Twitter to launch music app?


After breaking out of its straight social networking shell and diving into video with Vine, it looks like Twitter has some other multimedia interests brewing. Cnet has learned that the company would be putting music company We Are Hunted to good use in order to launch Twitter Music.

Twitter Music will apparently serve up music and artist suggestions driven by the very people you follow. For instance, being a follower of 50 Cent will get you suggestions regarding his music and others like it. The same would ring true for following the likes of Megadeth, Taylor Swift, and — dare I say it — Justin Bieber. More than just suggestions, Twitter will look to stream the music to you via SoundCloud.

The service will also take a look at which artists your friends are following and suggest music based on their tastes, as well. I’m a bit iffy on that particular detail considering the music tastes of my circle of friends could be likened to the diversity of colors in a rainbow. Still, it should be an interesting service if it’s all laid out right.

Unfortunately, like what happened with Vine, it looks like Twitter will skip Android for the time being. The feeling is that Twitter will get around to Android, eventually, but its focus will be on iOS to start. I know, I know: it sucks to have these big companies still treating Android like it’s 2008. But the reality is we’ll have to wait. That said, the service isn’t even official yet so we’re looking a bit too far ahead. We’ll await more details about the service before allowing true disappointment to set in.

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  1. 140 seconds of music :P

    1. Please don’t give them any ideas, lol.

  2. I hope beside contemporary music, I hope they have music from the 80’s, 90’s, and my favorite now currently: K-pop (please have Girls Generation, 2NE1, and other good K-pop group on the app).

  3. when will app developers realize that only sheep have iOS and real people use android or wow even windows (nokia) SMH

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