Apr 24th, 2013

T-Mobile’s HTC One originally launched online April 19th, but if you wanted to buy the device in-person you had to wait until today. Well… today is here, so you should be able to waltz into a T-Mobile store and nab your very own HTC One. I say “should” because T-Mobile is only promising that you’ll be able to find it in “select” stores. That means you’ll want to call before you make the excited drive over to one of the carrier’s retail locations.

On T-Mobile’s new UNcarrier plan you can walk away with the device for a $99 down payment, and pay the device off in 24 monthly installments of $20. If you aren’t interested in going that route you can pay for the entire thing outright for just $580. It would seem worth it if you’re an HTC fan, according to our HTC One review. The phone is lauded as HTC’s best work yet, combining a great achievement in engineering with software that HTC can finally be proud of.

HTC was going to have some competition starting today as Samsung’s Galaxy S4 was slated to be released on T-Mobile, but the carrier unfortunately pushed the device back another five days at the very last minute, citing inventory delays. Our Samsung Galaxy S4 review says it is one device worth waiting for, but the HTC One throws a very big wrench into a very tough decision.

If you’re backed up against the ropes and absolutely can’t wait any longer to get a device today be sure to call your local T-Mobile store up or buy the HTC One online. PS: the free car dock deal is still on so jump in joy knowing that you’re getting one of the best deals on this phone, even without a two-year contract.

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