We are Hunted officially joins Twitter


About a month ago, it was rumored that Twitter was in talks to acquire We Are Hunted, a music discovery service. The move would give Twitter the team (and subsequent music discovery background) it needed to create its own music app, one that would be driven by recommendations based on who you’re following and who your followers are following.

It appears those rumors were true as We Are Hunted made the news official today. Effective immediately, We Are Hunted is being shut down and its team will be rolled into the Twitter machine as soon as possible. The developers stated they were still going to be creating services that should absolutely delight folks, and that isn’t really much of a mystery at this point.

Twitter’s desire to jump into all things multimedia isn’t particularly fresh. Vine was the company’s first foray into social video, though us lowly Android folk don’t have much to say about it — we’re not good enough to have an app of our own just yet. The same might happen with whatever Twitter’s new music service turns out to be as the original rumor stated iOS would be the sole focus to start. It’s a shame, but we’re still excited to see what’s in the cards for the future of one of the most popular social networks there is.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Anyone else notice the tumbleweed effect Twitter stories have on Phandroid?

    Not that anyone will likely see this comment :)

    1. haha yeah your right

  2. I think they try iOS first because it’s not as broad as android. then when they fix most of the apps flaws they bring it over to android

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