Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 build MD4 premium suite upgrade rolling out today


With all the talk about the Samsung Galaxy S4 as of late it’s easy to forget the Korean manufacturer still has some 2012 phones that millions of folks are toting. I’m speaking of the Samsung Galaxy S3, of course, and Sprint’s version is set to get a very nice upgrade today. The carrier has started to roll out build MD4, the one that brings us the illustrious premium suite upgrade that adds some of the latest features Samsung’s whipped up.

To be exact, this upgrade will bring the all-important home-screen security fix, multi-view support, new features and enhancements for the gallery and camera, the Paper Artist app and enhancements to the SMS application. Folks have been playing around with these features in leaked builds for quite some time, so the amount of time Sprint spent making sure everything was peachy should mean this thing goes off without fail.

In most cases users will be prompted to download the upgrade, but Sprint reminds folks that its big software upgrades typically roll out in staggered fashion. You can check for the upgrade yourself, if you want — just head to Settings > System Update > Update Samsung Software to get started. If this isn’t your first rodeo you’ll already know that you should hop onto WiFi and charge your phone to at least 50% before proceeding.

Of course, that WiFi part isn’t that important for Sprint users, all of whom enjoy truly unlimited data, unless you don’t have 4G or just want to make sure you have the most stable connection possible. Grab your phone and check, and let us know if you’re able to pull it down by dropping a comment below.

[via Sprint, thanks Andy!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. man if only sprint fixes it network issues in the Boston, JP,Dorchester, Roslindale Hyde Park, Mattapan area i come back on a hart bit, but until then i belong to tmobile.

    1. Haven’t heard of any network issues in Boston.

      1. have you been around the area i mentioned in here? there is none on mattapan, jamaica plain, dorchester hyde park or roslindale area and in boston not so good in terms of 3g and lte services.

        1. My girlfriend lives in JP, I get LTE and full reception every time I’m in that area. Maybe I just get lucky, but I’ve never had trouble in Boston.

          1. well if they turn it on last week then good but i keep on checking with my friend to see if they already have it on our area and nothing for him, but i will check with him again today and see, because i really want to come back to sprint but i could’t deal with the slow network and pay for a service i wasn’t getting hell no.

          2. Whenever I’m at her place, I get LTE. I’ve gotten LTE since the beginning of February there. However, it’s possible not all of JP is covered, and I’m just lucky that she lives in an area that has it. She’s on Verizon, so I can’t ask how her phone works around the rest of JP, and I’m never really in JP other than to see her.

      2. only place i have issues with is the Park street area, but i guess thats kinda expected

    2. I have great reception in all of Boston…

  2. Sweet premium suite at last hell yeah sprint :-) :-)

  3. No luck pulling it down yet but il be sure to let ya know when I do :-)


    1. Lol @ this

  5. Sprint has posted the upgrade as MC3, why?

  6. If Sprint can really get this 4g network popping, I can see them running a muck just like Tmobile is. They have been consistently launching great devices on the network, after that was a longtime gripe. Customer service actually acts if they somewhat care about whatever dilemma you have. Ive been with Sprint for too long, and was actually going to go with Big V just because I wanted sustainable 4g coverage throughout nyc. Their decision to not carry the One and then receive the S4 late has ended that thought.

  7. Ahem… T-Mobile?

  8. So i have a Note 2 and go some update a few days ago. All it did was add local i think.. does anyone know if it did anything else?

  9. I haven’t gotten the update. I checked… but nothing :/

  10. Get your act together T-Mobile.

  11. I got an update this morning but haven’t noticed anything different. Is there any way to verify that the update I got this morning is THIS update?

    1. Multi-view should be present in this update. In the Note 2, I believe there is a multi-view toggle in the notifications bar. See if it’s there.

      1. I’m not seeing it as an option. I’ve even checked through settings and no option of activating it either. No Paper Artist either. I’m just going to assume there’s another update coming through the pipe for me soon.

  12. Are all spring users suppose to get this update today? I just checked and it says I have no update available. Also is there a link that shows me all the new features being added to my s3?

  13. Has anyone with the sprint gs III actually recieved this update yet?! I just got done with work and iv been trying to pull it down all day since this morning when I saw this post and still no such luck?!

    1. No luck here either. Been trying every half hour or so.

  14. Weird how none of us have been able to pull it down yet…iv been trying since 10am eastern… I started a thread on the premium suite upgrade awhile back which is still under samsung gs III so if anyone would like to play the I don’t have it yet game I already created a thread awhile back for said things lol… although I will give sprint props for once again being the first to push such a nice update out for our devices even a year later with the pending s4 release right around the corner its nice to know we didn’t get forgot about like previous devices iv owned :-)

    1. if you go to the xda forums for the sprint galaxy s3 you will be able to install the ota zip

  15. Called Sprint, not updating till Friday (4/26/13). This information is wrong.

  16. Still no luck on my end :-( Erie, pa! Sprints website shows 04/24/2013 just like it was reported on phandroid this morning so idk what’s going on…i know phases phases phases but still not one of us even have it yet… :-( :-( ??

  17. Still nothing on my end anyone else have any luck yet?

  18. Got mine last night, multi-view is under display in the settings, gallery is different, multi-view is really cool! The kernal version on Sprint is 3.0.31.-1130792 Android version is still 4.1.2.

    1. Where are you located?

  19. Erie, Pa still nothing :-(

  20. I haven gotten the upgrade yet. Anyone else located in Los angeles get the upgrade yet?

  21. Still nothing on my end… :-( :-(

  22. Ughhhh sprint why you no give me update yet ;-(

  23. my phone started to update while I was in the middle of doing something for work. I cancelled it than wondered what it was. so I googled premium suite and saw sprint started rolling it out. so I went to upgrade in settings n it says none available….

  24. Still nothing over here in Phoenix…

  25. It seems no one here (except our friend Trip Ndrag) has actually gotten the update yet regardless of age, race, creed, or geekiness.
    ***By the way, it bears mentioning, the OTA update is not divvied out by way of LOCATION. Rather it is by a randomised sorting of Google Play users. So there is no rhyme or rhythm into location based reporting. ***
    Are we sure its actually being pushed out and hasn’t been suspended by Sprint? I would not be surprised to hear it was suspended by our dear Sprint because the release of the GS4 was also delayed. I have searched, not my update button, but the forums internet-wide and found that no one, except our friend Trip Ndrag has actually posted anything at all about actually receiving the update yet.. across the entire worldwide web! This is a first, ladies & gentlemen. 2+ days into the update and no one has successfully pulled it yet? I smell a fishy rat.

  26. Something is definitely wrong here I still am unable to pull it down!!!

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