Sony begins Jelly Bean rollout for Xperia P, Xperia Go, and Xperia E Dual; more coming next month


Sony said they had some exciting OTA update news coming when it announced the Xperia Z would get AOSP support, and that news is finally here. The Japanese OEM announced that the Jelly Bean rollout for the Sony Xperia P, Sony Xperia Go, and Sony Xperia E Dual would begin today. The update is going out in staggered fashion, of course, and Sony says things will ramp up over the course of the next month.

One small caveat exists for Xperia Go users — you’ll need to use the PC Companion or Bridge for Mac apps to get the upgrade for your particular device. The others will be able to get ther upgrades via an over-the-air process, though, so just hit the settings menu up and check for it there.

Alongside the typical goods that come with Jelly Bean, including Google Now, expanded notifications, and more, the upgrades will bring updates to  the WALKMAN, Album, and Movies apps, add Battery STAMINA mode for longer battery life, improve the application drawer, a revamped home-screen with new widgets and up to 7 panes, and more.

Oh, and in case you’ve forgotten, Sony did promise some update news for those owning the Xperia S, Xperia SL, Xperia ion and Xperia acro S. Unfortunately your day hasn’t come today, but Sony’s confirmed Jelly Bean upgrades for those devices will begin starting at the end of May. We know Sony’s very vocal (yet loyal) crowd is tough to please, but at least a few more of them will be happy to hear this news.

[via Sony]

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  1. I really can’t understand why even mid ranged devices will take the update before Sony Xperia S… This is extremely unfair… Though still the end of May requires lots of patience, which has been demolished after the endless delays… Just don’t postpone it again!

    1. Lol this is a joke, if any the xperia s which was there 1st flagship of 2012 should be getting it before any of the ones listed and to be honest it should have been on jb along time ago… Seriously Sony fix your update cause you are probably the slowest out there to update your phone… My brother has the xperia s and is regretting ever getting it not because the phone is bad but because the updates are slow as hell and what’s worse is that all these cheaper phones are either on jb or are getting before the xperia s.

  2. The Xperia S is almost 3 yrs old. Stfu and be thankful they’re even doing it, especially with AOSP support on it.

    Tho the Ion was promised to start on March 14th…. THAT needs to be fixed

    1. Xperia S is 3 years old? Huh? It was released in early 2012. It’s only 2013, Einstein. Hope your parents got a refund for your school fees.

    2. Xperia S was announced January 2012 and 1st released March 2012. Check your facts before you open your troll-hole.

    3. U R RETARDED MAN -_-

    4. AOSP was abandoned on Xperia S. LOL. Remember that when considering Xperia Z “AOSP”.

      It was an “experiment” in an experimental branch and the experiment is finished now.

      And it was incomplete, with many things not working.

      Google Nexus style AOSP and Sony “AOSP” are very different.

  3. Sony bout to lose a customer. My wife been coveting my Nexus 4 and I told her hang in there since they said JB coming to to Xperia S in late MARCH. Gonna get another N4 they keep this up.

  4. Recently updated Xperia P to Jelly Bean build 6.2.A.0.400 , Android version 4.1.2 , kernel version 3.0.8+

    Here are some stuff i found new and improved : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UtpqvMgzdY

  5. Ya….xperia S should get the priority compare to others mid ranged devices…this is not fair to xperia S users

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