HTC “DLXPLUS” shows up in leaked OTA info — headed to Verizon?


It seems HTC is looking to bring out a sequel to the HTC Butterfly, a phone that made a lot of noise in Japan last year. New information embedded within a leaked OTA document makes mention of the HTC “DLXPLUS” — the Butterfly’s codename was the HTC DLX. That isn’t definitive evidence, obviously, but we’ve gone on less in the past. It wouldn’t be the first time HTC refreshed a phone with the “plus” moniker as it did the same with the HTC One X+, an AT&T staple.

Interestingly enough, the leak mentions this device could be headed to Verizon. One of the alternate devices mentioned in the OTA information reveals details about radios matching up to those used for Verizon’s CDMA/LTE network. It makes sense considering the original Butterfly headed to Big Red as the HTC DROID DNA, and this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve linked the DLXPLUS to Verizon. It would definitely be a worthy consolation prize for HTC fans on Verizon considering those folks didn’t get a chance to own the OEM’s flagship for 2013, the HTC One (read our HTC One review).

The original HTC Butterfly was among HTC’s first crop of 5-inch 1080p HD phones. Alongside that beast of a display, it featured Qualcomm’s 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and more. This particular leak doesn’t give us much info on the new device, but we’d be surprised if a few of those specs didn’t get a nice bump for the refreshed edition. We’ll stay on the trail to see if we can dig up anything more about this mystery sequel.

[via HTCSoku]

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  1. This would be ideal for me to come out around November with the Snapdragon 800 chip, that will give me enough time to enjoy my One and actually get an upgrade and not just upgrading hardware.

  2. I sure hope to see an HTC One On Verizon

    1. Indeed! I consume copious amounts of content and would really like to have those front facing speakers. Come on, Big Red… make it so!

  3. Big disappointment that Verizon isn’t getting the HTC One. This better be a variant of it. And if it only has a paltry 16gb of memory with no removable sd card like the DNA it’ll be a big fail! Time to step up Verizon!

    1. they do.. its called the DNA

      1. That ain’t the same thing at all. Close… but still not.

        1. put sense 5 on it. there really is no difference

          1. How about the processor, front facing speakers, screen size, rear camera, internal storage, design.
            But that’s all…

          2. smaller screen. processor in today’s age doesn’t matter. quad core isn’t even utilized yet in android. the front speakers, yeah, that’s nice. and internal storage only matters to those that haven’t discovered the could yet

          3. I live 2 miles from the jersey turnpike and am well aware of the cloud. My phone on the other hand seems to have either never heard of it or can’t connect to it consistently enough to stream a song from gMusic when i’m outside.

            So don’t give me ‘the cloud’ crap. Give me local storage so that I am not dependent on something I cannot control.

            GS3 on Verizon.

          4. You can’t tell a difference in processors. Front facing speakers are a novelty. How often will people use them? The DNA screen size is bigger, while the phone itself is smaller. The rear camera on the DNA is 8 MP, the One just has a 4MP…bigger pixels or not, you lose a lot of detail. I’ll give you storage, but design is a matter of opinion.

          5. On HTC ONE no way you`ll any detail on the picture. The HTC One it has really good camera especial in the low light. And, it screen no complain. I have the GS3 and my wife has the GNOTE2, the HTC One way better.

          6. It’s low light is good, but regular pictures are not good at all.

          7. I Did compare it pictures to the GNote 2 and to the GS3. To me it’s way better. In the end, it is a personal preference.

          8. Your opinion differs from every reviewer. It may look good to you on the phone screen, but you can’t crop it, print it, or even look at it on any other screen and it look good. At the end of the day, it is still only 4 MP, regardless how big they are.

          9. I Did print the pictures out of the HTC One, it’s still good pictures, but, if you’re looking for 4×4 poster better go buy you a nice real camera not a phone.

          10. I guess I’ll just believe you over every reviewer….not.

          11. I never say that. In my opinion as long every wirless catrier give you 14 trail, go ahead and use it, and see if that’s the right phone you’re looking for. You don’t have to believe anyone.

  4. ah!! HTC!! only one device ah? so much for that!!

  5. If it’s the One, color me interested and I may end up on Verizon. Otherwise, an AT&T One should do just fine.

  6. Even if this is a variant of the One, it’s still garbage, as all carrier exclusives are (at least for HTC). GL seeing support from HTC/Verizon for it after a year. It’s ridiculous that the Rezound took 9 months to get ICS and will never see JB (at least HTC hasn’t shown any intentions of updating it yet) even though the hardware is more than capable of running it.
    If HTC wants to run with the big boys, then they have to stop these carrier exclusive phones like Apple and Samsung did.

    1. Money speaks, my friend. Pretty sure Verizon is giving HTC a hefty sum to continue Verizon’s precious Droid line…

      1. Still makes no sense. If HTC were not so short sighted, they would see that the long term consequence from this could potentially drive their company into the ground. People are latching onto the ubiquity of the Galaxy S and iPhone and shunning these carrier exclusives (as they should if they favor better hardware and software support). So in the long run, unless this bribe is some outrageous amount, this deal is hurting them. The One is a good start, but not launching it on the largest US carrier is a pretty large oversight, IMO.

        1. I don’t really agree with that. Let’s take Samsung as an example. Sure, they have their top devices on basically every carrier, but there are so many (Note, S4, S4 mini, and other low-end Galaxy-tagged phones). Although HTC’s next Droid might not have the “One” name associated to it, I’m sure it’ll be a phone that people would envy over. HTC has always given great hardware on their devices, so I’m not sure what you mean by that. As in software, only time will tell if HTC will deliver in timely OS updates. I’m sure HTC will deliver with the HTC One, but on their Droid line? That’s ultimately in the hands of Verizon.

          1. We’re not talking about mid/lower end devices though, you can say the same about HTC with the One S, Incredible, One SV, etc., I’m not sure how that’s even relevant to my point though; you shouldn’t expect these devices to get as much support as the flagships.

            If this phone exists, I’m sure it will still be a decent phone, just as the DNA is/was. That’s not my point either though. My point is that Verizon/HTC pretty much launch these phones hoping that their exclusivity and decent specs alone are enough to get them to sell, then forget about them 9 months later unlike the HTCs GSM flagship. Though HTC’s support even for the One X is even questionable since they may not update the One X at all anymore: http://www.gottabemobile.com/2013/04/22/htc-one-x-android-5-0-update-in-doubt/

            That’s software is only half the argument too; not only do you get better software support for a phone that’s the same on all carriers, but the hardware support (accessories like cases, docks, etc.) can be better for ALL carrier variants. You’re going to have much less of a selection and less quality of accessories for an “exclusive” phone than you would for a phone that the same on all carriers.

            And no, it’s not ultimately in the hands of Verizon to update their phones, it’s the OEM’s responsibility to provide the software support. Verizon just likes to sit on (test) them forever before they push them OTA.

          2. I was just bringing up that point about multiple devices because you said something about people being latched on to the Galaxy and iPhone name. And you can’t really bring up the S,SV, etc because that was last year’s models, while Samsung is bringing out a lot of new devices for this year. HTC has yet to officially announce any other new devices in the US this year

            Also, your source isn’t the greatest for the One X upgrade news… This tells you what devices are getting the upgrade to Sense 5 and 4.2.2: http://www.cultofandroid.com/25410/htc-one-x-to-get-android-4-2-2-jelly-bean-with-sense-5-around-june-rumor/

            I agree that Verizon’s “exclusionary” phones don’t get the same level of support as other flagship phones, and it would be a lot easier to have the same device in every carrier, no arguing with that.

            Verizon’s “sit-time” with the new upgrades is what is causing the major delays with the upgrades for their devices. Even with other manufacturers, lets say, Samsung… When Samsung released 4.1 for their S3 line, Verizon was one of the last company’s to release the update, Sprint being the first. These “exclusionary” device that Verizon is rumored to receive would be Verizon’s new HTC flagship device, so you can expect it to have the same/better hardware than the HTC One. There wouldn’t be an excuse for it to receive upgrades that are available for the HTC One. So HTC’s support should be there (guessing, we won’t know for sure until later this year I guess). Imo, it is ultimately in the hands to Verizon to release timely updates, especially when it is available and other carriers are releasing them.

  7. Meh. Still isn’t pulling me away from the S4.

  8. I’m due for an upgrade in July and my Rezound may not make it that far. If there’s no One or an equivalent (not a wannabe like the DNA) on Verizon, I’m going to have to get an S4. I’d buy a brick for a handset before I’d return to AT&T.


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