May 1st, 2013


It didn’t take long — these things typically don’t when it comes to the brilliant Android development community — but the Samsung Galaxy S4’s bootloader has already had its a*s kicked. Dan Rosenberg, the same guy who did the unthinkable and hacked the bootloader on Motorola’s latest RAZR devices, was the benefactor here.

For now, evidence of his efforts only exist in the form of a picture posted on Twitter, but we’re told to expect more details regarding this breakthrough sometime soon. We’re not sure if this means we can expect a full user-safe method or if a caveat will be thrown in, but those are the details we’ll be anxiously awaiting.

Sources of DroidModderX have apparently mentioned that the device has been “sort of” hacked — that bit is a tad worrisome, but we can’t read much into it until we have the facts for ourselves. Keep an eye on Phandroid for the full details regarding this achievement whenever Rosenberg is ready to make them public.


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