Apr 24th, 2013

With all the talk about the Samsung Galaxy S4 as of late it’s easy to forget the Korean manufacturer still has some 2012 phones that millions of folks are toting. I’m speaking of the Samsung Galaxy S3, of course, and Sprint’s version is set to get a very nice upgrade today. The carrier has started to roll out build MD4, the one that brings us the illustrious premium suite upgrade that adds some of the latest features Samsung’s whipped up.

To be exact, this upgrade will bring the all-important home-screen security fix, multi-view support, new features and enhancements for the gallery and camera, the Paper Artist app and enhancements to the SMS application. Folks have been playing around with these features in leaked builds for quite some time, so the amount of time Sprint spent making sure everything was peachy should mean this thing goes off without fail.

In most cases users will be prompted to download the upgrade, but Sprint reminds folks that its big software upgrades typically roll out in staggered fashion. You can check for the upgrade yourself, if you want — just head to Settings > System Update > Update Samsung Software to get started. If this isn’t your first rodeo you’ll already know that you should hop onto WiFi and charge your phone to at least 50% before proceeding.

Of course, that WiFi part isn’t that important for Sprint users, all of whom enjoy truly unlimited data, unless you don’t have 4G or just want to make sure you have the most stable connection possible. Grab your phone and check, and let us know if you’re able to pull it down by dropping a comment below.

[via Sprint, thanks Andy!]

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