Last minute IO leaks: Android 4.3 confirmed, Google Play Games mentioned in game changelog



We’re just minutes away from Google’s IO keynote in San Francisco, and a couple of nuggets have landed in our laps ahead of schedule. For starters, a leaked developers’ page (it’s been removed, but Google still has a cached copy) makes mention of Android 4.3. We already guessed Google would be introducing a new version of Android at today’s show, but it’s nice to be reassured.

In that update, we’re expecting to see the “Game Center of Android.” That particular feature has been rumored for quite some time, and recent Google Play Services updates make mention of the service in brief. Even more confirmation has come in the way of a changelog from a game update in the Play Store, with the update mentioning that “Google Play Games achievements” have been added.

We’re less than 5 minutes (as of the time of this posting) away from the big unveiling, so stay tuned to Phandroid for all the latest, and don’t forget you can follow along via video using the embed you see here or on our homepage!

[via The Verge, Engadget]

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  1. This is getting more and more exciting everytime !!! can’t wait to see Android 4.3!!

    1. I’d be more excited about 4.3 if I could see much difference between 2.3 and 4.2. Notifications are a bit more functional, but other than that the new versions are a big yawn to users.

      1. You’re kidding right?

      2. okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy?????

      3. Seriously? Wow…

      4. Having just upgraded from the Droid 3 (which was running 2.3) to the Droid RAZR HD (running 4.1.2), I have to say…


      5. Must be an angry iOS user..

      6. As a long time Android user I have to agree. There is no major difference (for me at least) between Android when I started using it 3 years ago and Android today. It’s to be expected though as it gets harder and harder to innovate as time goes by. The only thing I really look forward to these days is new hardware.

  2. Nexus 4 lets get it!

    1. Nexus 4 people… UNITE!

  3. Grow up

  4. So much for 4.3 huh?

    1. Will probably come later this year

    2. Google I/O is a 2 day event, so it might come tomorrow or in the fall with the Nexus 5.

  5. android 4.3?? sad face…

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