T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 now available


Samsung Galaxy S4 Design

T-mobile’s original April 24th release date for the Samsung Galaxy S4 might not have happened, but folks would only have to wait five days to order one online. From my count, that day is here, and you can now head to T-Mobile’s website to grab one of your own, alongside those who have been able to order from AT&T and Sprint since Saturday.

With T-Mobile’s new UNcarrier plans you can grab the device with a $150 down payment. From there, you’ll be paying $20 per month on top of your bill for 24 months until you pay the full off-contract price, or until you decide to leave the carrier or go with a different phone (in which case you’ll be paying the remainder of the balance in full). AT&T and Sprint are both sticking with the traditional discount after signing a two-year contract, with the former’s being $200 and the latter’s being $150.

The Galaxy S4 is available in White Frost and Black Myst flavors, both of which are only available with 16GB of internal storage. That storage can be expanded using a microSD card, though, so no worries.

Other Galaxy S4 specs include a beautiful 5-inch Super AMOLED HD display with 1080p resolution, a 1.9GHz quad-core processor, 2Gb of RAM, a 13 megapixel HD camera, a 2 megapixel front-facing camera, Android 4.2.2 with TouchWiz Nature UX and more.

Decide which Android heavyweight you want after reading our HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 feature, look for some opinions over at the Galaxy S4 section at AndroidForums.com, and if the Galaxy S4 turns out to be the victor for you get over to T-Mobile’s site, Sprint’s site, or AT&T’s site (Verizon’s isn’t coming until May 30th) to order one for yourself.

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  1. Awesome, this phone rocks!

  2. is there a reliable source confirming the supported UMTS and LTE bands?

    1. The T-Mobile specs site lists them?

      HSPA+ Bands: I (UMTS 2100), II (1900), IV (1700/2100/AWS), V (850)
      LTE Bands: Band 1 (2100), 2 (1900), 4 (1700/2100), 5(850), 7 (2600) & 17
      GSM Bands: 850, 900, 1800, 1900

      1. wow. they got the hexaband LTE radio? the at&t one only has 2, 4, 5 and 17. Interesting indeed… I don’t think that it has band 4 hspa either, for that matter.

      2. It seems like a dream phone (at least for frequency bands support).

        Since this model is a superset of the AT&T model, why didn’t they make only one model for both carriers?

        1. Unlocking incentives, once you pay off your phone (Tmo WILL unlock for you for free) you can use it basically anywhere and wont be restricted. Where ATT wants you to stay with them.

  3. Ordered one for the wife. I love my Nexus 4.

    1. when was the delivery date?

      1. T-Mobile sales rep hooked me up with free overnight, so tomorrow. :D

  4. i thought it was only major retail stores on may 8th and the rest on may 15th

    1. Where did you hear that?

    2. yeah that’s pretty much right. It said “select” stores on may 8th though. probably just tmobile stores

      1. Big market cities Tmo stores only on the 8th, the smaller towns and markets will get it on the 15th

  5. Anyone know when the delivery date is if u order online?

  6. Ordered mine this morning. Had to call in since the Web site wouldn’t let me upgrade. The rep also informed me that the hot spot feature is now unlimited! Today was a very good day!

    1. Unlimited tethering ?

      1. Yeah. I was very specific in asking her was it the hotspot feature and she said yes! She said they just added it this weekend and haven’t announced it yet. Looks like I’ll be getting rid of clear.

        1. Are you on the unlimited plan?

          1. I was on the 4.5gb plan with hot spot feature and the rep told me the unlimited plan now includes the hot spot. So yes I am now.

          2. It only gives you 500mb of tethering it’s not unlimited.

          3. Maybe it’s 500MB of highspeed and the rest is throttled.

    2. i just ordered mine and i asked that question to the rep she said i would have to pay 10 more to my unlimited plan for 6.5 gb tethering hotspot.

      1. I wasn’t even trying to change my plan I just wanted the phone. She mentioned the new unlimited hot spot feature.

        1. yeap she said that with my unlimited plan only 512 mb can be use for hotspot! and that if i wanted more for 10 extra i get up to 6.5 gb of hotspot!

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  7. I already ordered mine!!! From T-Mobile! They said free overnight shipping, still waiting for my tracking number. Whitening version!!!
    Yayyyyyyy! *!*!*!*!

  8. Ordered Mine…. Black Mist…. Should get it Thursday!!

    “Let The Games Begin”

  9. best phone I ever owned.. S4 is the best phone

  10. Will it be available in 32GB later?

  11. “Verizon’s isn’t coming until May 30th.” That’s okay, it’ll have an encrypted bootloader, and won’t see Key Lime Pie until Q2 2015 anyway.

  12. To root Verizon’s Galaxy S4 and completely unlock all of the
    bootloaders in the chain of trust, you’ll have to meditate until you slip into unconsciousness
    and feel yourself stepping through a looking glass into a
    “not-world”. There, you’ll meet your identical twin. The doppleganger
    points at you and laughs, a chattering skull-like laugh, then turns into a
    screeching falcon and flies off towards the blood-red sun. This unlocks the
    first and second bootloaders, Then, you’ll find yourself on a viking ship,
    skimming across a lake of white-cold fire. You feel nothing. An emptiness,
    perhaps. Somewhere, a lone snow dog howls o’er the wintry plains. You try to
    scream, but blood pours from your mouth, coalescing into the form of a hideous
    Lowell McAdam smoking a long pipe. His rage is blinding. This unlocks the next
    bootloader. At last, you find yourself poised before two doors. One leads to unlocked
    bootloaders, the ability to flash custom kernels, OS updates, and Custom ROMs. The other to bricked phones, misery , and
    Asurion claims. Choose correctly, and you’ll be happily running a custom Android
    5.x ROM.

  13. Has anyone who ordered their S4 from T-Mobile received an email with tracking number yet?

    1. This is at least the 4th time you’ve posted this question today, on a variety of articles. There are forums for question like this, you frickin’ moron.

  14. Has anyone who placed their order for the S4 with T-Mobile received a tracking number email yet?

    I placed my order over 4.5hrs ago, still no tracking number. . .

  15. I’ll be waiting. Sprint charging $250 for the 16gb version that only gives you 8gb free out of the box, means not only will I have to pay an extra $50 for the Galaxy S4 compared to every other phone, I’ll also have to fork over even more for expandable memory since 1/2 of the 16gb is taken up out of the box.

    Just dumb. I would like a new phone, but not that badly to spend an extra $100 ($50 for the phone, and another $50 for a micro sd card).

    1. idk where you’re getting your stats from there is NO WAY that Jelly Bean and the apps take up 8gb of space (Not even Windows and bloatware takes that much space on a conventional PC), with the reserved FLASH space you’ll have about 14.97gb, the jelly bean and apps will at most take up 2GB (probably way less) leaving you with nearly 13GB of space, ofc this is base model. I believe Verizon will get the 32Gb and 64GB models (ATT will probably do the same), atm Tmo only has 16GB (makes sense they are complaining about limited inventory). Also Micro SD cards are EXTREMELY cheap, not sure where you’re buying from but I got 2x 32GB a month ago for $20 each……. and the GS4 supports upto 64GB sd card.

      1. http://bgr.com/2013/04/29/16gb-galaxy-s4-internal-storage-473208/

        Right there, so your 13gb estimate is WAY SHORT. And yes you can get cheap micro sd cards, the point however is why should I have to spend $50 more on Sprint for 8gb free space on a GS4 (and even more then that for a micro sd card), compared to every other carrier?

        If Sprint priced theirs at $200, then I’d say it is what it is. But they chose to price theirs more then everyone else. The fact it only has 8gb free space just makes that decision even more head scratching.

    2. Get a Boost or a Virgin phone, theyre priced for cheap-o’s like you

      1. Ok tough guy. I assume based on that comment you are fine with paying $50 more for the GS4 for the “privilege” of being an existing Sprint customer? Customers who are upgrading on every other carrier only get charged $200. If you’re happy forking over $250 for the same thing everyone else gets for only $200 because you have to have it now and can’t wait, then have at it. Sprint will be more then happy to accept your extra $50.

        Amazon just dropped their price to $200 from $250, which means Best Buy and other places will follow suit. If I’m going to get the GS4, I’ll pay $200 like every other carrier and NOT $250. That’s not being a “cheap-o”, it’s common sense.

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