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Excited about what’s to come from the Moscone Center tomorrow but not sure how to follow along? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! As you probably know from previous years, Google will have us covered in several ways. The one event most of you will care most about, the opening day keynote, is being streamed online via YouTube. You can revisit this page to watch the stream embedded below at 9am Pacific, watch it directly on YouTube, or watch the embed on the Google I/O site. (It’s all the same either way.)

If you can’t make the keynote live, don’t fret — Google usually makes the full thing available online immediately following the conclusion of the presentation. We’ll have you covered on the blog side of things with up-to-date information on everything that is announced, so if you can’t follow along with video then you won’t have to worry about being left out of the loop.

If you’re interested in the entirety of the event — including sessions and demos — you’ll be glad to know that Google will be streaming those online for the world to see, as well, with I/O Live. Google is maintaining up to five simultaneous streams to give the world access to the biggest technical workshops and sessions, exclusive interviews and product demos from the sandbox.

Google hasn’t promised that every session will be streamed live, but past years tell us to expect each and every session to be uploaded to YouTube for access at any time following the conclusion of the event. This is good news for you developer types who couldn’t get a ticket to the show for one reason or another, but still want to follow along from home.


Google I/O is always an exciting time for us. Raveesh, an I/O ambassador this year, has already given us the rundown on what to expect from Google I/O this year, and we’ve detailed all the extracurricular activities going on. Rob is shuffling his way to the Moscone West this week to bring all the live coverage you can handle so make sure you stay tuned to keep up-to-date on everything going on.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Can’t wait


    1. Who wears watches anymore (besides some guys who do it just for an excuse to show off some manjewelry)?

      1. YEP! Thats 1 reason. and im not a kid so i dont follow the “nobody else does it” model. I could care less if im the only 1 with it, hell i would prefer that.

      2. People once wore watches for *function* not *fashion*. Fashion came later. Just as it did with cars, calculators, mobile phones, etc.

        Once everyone carried a mobile phone, there was little need for wrist watches.

        Smart watches might bring back a function reason to wear a watch. Imagine if the watch did some genuinely useful things that genuinely improved the way you interacted with your “personal area network” of smart devices. And thus, genuinely improved your life. Now would you wear a watch?

        Then, of course, the fashion will follow. We’ll see different fashion styles of Glass and of smart watches, just as we do with phones.

        Does all of this sound too geeky? Well, the first people who wore wristwatches probably were geeky too. Also probably the first people who wore eyeglasses. But they didn’t care. The functional improvement was worth it. Other people followed because they could see the genuine improvement and convenience it brought to one’s everyday life. (Wow, that guy always has the time!) Then the devices became fashionable and had to come in different styles.

  3. Alrighty! Tomorrow at noon, the lady of the house can’t watch her General Hospital ALL DAY!!! Finally!!

    On a more serious note… This is why I bought a Nexus device and am a Google follower. They are one of the few tech companies that are actually innovating and bringing Science Fiction to life. A new version of everybody’s favorite OS, an updated version of everybody’s favorite tablet, and (more importantly) more tools to help developers do their thang. Tis a good day for Android!

  4. Nexus 7 Refresh Please =)

  5. I’m going to be in school :(

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