All new Google Play Music with All Access streaming now available in the Play Store


Google Play Music Play Store listing

We already told you about the announcement and now the all new, completely revamped Google Music is now officially available on Google Play. This latest version brings an overhauled UI, complete with Google’s new subscription-based All Access music streaming service. The differences in UI are like night and day. Check out the new vs old comparison below.

Google Play Music All Access new

Google Music old

If you haven’t now might be a good time to sign up and lock in your early bird pricing of $8 — it’s even free for the first month. After June 30th, it’ll jump up to $10 (not much, but that’s like 2 apps you could have downloaded every month). Download link provided right after the new Google Play Music video below.

[Google Play Music on Google Play]

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  1. So does this have the free 30day All Access pass google tooted when they were talking about All Access?

    1. At least I’m asked if I wanna join when I access music either on the website or the android app.(can’t accept though since I’m not american)

    2. You sign up for it and submit your Google Wallet info (for $0). When you’re 30 days is up, you’ll be charged $7.99 ($9.99 if you wait) a month for the service.

      I’ve already canceled my Spotify account and signed up.

      1. *sighs* No credit card attached to my account so guess I will have to miss this feature then which sucks.

        1. How is that even possible in this day and age? You can even use a debit card.

          1. I do not have one of those either

          2. Get a prepaid card.

          3. I wonder if you can have it charge your Google Play account and if you don’t have the money it just cancels.

          4. Considering they will be rolling out the ability for people to send money to your Google Wallet, you could just have someone pay for you without ever using a card!

          5. step your game up

          6. Like Otis said, grab a prepaid card and just put like 8$ on it. They have them at Walgreens etc.

        2. You will also be able to link your bank account in the coming months, so don’t lose hope. :)

  2. “It’s not about the OS you’re on, it’s about the customer”
    *whispers* “…in America only”

    1. Blame laws, not Google.

      1. If Spotify can then Google definitely should too.

        1. Spotify wasn’t available everywhere when it first launched.

          1. As a matter of fact, Spotify launched in the UK first.

          2. Yes, but the year is 2013… And Google is so big that i honestly thought they would have more countries available by now (play music still not available in many countries).

          3. Tbf, I’m still butthurt I can’t use NFC payments let alone this.

          4. Like Ryan Smith said blame the laws not Google. Oh, and the record labels.

          5. It has nothing to do with Google’s size. It has to do with the gouging of the record labels. If they want to be extra restrictive, and charge insane amounts in some parts of the world (like they always do), then what do you want Google to do? They aren’t going to roll out a service somewhere to intentionally lose money.

          6. still not available in Canada…

    2. least we still have piratebay, NOT only in America =D

      1. Hell yes for TPB!

  3. I’ve been trying it all day and so far I love it. I will give it the full work-up before I make up my mind on if I will pay for this since I already pay for SiriusXM, but great job Google.

  4. How good is their library compared to Spotify? I have been a premium user for years and love Spotify. I would switch if Google Music works on all my devices and has a good UI and catalog.

    1. I guess it depends on what type of music you like. I personally listen to a lot of hip-hop and I found on Spotify I either couldn’t find the artists I wanted or I could only find an edited version of their album. I haven’t run into that issue yet with All Access.

      1. I second this. This was the reason I left Slacker (they were actually LOSING licenses to some older hip-hop), and Spotify tends to only have edits and remasters of a lot of older hip-hop and house music. With Google I can just start an auto-mix and hear everything in its actual release version. Nobody wants to hear a remaster of Gin and Juice!

  5. I’m not too fond of the theme.
    Orange on white isn’t a very clear combination, and looks out of place in an interface with predominantly black/cyan(stock) or black/blue/green(Samsung)

    I’m also not too happy my music collection is reduced to a wall of identical grey squares in half the screens.
    album art is used way too much, while it’s very often missing.(and I consider it a waste of space, music is for listening)

    I’m glad my phone came with Samsung’s modified music player, which has a theme that matches the rest of the OS and lists music by their title/artist/album info instead of making the app look like an image viewer.

    1. I agree, a black background choice would have been nice. It’s easier to see the font than it is on the white background.

      Also noticed it’s kinda weird that the album art shifts if it’s bigger than the screen. Other than that, everything works great and the service is also.

    2. I prefer it using the album art as much as possible. To me that’s a big part of the experience. I have album art on every album in my collection and I even try to have them at 800×800 whenever possible.

      I like that it move around slowly while you listen. It’s just enough to be interesting and not obnoxious.

      1. Amen brother. I use MP3Tag on my computer to make sure all album info (and yes, high res art) is featured in all my music. I’m a little OCD when it comes to my media library.

  6. Dang. I wanna try to hear some new music, but I’m too absent minded. LoL!!

    1. Give slacker a try then no need to go searching for the new stuff it will just play it automatically for you

  7. So far, this is a totally awesome upgrade. I’ve never paid for Spotify, but I have already signed up for this. I love it.

  8. a bit disappointed you can’t save songs to listen to offline. would help the many of us on limited data caps

    1. I hadn’t noticed that they took that away. Is this for “All Access” music or your own collection too?

    2. It works fine for me, all you need to do is click the push pin. I’ve already saved a few albums on my Galaxy Note with All Access.

    3. You can still save songs by clicking the push pin. This works whether it’s one of your uploaded songs, or if it’s one of the songs from All Access.

  9. Can’t wait to give this new UI a try. The old one was awful, dark and depressing. Also there were so many glitches including an awful shuffle glitch. We’ll see how this one goes.

  10. I wonder what would be a fair price for an all access pass for all Google play services(excluding apps). $20 a month.

  11. nice

  12. i wish they gave you 1 album or 8 to 10 songs a month along with the subscription!

  13. How about a movie streaming service instead?

  14. I’m already using this and I love it, I’ll give it a couple more days of trying it out but I’m fairly certain I just replaced Spotify

  15. I’m absolutely loving this, I was surprised to see that they even have a ton of unknown metal bands. For my musical tastes, Spotify wasn’t all that great; but I’m more than happy with All Access.

  16. If this had native scrobbling built in for the browser version I’d cancel spotify immediately. I’m surprised they don’t have this yet considering people requested it back when Google Music Beta started.

  17. Can anyone whose tried this compare it to MOG? I hate the interface (mobile) of MOG and LOVE the sound. 320 kbs is steady and sounds fantastic….did a song-to-song comparison with previous Google Music, Amazon, and iTunes and MOG came out on top. Wish it weren’t so annoying to use, but I can’t leave it until Google Listen Now sounds as good….

    1. Did you make sure you selected “Stream at highest quality only” in the settings? If selected, it will stream any song that’s part of the Google Play Music library at 320kbps. It will even do this if you are playing one of your uploaded songs…if they are also in Google’s library…even if you uploaded it at a lower bitrate.

  18. I LOVE IT. Enjoying the free trial and already discovered a ton of new music…think I’ll keep it since I can keep the $8 a month price.

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