HTC 6445LVW shows up at Bluetooth SIG, potential One variant for Verizon?


HTC is launching their One flagship everywhere…except Verizon. It’s a curious move for the frequent Big Red collaborator, which has led many to speculate that the carrier could still receive a handset with many of the same specs and features, albeit under a different, potentially Droid-ified, name. A handset appearing in filings at the Bluetooth SIG might just fit the bill.

With model number HTC6445LVW, there is a good chance we could be looking at a phone previously rumored as the HTC DLXPLUS. The association makes sense considering the model number of the HTC Droid DNA (once codenamed HTC DLX), which was HTC6435LVW. The DLXPLUS speculatively features a hardware compliment that suggests it indeed is a variant of the HTC One: a 4.7-inch 1080p display, 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600, and 13MP camera, to name a few elements.

So, Verizon could ultimately land some version of the One, even if it never goes by such a name. Chances are we will also have to deal with a more Droid-like design, as well. If this is the case, it’s interesting that HTC would eschew their “all-in” approach for a single carrier, but it isn’t unprecedented or surprising.

Expect things with this one to develop rapidly. HTC and Verizon have launched a high profile handset every spring since the original Droid Incredible. Could we be looking at the next?

[via DroidLife]

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  1. HTC Droid One… one Droid to rule them all.. at least until the NXT one comes along… then it’ll still probably be the better one.

  2. so no ultrapixels for Verizon??

  3. HTC Droid Incredible One. It’s obviously the next phone in the Droid Incredible series. It’s about that time.

    1. Like the name! Incredible One… definitely catchy!

      1. HTC Droid Incredible One, very catchy…

        1. I hope this is sarcastic. And since there’s already a droid incredible and droid incredible two, adding one to the end for a new model would be confusing. Plus Verizon is guaranteed to pick a dumb name for this phone

          1. No I’m not being sarcastic. They have 3 Droid Incredibles: Droid Incredible, Droid Incredible 2, and Droid Incredible 4G LTE. Calling the phone “Droid Incredible 3” would not make since because it would be the 4th phone in the series. They can’t call it the “Droid Incredible 4” because they already used that name in a way. They’ve obviously skipped the number scheme and since the first one was never called the “Droid Incredible 1” why not use “Droid Incredible One”?

          2. incredible One wouldn’t be any more confusing than just One that it’s going by everywhere else, considering there’s already a OneS, oneX, etc, etc. if i knew there was a OneX, i would assume the One was an older model, but it didn’t stop them from going this route.

    2. Incredible 4 would seem logical, since there’s been 3 HTC Incredible’s

      1. “Droid Incredible 3” would not be logical because they skipped that name to use “Droid Incredible 4G LTE”.

        1. It would be HTC’s 4th Incredible on Verizon. 4th one in sequence, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s an Incredible 4, if they use the Incredible moniker

          1. You are wrong. You’re forgetting the Droid Incredible 4G LTE that came out last year after it was delayed. This would be the 4th in the series. They can’t use 3 at anymore.

          2. Oh the Droid Incredible 2.5, the one that was identical to the 2, but with LTE xD

    3. i like either that name or HTC Droid Incredible HD

  4. HTC went straight P***y, this is why they can’t get any brand recognition, catering to each carrier independently instead of using the Apple and Samsung approach of take it how we give it to you or just don’t sell it. I really like HTC as my 2 previous phones before my note 2 were the hero and the evo.

    1. HTC, financially, isn’t in the same boat as Apple and Samsung so they may not have to ability to demand anything when it comes to going up against Verizon.

    2. “catering to each carrier independently”
      I get what you mean here, but they didn’t do that with the One. They used to do that will all of their phones, but the One is on every carrier except Verizon. Granted, if this is true and they change up their Flagship for Verizon, it’s still only catering to one carrier and one carrier only. Not “each carrier independently”.

      It’s still dumb, but if it has similar build quality to the One, I may pick it up.

    3. samsung may offer the same hardware to verizon that it offers everyone else, but if you compare the gsiii or noteii (and remember that verizon did not get the first note) that verizon has to any other carier’s version, i wouldn’t exactly call them the same device. verizon’s variants are ALWAYS different, even if the hardware is identical. and this is a fairly new strategy to samsung as well. it was barely over a year ago that everyone was screaming because verizon didn’t get the gsii. what htc is doing now, is, in fact, exactly how samsung implemented this strategy.

  5. This is good news! If it has aluminum construction, stereo front facing speakers, and Ultra Pixel Camera like the HTC One, I just may convert to HTC. Samsung will have to make some positive build improvements and remove the overly cartoon effects of touchwiz to make me stay!

    1. friggin thank you. am I the only one that cringes everytime I see touchwiz…. Looks like a leapfrog kids toy

    2. The article stated there wasn’t an ultra pixel camera. So expect this phone to see updates even later than the other US carriers HTC one phones

  6. It pisses me off that Verizon has the power to force OEM’s to change things up for branding reasons (only to half-@$$ on the updates later). Then again it’s HTC’s fault for wimping out instead of stickin to their guns on the matter. I love HTC’s commitment to good hardware but it’s about time they grew a pair…

    1. Power to force OEMs ??? Verizon is HTC’s customer, not you. Buy direct and/or use another carrier.

      If politicians and people in countries that allow wireless users to be violated this way would grow a pair, and change the system, this wouldn’t be such a problem.

  7. The HTC General Grievous. Supreme Commander of the Droid Army.

  8. Knowing Verizon it’s going to be Droid something

  9. Wow, this will be great. An HTC One with removable battery and sd card slot. I remember all of the incredible series had removable back and sd card slot so this makes sense. Remember last years HTC One S didn’t have a removable back cover but the Verizon version under the Incredible moniker did.

  10. another droid. smh

  11. HTC DrONE

    1. probably won’t sit well with all the conspiracy theorists lol

    2. Whatever it is, you can bet the name will be stupid and sound like a 13 year old boy wrote it.

  12. Thunderbolt 2

  13. That is right htc put your foot down and don’t let anyone dictate how many different htc one you make!! oh wait what? but you you said only one model for everyone!


  15. I wonder if this will be the Red Aluminum version that so mysteriously vanished from the HTC website the day that it announced.

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