Purported Motorola X Phone pictured in the wild with stock Android and running on AT&T 4G LTE


Mystery Motorola blackbox phone

It was only yesterday we told you guys about the Motorola XT1055 popping up in an Antutu benchmark. Today, the boys at @Evleaks have gotten their hands on some leaked images of a mysterious Motorola device, running on AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

It’s tough to see from the images, but the device looks identical to the leaked Motorola prototype we saw awhile back, only with a hideous black box covering it’s curves as a disguise. No other details were given, but we definitely know Motorola is up to something and it looks an awful lot like a near-stock Android device.

Update: here’s the back and it’s hard to see, but you can make out “Model: XFON ATT.” (GASP!)

Motorola X Phone ATT

Chris Chavez
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  1. The line segments around the M logo in the top left corner are different sizes in every picture… Could it be some sort of notification light?

    1. That would be really awesome if it is.

    2. Good eye!

    3. holy crap that looks cool

    4. That top part of the phone seems to be an e-ink display, which would be very easy to keep always on withou a bad battery drain.

    5. It reminds me that it’s Moto we’re talking about here, about time they make something useful again, but they have no choice now :-)

  2. Did anyone else notice that the Motorola logo is different in each of these pictures? I don’t know how pertinent that is but I just found it interesting…Also, it must be running the newest version of Android because no past (AOSP) version has had the carrier name in the top left with the notifications… I really hope that isn’t something that they keep if this is real…

    1. Yeah, in one picture, the headphone hack says R and in the other it says L. Could be 2 different devices used for testing.

      1. It would have to be 3 different phones, the logo is different in all 3 photos.

        1. Or it is part of a mini notification display screen that has the ability to change.

          1. It does look like it is some sort of screen and not printed or etched.

        2. Really? The 3rd is pixelated and hard to see. It’s a toss up really.

          1. You’re a toss up.

          2. Your mom’s a toss up.

          3. She could be.

          4. I tossed your mom’s salad

          5. Douftful.

          6. No, he really did. He works part time at The Olive Garden.

      2. Chris.. I have an upgrade end of this month with AT&T. Was going to get the HTC One, but ugh I don’t know now! Want a phone with a baller ass camera but stock Android gets my heart every time..

      3. Man you guys got good eyes!!!! I feel like I’m playing “Where’s Waldo” here.

    2. AT&T in the status bar is something AT&T forces onto MOST of their Android phones.

      1. That may be true but since this is a supposed prototype I wouldn’t think that the carriers would have that kind of access to the software, yet. I don’t know, of course, just speculating.

    3. I wonder if the different logo is a sort of watermark Moto put on their prototypes to identify each prototype that’s floating around and which developers/testers are leaking photos of them!

      1. That would be brilliant! Google secretly keeping tabs…

    4. The logos look photoshopped.

  3. X Phone???? Please, be a X Phone!!!! We want you here!!!

    1. No, bro. It’s XFON. Get it right. O_o

      1. You’re right! lol
        Chinese XFON XD

        1. You’re both wrong,it’s MOTOX…………. :-P

          1. Actually its The EXPHONE purposely made for the stalking bitches that try to ruin your life.

          2. Can’t wait to get some MOTOX injections.

  4. I find it funny that they think these cases really hide the design.

    1. it does…. I can’t make out the exterior that good

  5. Why hello you…oh…oh, don’t be scared, you can come out. No, no it’s fine. Don’t be shy. C’mon…be released already….

  6. sdgagljag;laejgl ENHANCE. sgkjaglkjagje ENHANCE.

    1. //otorola /
      ________/ ______________ ———————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    2. Yeah, sorry, I tried using “SmartDeblur”, which is a pretty cool app for getting blurry photos in focus, but I wasn’t able to get anything to be any more legible than the original.

      Y’all are welcome to take a crack at it:
      http://yuzhikov.com/projects.html (SmartDeblur)

  7. Its the same phone that was leaked back in March.

  8. neXus-Phone?

    1. That’s what I said!

  9. Please have a much better flash and Large camera sensor .

  10. Is it me or does it seem like every phone Google has had a hand in for the past year and a half and even future prototypes all seem to look oddly similar to a Galaxy Nexus? I own a Gnex and love it, but would love to see something new and fresh cosmetically speaking, ie HTC One-esk.

    1. Soooo the Nexus 4 and this one? Not really that many phones lol..

  11. Whatever it is, let’s hope that “bumper” on the outside bezel is shed before it comes to market.

    1. Yeah, I don’t trust bumpers no more. O_o

      1. Wanna sell your POETIC bumper?

  12. I wonder why it says “5/13” on the back? Maybe a date – maybe prototype 5 of 13 total prototype devices.

    My guess on the logo is that section is a smaller secondary display for some reason.

    1. Also the dots and dashes surrounding the logo reminds me of morse code – although I cant get any letter number combo that makes sense…

    2. Or maybe May 13th. Two days before Google I/O. L

  13. About the only thing I’m mad at here is the fact that this phone hasn’t even been launched yet and it’s already running the new Android Market whereas my unrooted, launch day N4 stuck on old…. [/extreme sarcasm] Anyway, If this is in fact the “X” phone, I am more than willing to give Moto a go once again.

    1. Why not side load the new market, like I did several weeks ago? The link is in one of the Phandroid articles.

  14. Is that a dual flash?

  15. Pass

  16. Centered headphone jack, centered camera, centered flash…..My OCD is so happy right now.

  17. This isnt the x phone. This is “ghost”. Ghost is basically x phone mini with a 4 inch screen and smaller battery

  18. On at&t ?! Whaaaaaattt?!?! Noooooooooo!!!

  19. I love how this phone is disguised, even though so many pictures of it have already been shown.

  20. Look at that extremely thin bezel >.> this device coupled with some great hardware might steal my attention away from the next generation galaxy note.

  21. Hellooo, Moto!

  22. this rumored phone makes buying an s4 sooooo hard. i dont want to hate myself in 3 months.

  23. Wow that’s ugly!

    1. Try reading.

  24. I saw those Benches, damn 18000…hope thats the SD800 in there

  25. Perhaps the varying dash-dots around the Bat-Wings are a rotating progress indicator?

  26. Wow look at that raised bezel!!!! No thanks Moto

    1. that’s a case buddy. Swing and a miss

  27. It’s not even a Motorola. Clearly you can see that this is a McDonald’s Phone displayed in the picture

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