Apr 24th, 2013

Folks on T-Mobile were supposed to get up eager and excited to purchase a great, new phone this morning after reading our awesome Samsung Galaxy S4 review, but those guys won’t have the chance to do that just yet. Some unfortunate news has come through the pipeline in regards to the carrier’s launch plans for the device. Online availability for T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S4 has been pushed back to April 29th, according to a statement by the UNcarrier.

T-Mobile says the unfortunate push back was due to some unexpected delays with inventory deliveries. The delay is only five days long, and the typical “well you’ve waited this long spiel” might normally work here, but I feel your pain, Magentans. It’s tough to think you’ll have a crack at a device on a certain day, only to have your wishes and desires ripped from your grasp at the very last minute.

Heading to a T-Mobile store won’t do you much good, unfortunately, as that launch was always slated for May 1st. That said, perhaps you can satiate your appetite for the phone by taking part in some healthy, healing discussion taking place at the Samsung Galaxy S4 section at AndroidForums.com. Make an account and take a peek. Of course, not everyone will find this therapeutic — this could make the wait just as long.

I suppose you could call into work these next three days and hibernate over the weekend until the device is available for purchase, but that isn’t particularly productive (or good for your health). Instead, we’re inviting you to release your frustrations in the comments section below. You have a shoulder and a friend in us, so confide and know that you’re not alone.

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