Spatio for Android aims to become the next big Holo Facebook app


While the official Facebook for Android app has gotten a lot better in recent months thanks to the company ditching the HTML 5-based user interface in lieu of an all-native client, we would still prefer it if Facebook got with the times and introduced a version with Holo design. Some folks aren’t willing to hold their breath that long, though, and are likely seeking third-party alternatives.

There aren’t many good ones for Android, with the most notable being OneLouder’s Friendcaster. That particular app is quite nice indeed, but we love having an even more vast sea of apps to choose from. A new player has stepped into the arena, and its name is Spatio.

Spatio aims to become the full-featured Facebook client we’ve all been looking for, but it’s not quite there yet. We’re still missing a whole slew of important features, including events, groups, a home-screen widget, notifications, and support for messaging. That said, every other facet of the Facebook experience is represented here, including multiple accounts and pages, and it’s represented quite well. And as the developer behind Falcon taught us, it might not take long before all of those things are checked off the to-do list. As an added bonus, there is minor support for Twitter, but it’s only limited to posting tweets at this time.

For now, Spatio’s development is being supported with an ad on the main screen of the app, and there are no ways to pay to get rid of it. We imagine the developers will eventually want to provide a way to get rid of that, but we can’t be too sure. We’ve dropped them a line to see what, exactly, the future entails for Spatio, but for now it’s a promising little app that will maintain a permanent spot on our radar. Give the app a try for yourself by downloading it for free in the Google Play Store.

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  1. Slowww. Only shows half size photos in feed. Worst of all is a pop up at bottom of the screen that looks like a facebook message notification, but instead opens an ad when you click on it. TOTAL fail.

    1. Yea I don’t mind the ad, but if they’re going to use one then don’t make it one of those cheesy notification bar ads to trick users. The app was running fast for me earlier, though, and photos were nice and big with the ability to pinch-zoom.

      1. Same here, I don’t mind ads at all. Everyone needs to make a buck, just dont try to trick me with a phony notification.

        1. That ad, or any other ad, it’s not made by us. Unfortunately we can’t really control what ads are being shown by the 3rd party ad providers.

          1. Just want to let you know I removed my negative review in google play due to your prompt response and explanation about the add in question. I intend to download again and trust that in the future you have some luck in blocking misleading ads. Thanks for being a responsive developer.

    2. With a good ad blocking system, you won’t see the ad.

      1. exactly you just need to know your way around android

    3. Worse yet. Can’t even log in. It keeps going back tot he login screen after popping up the FB list of stuff it wants access to on my nX.

      Really hoping for a nice-looking FB app. This obviously ain’t it yet. I’ll hold out some hope they’ll get some of the kinks worked out here pretty quick.

  2. Just from reading the comments and looking at the pictures I am not interested as of now, but if this might just be a first try and see how the customers react. It depends how well the developers listen and change things, especially the ones mentioned in comments resections and in the play store.

    1. Well i can tell you that it’s working great for me, and even got rid of the ad with an ad-blocker. Everything loads, and quite quickly for the crappy service i get at work, The app is now my go to for Facebook, but lets see if any bugs pop up for me. I’m also using a note 2, i think some people forget that they have old shitty phones and not everything is going to work perfectly on them.

  3. This looks pretty good. Definitely will keep an eye on this to see it shapes up.

  4. I see no ads. My phone is rooted + adaway = No ads. Great app love the speed and how it runs on my Note 2. I like the remember news position feature. I just uninstall FriendCastor for this.

    1. do you see a big white box at the bottom of the news feed where an ad would be?

      1. No. I see no box. Looks like a regular app without ads.

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