Samsung Style: Galaxy S4 advertised Gangnam style in India [VIDEO]


You thought Psy’s global hit Gangnam Style was dead? Nope. It’ll never die. And if you had to guess which companies would do their best to keep the catchy and addictive dance tune relevant, you had to guess it’d be Korea-based Samsung. The company recently hit up India’s Samsung Galaxy S4 launch with a special performance from budding actor Ranveer Singh.

He, alongside a group of sharp dancers, decided to bring the Samsung Galaxy S4 in “S4 Samsung style.” I can’t understand 90% of the lyrics, but you can hear the actor dropping specs like the 13 megapixel camera and the 5-inch 1080p display into the mix. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad to see yet another shameless rendition of Psy’s insta-hit, but the video was entertaining either way. Give it a quick spin by hitting the play button above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This is the best and worst thing ever.

  2. Absolutely terrible. But like a car wreck, I couldn’t look away.

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      1. Lol…if you meet her ask her to give my million dollars back that she owe..:D

    2. oh…my…god….

      Someone actually thought this would be a good idea.

      I can’t stop throwing up….

      1. This is not worse than the S4 event in US. At least this is just 2 minutes that make me laugh and not a crazy boring 2h of none sense

    3. as long as they make good phones.. i really dont care lol

  3. this is good for india. If you dont understand that they have a different culture. SUCK IT!!!!

    1. My apologies, but what does culture have to do with it? This would have been sad no matter where they did it.

    2. Disagree. I still feel it’s absolutely nonsense. India sees some very, very creative advertising and marketing efforts, this was just plain lazy.

      1. I think it was really lame..It was terrible..I wouldn’t buy the S4 just because of this ad..JK..I would still buy the S4 but I hope the really is taken off the internet..

  4. and I thought they only had bad marking here in the US

  5. That guy in the bottom right corner is a wonder to behold. @0:22

  6. This really made my day! It is the funniest video I’ve seen in a long time!

    He does it with a proper Indian accent, priceless!

  7. Come on people, that was great stuff. That will be a killer in India, the country it was made for. That song will be ringing in everyone’s ears all day and all night. The India culture will love this and more important India is a tech hungry culture who have money to spend on high end devices. Samsung is not stupid, this is smart advertising campaign for the country of India. I am a white American living in Boston and I liked it.

  8. That was two minutes of pure horror that, sadly, will be burned into my brain for the rest of the day.

  9. I felt embarrassed watching it but I cannot not look lmao.

  10. This event was by retail partner reliance and not by samsung.
    Samsung had their seperate event at kingdom dreams gurgaon on 26th april.
    Lol but it was funny

  11. “ripoff” ? – What an accusation! Flash mobs dancing in the streets everywhere has placed that dance in the public domain I would say. Besides Psy has done commercials for Samsung in the past. http://www.frequency.com/video/psy-samsung-commercial-tv/84087423/-/5-573

    Like the Macrena right? Rippoff is a very strong word. It is getting stale though. When people heap disdain towards Samsung. Don’t forget they hired local ad companies to do that work.
    Yes Samsung approved it but local ad companies probably thought Samsung is Korean, Psy is Korean and Indians love dance in the movies. So what else could they have come up with.
    I am not an apologist for Samsung. But I am against mouthy bloggers and there are many.
    It seems that everyone has an opinion about the most trivial things. Nothing else better to write about I guess !

  12. It was horrible…It reminded of a Indian Superman movie where the dude is wearing a Superman t shirt and running around on top of a rolling hill like a girl…so cheesy


  14. Ohh hell noooooo.. Not they didn’t! Now I bet HTC One will come up with the Harlem Shake. Lol

    1. All my yes!!

  15. “S4 Samsung Style more than just a phone. S4 Samsung Style”

    Oh my… Those lyrics COMPLETELY caught me off guard. LoL!!

  16. This also reminds me of this…

    That amoLED commercial. I like it. Maybe because it’s an actual song so it sounds good.

    1. That song is awesome though. O.o

  17. I wanted to vomit.

  18. All things considered, I actually thought it was pretty good!

    Just… probably… 8 months late.

    Hopefully we don’t see a “Samsung Shake” video a few months from now.

  19. Has anyone who placed their order for the S4 with T-Mobile received a tracking number email yet?

    I placed my order over 4.5hrs ago, still no tracking number. . .

  20. This was not the work of Samsung!

  21. Well someone just got fired.

  22. Haven’t seen anything worse than this…. a total crap. Can’t believe I wasted my couple of minutes on this..

  23. Cringeworthy

  24. who has 2 thumbs and is not getting these 2 minutes back….. This guy right here!!

  25. Hilarious! Bash all you want people pay attention to crap like this its funny. Remember Samsung is trying to buy space in your head.

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