Rumor: new Samsung tablets include 11-inch Octa-Core Nexus, 8-inch Galaxy Tab



With the Samsung Galaxy S4 now available and the third edition of the Samsung Galaxy Tab announced, the South Korean OEM seems to be on a roll. With those devices out of the way rumors regarding a few more have popped up. According to SamMobile, Samsung is working on two new 11-inch tablets. This would mark the first time a Samsung tablet has exceed the typical 10.1-inch mark that has become so popular in the big slate game.

Dubbed the Galaxy Tab 11, it’ll supposedly sport a dual-core A15-based Exynos 5250 chipset, an 8 megapixel rear camera with a 2 megapixel front camera, and a microSD card slot. Even more interesting is the fact that Samsung is said to be following up its first Nexus-branded tablet with another big offering in the Nexus 11. Rumor has it this one will one-up the Galaxy Tab 11 in a major way with an Octa-Core A15/A7 chipset, the same featured in some overseas versions of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Coming down an octave lower, Samsung is also said to be launching an 8-inch Galaxy Tab. The company has dabbled within the 8-inch arena before with the Galaxy Note 8.0, but this particular offering sounds like it’ll be a no-frills device with some great specs. The resolution is said to be full HD, and we’re told to expect a 5 megapixel back camera, 2 megapixel front camera, Samsung’s quad-core A9-based Exynos 4412 (Galaxy Note 2) and a microSD card slot.

Samsung apparently needs to solve an issue with AMOLED screen burning for this panel, but once that’s taken care of we imagine this would be a nice mid-late summer or early fall release to use as a stopgap between the 11-inch beasts mentioned above.

Finally, Samsung seems to be whipping up another DUOS option. It sounds just like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 announced this morning, but should come with the ability to house two SIM cards at the same time. In case you needed a reminder, that device comes with a 7-inch 1024×600 display, a dual-core processor, a 3 megapixel rear camera with a 2 megapixel option on the front, and a microSD card slot that can accept cards up to 32GB.

These all sound like very interesting options, and Samsung is doing everything it can to fill every void in the market this year. That said, we don’t have a clue where any of them fall on the OEM’s timeline. One thing’s for sure, though: Samsung has been very busy as of late, and that trend will continue throughout the rest of this year. Any of these catch your attention in the early going of 2013?

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  1. Hmm, Nexus 11 here I come. Nexus 10.. eBay you go.

  2. Very cool, although I don’t think they should be called “octa-core” anymore than the Nexus 7 should be called “penta-core.”

    1. Welcome to the world of marketing. They ain’t lying, but they ain’t telling the whole story neither.

      If that’s got you disappointed, don’t *ever* order fast food, man. You’ll be downright suicidal. Those things look *nothing* like what’s advertised.

      1. lol. Ordering enough fast food *is* suicidal! (or at least grounds for a lawsuit because you’re too stupid to realize that eating 300 cheeseburgers a week is bad for you. Like those 900lb. teenage-girls did) :/

  3. Damn, the nexus 11 sounds nice but it will probably not have a microSD… and with apps moving into the GBs, space will be an issue. All that horsepower and you’re limited to a walmart parking lot’s worth of space.

    1. HA!!! Not a problem because I went to Kickstarter and backed the
      Mini MicroSD Reader.

      With this thing ANY smartphone or tablet with a microUSB on it can use a microSD card right thru the USB!!! This is without a doubt the BEST Kickstarter project I have ever seen. I feel bad for those of you that don’t know about this Kickstarter project…it’s gonnachange how we use our Android devices

      1. “With this thing ANY smartphone or tablet with a microUSB on it can use a microSD card right thru the USB!!!”
        IF your smartphone/tablet supports OTG, which the Nexus 4 does not (out of the box anyway).

        You might as well get a regular OTG cable and universal media reader so you can read everything from thumb drives to CF cards to Micro SD cards, and everything in between.

    2. Do not know about you but our Walmarts around here have massive parking lots that are only a fraction full.

    3. Another new tablet that launches in mid-May and available through a site called TabletSprint is the new Icoo 12GT – an 11.6″ Android tablet for $329, that features a Retina-quality 1920 x 1080 IPS Screen, a fairly powerful Quad-Core A31 Allwinner chipset with a Powergraphics SGX544MP GPU, 2GB RAM, and 16GB memory; Along with WiFi, Bluetooth, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 5 MegaPixel Front and Rear Cameras, a standard USB 2.0 Port, MicroSD Memory Card slot, and HDMI 1080p — pretty impressive features and price —

  4. Does this mean proper Cyanogenmod support for the International version GT-I9500??

    If they release Nexus 11 with the same processor, Samsung have to release the complete kernel sources + documentation for the Exynos processor!!!

    1. Damn you beat me by 6 mins. great mind think alike! :D

      1. yeah :D

    2. They already have to release the complete kernel source. It’s no different wheter it’s a Nexus or not.

      1. Sadly they do not release proper documentation for the exynos processor…and the result is none of the International S2, S3, Note and Note 2 phones have stable Cyanogenmod builds.

        1. Yes.

          Source code does NOT equal docs, esp. good docs.

  5. Well the nexus 11 sounds like my new tablet good by nexus 7 last time I buy an Asus product you can go to the kids. I also hope the next nexus phone goes back to Samsung or HTC. Since the nexus line has shed the removable battery and ad I would not mind HTC ‘s aluminum unibody design

  6. Wouldn’t a Octa-Core Nexus 11 be a bad thing?

    The whole reason CyanogenMod refused to support international version S4 is because Samsung doesn’t release the Sources for there Exynos Processors.

    And to contradict my own argument, Can Google strong arm Samsung in order to release the source? Because the whole idea behind Nexus devices is mainly it’s openness to the Dev community.

    1. Well the Nexus 10 has an Exynos processor and I’m running KT Manta custom kernel so unless Ktoonsez did something amazing, I’d imagine there’s kernel source floating around out there.

      1. There is but it’s dependent on blobs (binary objects) for drivers, which CM is opposed to as they aren’t “open source”, and aren’t (usually) free to distribute. CM already got their hand slapped for distributing non-open components, which is why they don’t ship with GApps now, so while KT Manta custom kernel is less likely to be noticed, CM likely doesn’t want to get their hand slapped or worse having already been officially warned.

    2. Any contributor to the linux kernel can sue Samsung if they do not release the source as it is a copyright violation.

  7. Nexus 11 has my money already.

  8. I read that as Samsung tablets include 11-inch Octa-Core Nexus 8. I was like an 11 inch Nexus devices with an Octa-Core!? Good bye other manufactures!! LoL!!

    1. A Nexus 11 with an 8 core processor .

      1. Not a true octa-core CPU in the true sense of the word its more like 4 big+4 little

        1. Yes. But I’m not going to say that every time I talk about the CPU. Not worth it, and most people won’t hesitate to correct you on it, so I have to give them something to do.

      2. *That moment when I realize I read it correctly, slightly*

  9. i have a tab7 2.0 and was waiting on the 3.0 version and it totally disappointed me! hopefully the 8 will make me want to buy it…

    1. Saw the specs of the new tab 3 7incher and went did they take a leap backwards there? Then I hear of this and ahh that is what they are doing the 7incher is the budget one while this is the mid range tablet and the large 10+ inchers are the high range tablets

  10. .

    Man, I can’t wait until they come out with the LTE enabled Note 11.

  11. nexus 11 ? crazy i cant wait for google I/O

  12. Has anyone who placed their order for the S4 with T-Mobile received a tracking number email yet?

    I placed my order over 4.5hrs ago, still no tracking number. . .

    1. extremely off topic.

  13. Has anyone who placed their order for the S4 with T-Mobile received a tracking number email yet?

    I placed my order over 4.5hrs ago, still no tracking number. . .

  14. I’ll take a Nexus 11 with an octa core please.

  15. Well now what do i do?!?!?!?! I was planning on picking up the nexus 10 because my 10′ Thrive is getting old but if the Nexus 11 is coming out soon I don’t wanna by the old Nexus 10??? Maybe Google will slash the price of the Nexus 10….a huge price cut would make me feel better about buying last years model tablet.

  16. As long as they fix the massive light bleed issue from the nexus 10..also it better have a more powerful gpu

  17. A proper 8 inch tablet with OLED is what i want, been waiting for it since the 7.7 tab
    the note 8 inch is too ugly. so bring this on!

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