How are you liking your new HTC One? [Forum Talk]


The HTC One has been out for a few days now, and users have had a ton of time to get themselves acquainted with their new bundles of joy. Our HTC One review is already out, and Chris gushed over HTC’s impeccable design and software innovation, and found it hard to fault the device in his testing. Now that you’ve used and (hopefully not) abused the phones for yourselves, we’re wondering what you think about the device.

Such discussions are taking place over at the HTC One section at AndroidForums.com, with a huge thread of HTC One users giving their own thoughts of the device from the perspective of “actual users.”

The author of that thread, with the username “HowlingDakota,” was initially impressed with the HTC One’s battery life, and although they haven’t been through a full cycle it seems their experience will match the same one Chris detailed in his review. User “Scottmien” also echoed Chris’ statements about the phone’s display, noting it was the best one they’ve ever used on a smartphone.

There are many more reviews and opinions in that thread, so if you’re looking for reviews from the “real users'” perspective, be sure to create an account, join in and check it out for yourself. There are a boatload of other cool discussions taking place over at AndroidForums, including the following:

There are many more interesting discussions taking place at the HTC One section of AndroidForums.com, so don’t waste any time getting over there and taking part in all of it. Circle back here and leave a comment to let us know how you’re liking your new HTC One if you’ve already purchased one for yourself.

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  1. I bought the HTC One day on launch day with rogers and I LOVE IT!!!! Amazing device! Also the 62Mb download and 26Mb upload on LTE does not hurt either :D

    1. holy crap thats fast

    2. Lucky! The fastest I got on Verizons LTE was around 40 Mbps before it got saturated with new users back when I had a DROID Charge. Enjoy while you can :) now I get around 20 Mbps on average.

      1. 20Mbps is better than most people get at home. Aren’t we getting spoiled. Just think, two years ago Verizon was not even getting 1Mbps most of the time.

        1. Well we are getting spoiled, but there is also a greater need for more speed, websites are getting complexter by the day and reqiure you to download more and more data in shorter times in order to load at any decent time. We also pay for it.

          1. A greater need for speed, maybe, but definitely not these outrageous speeds that people proclaim they receive on their respective carriers. Nobody needs more than 5mb/s on downlink on a mobile phone.

          2. shush you! i rather enjoy my speeds! when online gamming and downloading :P
            i can connect my xbox to the LTE as a hot spot when not at home and i rather enjoy it.

          3. How often do you take your xbox with you somewhere that doesn’t have an ethernet or wifi? How often do you even take your xbox somewhere…

          4. often enough to be usefull… stop being jelous

          5. PC Master Race doesn’t get jealous of console gamers

          6. meh, another reason for fast LTE my 52ms ping can support any online game on my laptop if need be as well :P

          7. OK jelly

          8. +nobody+ ?

        2. I’ve gotten 22mbps on T-mo HSPA :)

          1. Me too! I love Tmobile HSPA!

          2. I’ve gotten 1mbps with Sprint! God I hate them, but their so cheap…

          3. AT&T gives my Gnex a nice 536kbps download in a consistent and stable fashion… you know, outside of where i actually need internet access, thank god my contract ends in a month, T-Mob here I come!

          4. Have you tweaked your APN settings? Went from around 2mbps to 4mbps doing this with the Gnex. On the Nexus 4 with the same APN settings, I get up to 12-13 in spots. No idea why the drastic difference between these two phones.

          5. Any links to APN settings?

          6. I don’t know if they’ll let me post a url, so just google ‘nexus 4 at&t apn settings’. In my search, it’s the first link that pops up. I use the same settings on the Gnex. I dunno if it’ll work for you, but at least it’s worth a shot :)

          7. I managed about 600k once :P

    3. Yes Rogers LTE is very fast. But you pay a lot more for this speed too. The reason for that is that Canadian population density is much lower than the one in the US, and Canada is a lot larger too, so the result is that Canadian carriers need more towers and have less customers, which in turn means a huge increase in cost for Rogers, which in turn means the consumer will pick up that bill. The advantage however is that the performance is much better, beacuse Canadian networks tend to be much less cluttered. For example my Rogers bill comes to $120.00 / month. But I do get pretty decent network performance. When I lived in Arizona I had a similar plan and paid $65.00 / month (T-Mobile), but the network was slower.

      1. ya i’m on the $95 plan with unlimited canada talk/text and 5GB data

  2. Best phone I’ve owned by far. And I don’t know why everyone is stuck on the camera because I find it does quite well. We still don’t have LTE in my area so I can’t comment on that..

  3. My wife and I are STILL waiting for our Unlocked versions through HTC. :(

  4. My sister just got hers, im waiting on the S4, but I must admit the one is a pretty solid phone, the camera is better than i thought it would be, sense is the same but a new launcher will fix that, battery life is still meh, but htc is definitely stepping there game up, They shouldve just made a removable battery w/ sd card slot, thats a big plus 4 a lot of people

  5. I absolutely love this phone. A full day’s normal use only sucks up about 40% of the battery life. I don’t have to worry about conserving my battery anymore. The pictures it takes are beautiful. As much as I figured I would turn BlinkFeed off before I bought it, I use the feature all the time. I love that it does Facebook better than Facebook does and gives me news too. The only flaw I see is that the Amazon App Store doesn’t work with the current version, but I’m using the older one to get around it, and I’m certain Amazon will fix it quickly.

  6. It would be nice if there was a native compact QWERTY keyboard. Dumas aged snooze are swapped, just like answer and decline. My finger pads are flat and I am not able to swipe or use the stock keyboard.

  7. OK, admittedly I was a hater because I just couldn’t get the Thunderbolt experience out of my mind. However, after playing with this phone at the ATT store, I ordered one from T-mobile. Awesome bright screen and fast!
    BTW- to the knuckleheads at the ATT store who would NOT sell me the phone at retail (599.00) and go off contract, WTF is wrong with you? Do you not understand people have choices?

    1. If it’s a commission-based store, (and use the same structure my old employers did), the employee gets nothing for selling you an off-contract phone, and that’s one less new contract (s)he can sell later that day if they run out.

      1. True, the employee lost a commission, but ATT lost a customer and a retail sale.
        In the end, it was better for me as my rate will be lower on Tmo

    2. Shows you how screwed up the carriers business model is and how deep they are used to having their teeth into you.

    3. Wow, i’m surprised that happened. It probably happened cause it was a contracted store? Not a corporate AT&T store?

      1. No it was definitely a corporate store

        1. Really? That’s a shocker….I’ve had Verizon employees offer me phones at full price, when I go in for accessories, or service….AT&T is strange….

          1. I’m on Verizon now and paid full price for my Note 2. So Att lost a customer trying to change carriers.

      2. Run by employees more interested in a commission rather than taking care of their customers. So there will be no tears shed here next time the economy dies and ATT lays people off.

  8. Played with on yesterday the hardware design is top notch. I do not think there is another phone on the market that can compete with this phone right now. It beautiful, solid, and light. I am still a bit weary about not having a removable battery, and wish it had an sd card slot, but overall it’s a great phone.

    1. I I have no doubt no other can compete with it as far as looks goes, but the Galaxy S IV (which I have no plans to buy) surpasses it in pretty much every other way.

      I’m sure it’s still a great phone and I hope it lifts HTC out of the doldrums.

      I think they should have included a 3300mAh battery or better. If Motorola was able to do that 2 years ago, then shame on HTC (and Samsung too) for the lame batteries in their phones.

      I’m still holding out for the Note III.

      1. The Razr Maxx is just over a year old. But yes, I agree and your point still stands ;-).

      2. That’s all personal choice, I would take the One any day over the S4.Better screen, better build quality, no physical button. But again that’s a very personal preference.

      3. i donno i went from a Note II to the HTC One and see no diff in the battery lenght … i can easily make it a day or more on a charge so far and if i have an issue i have a USB charge pack i can use to juice it back up… so the battery is not an issue.

  9. Still waiting on my pre-order to show up from Wirefly.com…….Great price, slow as hell delivery

  10. Tracking says mine will be here tomorrow! Until then, I am still using (and loving) my HTC One X International model.

  11. Mine is great. I did find myself having to root it though to change a few things. It was almost good enough out of the box for me to not have to root though.

  12. I just got the T-Mobile HTC One. So far, I love it; but I do have some complaints. I miss the task list button. It is very useful. The application drawer would be better with horizontal scrolling through applications rather than the outdated vertical scrolling. The Amazon App Store does not work. I get a mostly blank screen.

    The sound of the speakers is phenomenal. The screen is gorgeous. It should be called the HTC Win because it is a win for HTC.

    1. +1 for HTC Win

    2. double press the home button for multitask list. Press and Hold for Google now

  13. It’s an aluminum bodied, bleeding edge, face melting, package of awesomeness.

  14. Loving it so far!!! I wasn’t sure about blinkfeed, but who needs flipboard now with this! I love it and am always checking it out!! Still playing with camera, but so far so good!! Love the design and feel! Feels solid!! Like the Nokia phones! Also HTC finally nailed the battery!! Its great!! Drained the phone first day to about 5% then chagred it, now I can easily get through a whole day with even pretty heavy use!! My only complaint is the home button and how it sometimes won’t respond, I know this is a hardware issue and will be fixed! However, I find myself sometimes hitting the home button a few times before it works, otherwise excellent phone!!!!

  15. Had to send mine back today due to massive light bleeds and cosmetic issues. Nevertheless it is a lovely device. Let’s hoping my replacement One will be without defects.


  16. Mine is ringing and dinging on my desk right now!!!! I’ve fallen in love with HTC all over again. It’s a beautiful phone for work, and it’s a beautiful phone for play. If they keep reinventing this phone like Samsung is doing with the S line… I think I’ll be sticking with HTC.

  17. I’ve been a hardcore Apple fanboy, but the Android phones coming out lately have had me questioning my loyalty. I’ve had every major iPhone release since the first generation. When I first saw this phone I decided to jump ship and give Android a try. So, I just got the HTC One on 19th of April and it seems to be the phone to beat. Android is a breath of fresh air and the phone itself is absolutely amazing. Also, holy crap the iPhone 3.5 inch screen and 4 inch iPhone 5 screen is so small now, I can’t believe it. It only took two days and now the iPhone seems crazy tiny. Sadly, Apple lost a iPhone user for the foreseeable future.

  18. Easily one of the best phones I’ve ever owned. Perfect size, doesn’t feel like a toy (a la gs3) the screen is bright and visible in the sun and the battery can last me a solid day. What more could I ask for?

  19. I have a few minor complaints like why do I have to deal with a single menu button softkey? Before my nexus 10, I was all for hardware buttons, but after using softkeys, it just makes a whole lot more sense. I really such they kept the three button layout but I really don’t care as long as I don’t have to deal with half hardware, half software buttons. But besides that, my expectations have been exceeded in every way. I had a little doubt with the ultra pixel camera, but it really makes a difference in low light conditions. The full hd display is amazing and the boomsound speakers really add to the experience, no gimmick here. The build quality is just absolutely superb. I have never really liked ios but I’ve always admired the build quality of the iPhone. Nothing has really come close to Apple’s prestine design. Until now. Go try out an HTC One, your mind will be changed. On a side note, blink feed and zoes work really well and are actually a lot nicer and more useful than I imagined.

  20. Picked up mine on launch day and LOVE it! I’ve gotten people at work, friends and just strangers asking me what device it is. I’ve had zero problems with battery life (but I tend to plug in at work out of habit). The camera is much better than I anticipated based off reviews. I took numerous shots indoors and outdoors over the weekend and got the best photos from a mobile phone that i ever have. The design is everything that it was proclaimed to be. My phone has zero-gap all the way around which was mentioned that the top/bottom were not quite zero gap in one review. I will say the phone is quite slick with the brushed aluminum so be careful! I picked up a case to use through the week on the day-to-day at the office and gym. But take it off when I’m out in social scenes for the full effect. Absolutely beautiful device and very, very fast.

    1. oh, and even the case gets noticed…i have the double flip case and several people have commented that they thought my phone case was cool (and some didn’t even know what device was contained within…LOL)!

      1. I picked my phone up on launch day (Sprint) and I also have the double dip case. Wow, you’ve got good taste. I love my phone.

  21. my friend got his on Friday and today it slipped out of his hands and as soon as it hit the floor the top bumper came off and now he can’t hear anyone when they call……and people say Samsung phones are cheap.

    1. that’s the problem with these aluminum type of phones, they slip, and even more when working in cold areas. I hate htc, came from an htc EVO LTE which had no support for many top app & games. Im soo waiting on the S4, plus plastic doesn’t slip of my hands. My opinion anyways…..

  22. I have the new HTC one and my main concern where apple actually wins is in protection. The lifeproof case covers the iPhone and completely deseals it from everything including dust, where as the best case out that I’m aware of for the HTC one is the ottrrbox defender and it sucks!! Doesn’t even cover the speakers or home buttons allowing dust and sand in! Someone please help! I need something comparable to the lifeproof case,,,,

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