. How about the “new” Queen performing? (THe whole venue singing along to “We Will Rock You”). There could be a collection of bots in drag…..or cheesy mustaches.

  15. Would love love love for the Beastie Boys to perform at IO 14′. There’s already a Mini designed after their ‘intergalactic’ video! So a stage decked out in Intergalactic Androids would be amazing!

    1. Surviving members or with a replacement for MCA. There’s no replacing MCA right?

  16. 1. Hologram Michael Jackson 80s era.
    2. Tranluscent body. One Glove, Classic sparkle hat and jacket. One white tshirt. Sparkle shoes.

  17. The Cure! Just thinking about a Robert Smith Android, there so many possibilities! Possibly also one of the weirdest one too….

  18. Jonathan Coulton for Performing Artist of “Code Monkey” fame. Imagine a revised version of “re: Your Brains” done with Android/Chrome/Maps themes? like “All we want to do is Play Your Games” and a special version of “Code Monkey” done with how Google’s new tools and ideal make it suck less to program that “login page”?

    Deadmau5 for Artists with and Android Figure.

    Deadmau5 Usual Head, though flattened out, in Electric Blue or Green with White Eyes and Smile. T-shirt (graphic Music Sine waves, Black background), jeans, and Tatooed arms. Make the Eyes have the X’s covering the actual eye portion on the Android Collectable. Replace the Android antennae with Mouse Ears (Rounded mickey style). I think that this could turn out great.

    Then, maybe a special edition in the technicolor Deadmau5 head (pixelated, multicolor) and wearing the Full Red Suit. No x’s on the eyes in this version. Both need the Converse Style tennis shoes!

  19. Devo! And the Android would have a yellow suit and a red hat of course!

  20. Beat would be LMFAO performing everyday im shufflin…and the android bot would be all Gold color.

  21. Definitely Flight of the Conchords singing “The Humans are Dead”. Listen and you’ll see why. ;) The mini-collectible should be a boxier android looking like their robot costumes.

  22. James Hetfield with the Android figure having long hair that moves with his head and a guitar!

  23. 1. Radiohead – obviously they’ll open with Paranoid Android from OK Computer
    2. Use their logo for the face, use the Hail to the Thief cover for a wild patterned shirt, and black leather skinny pants (cuz that’s what rocker’s wear)

  24. Motion City Soundtrack.

    The figure would be Justin Pierre (lead singer) and it would have ridiculously, crazy, awesome hair with square glasses.

  25. It would have to be Pearl Jam. Androids would be decked out with guitar, bass, mic, amps & drum sticks. Painted in grunge t-shirts.

  26. I know they are a bit older but KISS is always gonna give you a rocking show! Plus they have the perfect look for an Android Mini collectible. I think the pic speaks for itself.

    1. They look so cute!

  27. Psy
    The bot wearing a coat and pant doing Gangnam Style! :P

  28. Trent Reznor would be a great choice. I would decorate the bot, with a mashup of industrialized metal parts and circuitry.

  29. Bring in Perry Farrell to blow the roof off! I’m thinking the collectible would be dressed in black pants and an open vest…and maybe a hypodermic needle sticking out of his arm…

  30. U2! And of course the mini-collectible would be wearing Bono’s icon shades.

  31. 1. Sir Elton Hercules John!! HANDS DOWN
    2. This would be the most epic android mini ever made. He would have a Black Vest with a Pink undershirt and some awesome pink sunglasses. He would also have a sweet mini-mini red piano accessory in the box that played “Rocket Man” at the push of a button!

  32. Pink Floyd! Even though they aren’t around any more :-(

    I can imagine an all-black Bugdroid with the Dark Side of the Moon logo right on its chest.

  33. Old school Van Halen!! All decked out in red and white design like Eddie’s guitar!! With David Lee Roth of course!!

  34. Dream Theater would provide the ultimate music experience. Seen them live twice, awesome show and no two show are the same. They got great special effects and awesome music.

    The mini collectable would be decorated as a wizard with a long beard (see Jordan Rudess)

  35. Devo would be awesome.

    with red cone hat and keyboard/guitar

  36. Who would be the perfect musical artist to perform at Google IO 2014?
    If that musical artist had their own mini-collectible, how would it be decorated?
    a drop of Jupiter in it’s hair.

  37. Rebecca Black people. WHY HASN’T ANYONE SAY REBECCA BLACK? You don’t need no music performer at Google I/O so she’ll just get boo’d off, please.
    She wouldn’t have a mini-collectible… it’s self explanatory

  38. Perhaps a vocaloid performance with hologram technology like

    But instead of a Hatsune MIku, Google and Yamaha could use the vocals of Google Now (which by then might be far better)

    The hologram and mini-collectible would then be some sort of sexy google nowish bugdroid or something like that.

  39. Madison Rising should perform in 2014. Their minfig would have an American flag across the chest.

  40. I would like to see Guns and Roses… They should dress them in hair band garb.

  41. Opeth!

    Not sure what to do for their collectibles though – they mostly wear just black ;) Metal band Hair may not work on a plastic figure, but a guitar would be mandatory.

  42. I think Blues Traveler with the smoking cat Android figure would be an amazing design.

  43. Lana del rey (simply for her beautiful voice) and her android would have her signature hair

  44. A big and rich- reunion with the fan but being dressed up as a cowboy

  45. * Daft Punk, because they pretend they’re androids anyways.

    * Obviously, the collectible should have an LED or OLED array that goes along with audio piped it via Bluetooth or phono jack.

  46. It’s got to be Andre 3000. Then decorate it in the equestrian suit from the Hey Ya! video.

  47. Maroon5 / Android 5 / Adam bot in an $100 t-shirt all holey in stuff / Pay Phone lol

  48. Daft Punk would be pretty cool, and those helmets would look pretty awesome on an android.

  49. Buckethead (a droid with dark-lue clothes and a bucket) or Primus (with a droid dresed like Les Caypool)

  50. Bob Dylan
    Anyway he wants!

  51. M83 would be pretty cool. Then decorate it like a Google hipster.

  52. Beck should perform at I/O 2014 because he’d bring the crazy robotic sex funk. His Android mini-collectible would be wearing a plaid shirt with gas mask and pitch fork accessories (à la the “Loser” video). Optional accessories include two turn tables and a microphone.

  53. Daft Punk for sure. Who better to portray Android than a couple of guys portraying robots themselves. They are the epitome of technology. The helmets would look great and I’m sure they could throw in some shiny chrome and gold. It would look great actually. Maybe have a set of two to represent both musicians

  54. I think They Might Be Giants would be perfect! They have that campy, don’t take us to seriously, attitude…

  55. These GOgroove Phanbots are awesome btw. I want one for sure!

  56. Devo

    With the same outfit they wore in the “Whip it” video.

  57. The best band for IO 2014 is Daft Punk! And of course the mini-collectible decorated just like them!

  58. I think Daft Punk should be the headlining artist of I/O 2014 and their mini- collectable could be sold in pairs made to look like the Daft Punk robot suits they wear.

  59. Tech N9ne would be perfect because he’s highly technical with his rhymes. His mini-collectible would have two sides one good, one bad, just like all of us noone thinks and acts good all the time. It would be dressed just like that. E.B.A.H. It would be Something Else.

  60. Who would be the perfect musical artist to perform at Google IO 2014?
    If that musical artist had their own mini-collectible, how would it be decorated?
    Sonny Rhodes in brown coat. There is sure to be some Firefly fans in the audience.

  61. Best artist to perform would be Kermit The Frog
    He would only need to be decorated with a Google logo.
    Why you ask? It’s not easy being green.

  62. Simple….Daft Punk.

    The two figure collectible set would look something like this…

  63. Munch’s Make Believe Band from Chuck-E-Cheese! Totally… Toooottttally RAD! Collect all the animetronic freaks! :)

  64. The artist should be Ali G and the mini collectible would be a twiked out version of the standard yellows coming in Series 04 of Android Mini with orange glasses and a red beanie! xD

  65. I would prefer to have Coldplay perform cause they are my favorite band. It’ll be cool if the collectible was Chris Martin (singer) wearing clothes that resembles his concert attire.

  66. Nacey, he already mixes “Android Music”. The mini-collectible could be an android featuring his favorite colors spinning records.

  67. Limp Bizkit, dressed like a pot plant.

  68. AC/DC drapped in Angus’s school uniform ..killerm/!!1

  69. Daft Punk….The Daft Punk robots would make great Android Collectibles…and they would be really well received at i/o

  70. Since it’s all about Android and technology, they should try to get Compressorhead. I also happen to be a fan of the music they cover. The mini-collectible could just be the Android mascot holding an electric guitar.,d.cGE

  71. I think a U2 performance with a Bono decorated mini figure would be a good blow to apple and blackberry!

  72. Taylor Swift because she’s one of the best artist right now.
    Her mini figure would have blonde hair and one of her signature dresses with a guitar accessory.

  73. DAFT PUNK OBVIOUSLY!!! and it would be decorated like any number of there helmets…

  74. I think the perfect singer would be Macklemore from thrift shop, as he could really get everyone pumped up and exited. The android collectible would have blond hair and that huge fur jacket.

  75. Obviously, it should be Daft Punk, and the collectibles would be designed just like them.

  76. Obviously, it should be Daft Punk, and the collectibles would be designed just like them.

  77. I think they should have artists create a special song, all about Google’s next version of Android (after Key Lime Pie) and have Andy the Android as the performer! Google can own the rights to the music and the next mini collectible would be the performing version!

  78. lady gaga should perform
    and her little android collectible should be dressed in an eccentric pink Apple costume!

  79. I think that Zack Brown Band would be good. Their bots could be dressed in contemporary country clothing.

  80. skrilex would be a perfect candidate and then would be easy to design a figurine off of him..i mean if he can make a cameo in Wreck It Ralph, i think they can make him into a figurine

  81. Gotta go w/DAFT PUNK performing ROBOT ROCK & this pic for the collectible:

  82. Tobey Keith,big ass cowboy hat on android.

  83. Easy of course, it would be Rick Astley. His mini collectible would be wearing a trench coat and it would have red hair, it would also be able to play Never gonna give you up

  84. The Kin (the group who performed at Motorola’s event)

    Customization: Bowler derby hat with black pants, black pants and black shirt with a guitar or drum stick.

  85. I could really use that I/O figure. Here’s my current collection, saving up for the full set of the latest collection.

    I would choose Jonathan Coulton, he writes about technology and programmers and “nerd culture” (god I hate that term) and is quite open to performing at conventions so it’s actually realistic unlike big big performers like Daft Punk (which would be awesome).

    I’d make a green android with brown long hair, a beard and an acoustic guitar on the Android’s back.

    Unrealistic choice
    Muse (collectible I’d choose the unsustainable robot )

    Here’s a link to a performance at one of their four sold out Wembley Stadium performances

  86. My Choice would be Metallica, Not just because I love them as a band but I think they would make awesome Android Bots too, you could even have an accessory on each android bot like drums, guitar and mic etc…

  87. Radiohead singing their song “Paranoid Android”

    The mini-collectible would be decorated in the same animation style of the music video.

  88. #1 io next year will benefit from KANYE WEST cuz hes gangsta

    #2 mini collectable will be android dude dressed in KIM KARDASHIAN tights.

  89. 1. Smashing Pumpkins

    2. A bald white android figure with a striped t-shirt holding a pumpkin

  90. 1. One Republic
    2. It would have the words “secrets” all over it and it would probably have crazy color splats all over it! :)

  91. Daft Punk would be the perfect guests being that they are androids themselves. The added attention that they would bring to I/O would be ridiculous and their genre of music beautifully complements the conference and the Google community as a whole. Plus they would be awesome as bugdroids!

  92. 1. Foo Fighters
    2. The mini should look like David Grohl wearing a shirt that has an Android peeing on Apple a guitar hanging from his back and a mic in his hand.

  93. Skrillex and a little Android with a DJ platter.

  94. Would you believe they ran out of these and the chrome books?!?
    Yep… Went to pick it up on Tuesday and they were gone :-(

  95. Not really singers but…
    1.Two Steps from hell
    2.A Droidsassin! with night vision vision goggles!

  96. I would have to agree that Daft Punk would be a really good fit for the Google I/O ’14
    Since numerous people have already said that, I’m choosing my personal favorite:
    Henry Rollins! Spoken Word would be great or to see some hardcore punk would be awesome. I know that wouldn’t be as good a fit, but it would be epic.
    Android figure would be all black and white. Just a T-shirt and tattoos on his arms. I guess I’m going to make another custom now that I’ve said that.
    I would love to have the Google I/O Tester figure in my collection! Thanks

  97. Weird Al! Decorated with his classic hair.

  98. snoop dogg, and bot would already be green with a spliff!

  99. Lmfao and a bot with crazy huge sunglasses

  100. i would like Deadmau5 to perform at google i/o.
    his collectible would have his signature mau5head with a black body,holo blue and android green highlights .
    i would love to see the figure with detachable heads so that i can put the mau5head or the android head whenever i want.or a helmet kind of thing for the android head just like in real life.
    Deadmau5 is canada’s apology for justin bieber.

  101. I think it has already been said but Radiohead. Marvin the Paranoid Android of Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series could be onstage. Thom York belting out “What’s that…? I may be paranoid, but not an android!
    The mini made after Marvin would be awesome.

  102. The Flaming Lips painted psychedelic.

  103. Van Halen!!! with its bare breasts and red leather jeans

  104. Dead mau5

    Android decorated with a mouse head

  105. Devo! They would have a little yellow Devo bugdroid Andy with a pyramid hat head.

  106. Alice Cooper, Goth with a Boa (snake not feathers) around his neck.

  107. deadmau5

    just add ears to bugdroid :D

  108. Zoe Keating — the way she uses computers, social media, and musical instruments is astounding. The mini-collectible would, of course, have to have a mini cello — and it would be awesome!

  109. 1. Daft Punk
    2. like helmets from new album label (access memories)

    btw: i see, daft punk is wanted the most :)

  110. i think daft punk

  111. Sting
    And it should be all black with a glowing mohawk

  112. Kraftwerk

    Blue white and red. On a bicycle

  113. Zack Brown Band, Give the little droid a beard and a guitar with some denim overalls and you’re set!!

  114. Weird Al (Imagine “All About The Pentiums” updated for Android)
    The collectible would be decorated like an 80s hair band, just because that would be funny.

  115. Daft punk would be the best musical group and there would be two androids that are dressed up like Daft Punk.

  116. Makelmore would be great performing his song thrift shop!!!!
    If he had his own mini collectible, he would where a furry coat and ride on skate board!!! This collectible would be awesome!!!

  117. I think Deadmau5 would make a great performer and the mini could have an LED light up mouse head…would be totally awesome!

  118. Well, I agree with a lot of the other posters here that Daft Punk would be the perfect musical artist to perform at Google I/O 2014. Not just because of their android costumes, but also because of the technology themes of their latest album: RAM, Motherboard, Fragments of Time (not really this one I guess :P).

    Their mini-collectible should obviously be their well-known Discovery android costumes (either one with both heads like the RAM album cover or two with each helmet).

  119. Sara Bareilles would be the perfect candidate, playing on a piano and singing her famous Love Song :) And she would be decorating the mini-collectible with a miniature musical instrument of any sort :p

  120. Styx was the first band that came to mind due to the song Mr. Roboto. And the album cover for Kilroy was Here even has androids lit up with green LEDs that could be a model for the artwork.

  121. Metallica Mini Collectibles, because their an one of a kind band, and they’d look this without the lego hands, and rock their current day hair and looks!

  122. Daft Punk of course… but for the collectible you would need to have the helmets light up like the real thing… that would be totally awesome.

  123. Prince. Purple.

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