Apr 23rd, 2013

ASUS originally gave folks a release date of April 23rd for the CUBE, the company’s unique Google TV unit. Newegg’s release date has been all over the place, even showing that the device will be launching April 25th, but you’ll be relieved to know that the original date set by ASUS was accurate. The CUBE is now available at Amazon and Adorama for $140, and should be popping up on the likes of TigerDirect and MicroCenter later on today.

The ASUS CUBE is a cube-shaped Google TV box with a very unique user interface. Yes… that also follows the whole “cube” gimmick. You can flip and flop your CUBE around to get to wherever you need. It also features some of ASUS’ most prized apps, like their cloud storage tool where you can access your media for playback, as well as other files.

A review is coming up later today, but in the meantime you can go ahead and buy one at the aforementioned links if you’re feeling a bit impulsive today. And don’t worry about Newegg if you prefer to buy from them: they’re just a little backed up on all the pre-orders they’ve been getting.

[via GTVSource.com]

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