Apr 23rd, 2013

The HTC One has been out for a few days now, and users have had a ton of time to get themselves acquainted with their new bundles of joy. Our HTC One review is already out, and Chris gushed over HTC’s impeccable design and software innovation, and found it hard to fault the device in his testing. Now that you’ve used and (hopefully not) abused the phones for yourselves, we’re wondering what you think about the device.

Such discussions are taking place over at the HTC One section at AndroidForums.com, with a huge thread of HTC One users giving their own thoughts of the device from the perspective of “actual users.”

The author of that thread, with the username “HowlingDakota,” was initially impressed with the HTC One’s battery life, and although they haven’t been through a full cycle it seems their experience will match the same one Chris detailed in his review. User “Scottmien” also echoed Chris’ statements about the phone’s display, noting it was the best one they’ve ever used on a smartphone.

There are many more reviews and opinions in that thread, so if you’re looking for reviews from the “real users'” perspective, be sure to create an account, join in and check it out for yourself. There are a boatload of other cool discussions taking place over at AndroidForums, including the following:

There are many more interesting discussions taking place at the HTC One section of AndroidForums.com, so don’t waste any time getting over there and taking part in all of it. Circle back here and leave a comment to let us know how you’re liking your new HTC One if you’ve already purchased one for yourself.

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