HTC Watch being yanked from six countries due to unpopularity



It looks like HTC is going to be focusing its multimedia efforts on markets that make them the most amount of money actually use their services. One of those services — HTC Watch — is being shut down in six countries. Those in Denmark, Spain, Italy, Norway Sweden and the Netherlands will see the service shut down starting May 31st.

These aren’t some small no-name markets so it’s pretty telling that they are HTC’s worst in terms of traffic. We’re not saying HTC Watch as a whole could be a dying service, but with the Google Play Store getting knee-deep with television and movie content I’m sure folks are leaning that way instead.

Of course, that wouldn’t help anyone living in the aforementioned countries sans Spain: they do not yet have Google Play Movies. If you live in one of those countries you’ll probably be looking to do your business elsewhere. Let us know what you end up going with in the comments below.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. dammit!

  2. Hah, I was super excited about that service when I got my Sensation.. Mainly because at the time very little existed in the way of streaming movies on Android. I used it 1 time and never used it again.

  3. To paraphrase the former First Lady Nancy Reagan :

    “Just Say NO to crapware”

  4. makes more sense to get most content from Google. you can use it on other devices.

  5. I thought this was about a watch?

    1. LOL, me too.

      I’ve never heard of this service before now.

      1. I have.

  6. That thing sucked from day one..

  7. I wonder if Samsung’s service will shut down, it’s overpriced, understocked and the app is full of bugs.

  8. Think I actually used this to download 2 whole movies. anchorman and men in black.

    Ah i love those films, haven’t used it in god knows how long though.

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