Google Fiber coming to Austin, TX?


Google Fiber is the new sensation when it comes to internet providers. Affordable 1000 Mb per second internet speeds have only lived in our dreams, but Google is making it possible with Fiber. The only problem is very few of us can actually get it, as it has only launched in the Kansas City area. All rumors are pointing towards a second Fiber market coming soon, though – Austin, TX.

The main rumor comes from Venture Beat’s sources, who claim recent invitations from Google and the City of Austin are related to Google’s stunning internet and TV service. Nothing is for sure until the announcement is made, but last night we got a glimpse of a little something that will surely give Austin a great deal of hope.

This screenshot displays an official Google Fiber blog post published in the wee hours of the morning (3 AM ET). The title of the post gives it all away, but there is no text and the author is “SoAndSo”. Could this have been posted by accident? Was it simply a mistake? We doubt the latter, but anything is possible.

The non-article was removed soon after being discovered, but at least now we kinda know what to expect. Any Austin citizens here ready to sign up? Start praying!

[Engadget, Venture Beat]

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  1. 1GB per second to die for. Torrent programmers would have Netflix outta business !!

    1. People who torrent are referred to as programmers?

      1. Right now, the model for the Internet is that everything is put on servers, and computers access those servers. With the advent of BitTorrent and distributed darknets such as Tor and Freenet, it’s starting to show that, if it was not the case that there were tiers of bandwidth and, instead, everything had absurdly high bandwidth, these models would work better than the current client/server model. It’s not about a lack of regulation, but about improving on the cost and making it all more efficient. BitTorrent, while good for individual filesharing, is at the core of this distributed Internet concept. This could even be regionally oriented, like leaving Austin related webpages distributed around computers in the Austin area. On computers in New York, those Austin related pages might only be found on a couple of computers, making them readily accessible but harder to access. If someone accesses the page, they could download it, the system itself would allow for self-management.

        Brotip: Hate the pirate ideology, not the technology used to facilitate their desires.

  2. Now just get San Antonio covered and then we will do away with at&t

    1. YES, THIS PLEASE. I switched to AT&T after getting fed up with Time Warner, and I’m even regretting that decision more.

    2. I really don’t know why they are going for Austin? San Antonio is a much bigger tech hub than Austin. Hell even the NSA decided to move a branch here.

      1. South by Southwest? University of Texas?

        1. SXSW is a once a year event. I am pretty sure Google is not expanding just for this event. In addition, UT -although big, and would benefit with the extra bandwidth from Google Fiber…I would not think that would merit a reason why Google Fiber is going to Austin.

          I’m merely speaking from a big business standpoint. There are way more top Fortune companies here –including SA’s high military presence + the NSA (stated above) ..and after everything is said and done…there are more colleges and universities here. -UTSA having just under the enrollment of UT.

          1. Google Fiber is as much about mindshare as it is about market penetration. Having it be in Austin, and having people use it during SXSW, is something that will create tons of mindshare.

            And truthfully, the reason it isn’t coming to a city like San Antonio is probably because SA is too big of a city. They’re picking smaller, less populated cities because it’ll be cheaper to build out there as opposed to having to do so in big cities, where not only will the digging and the land be expensive, but you’ll have to deal with a bigger local political machine.

          2. True true. You are definitely right about mindshare…And, the idea of SA being too big crossed my mind, but then again, it seemed most logical from a consumer – market ratio to expand where it would be utilized the most. Anyway…thanks for the response!

      2. Austin was likely a runner up in the contest to win Google Fiber. It is pretty clever actually as they are able to get into markets easily and then spread out from there.

        You have to remember a lot of markets are locked down via lobbying efforts and contracts by existing providers.

        1. ah, now this makes the most sense.

    Soooo close to Houston, yet soooo far!

    1. EXACTLY! I live in Houston too!

  4. It would be nice if they would finish out the Kansas City metropolitan area *FIRST* before they expand to other cities. *sigh*

  5. Not 1GB per second, 1Gb per second…

    GB is gigabytes, Gb is gigabits
    8 gigabits = 1 gigabyte

    VERY big difference!

    1. I was just about to say that. There’s no way it could be 1GB/sec. Well, maybe it’s possible, but I highly doubt it. Especially when comcrap only offers 24Mb/s most of the time.

      1. And I hear lots about Comast’s ability to maintain a connection with their customers. Either way, way better than the best I can get out of AT&T due to my area, 13Mb/s.

    2. You are right! Thanks for the heads up.

    3. Not really a legible big difference as essentially all it is is like say mines is bigger than yours by that much but what does it matter by how much when mine is still bigger than yours?

  6. Austinite here….and yes, you can bet ur ass i’m gonna be signing up as soon as that page goes live. Supposedly the announcement will come on Tuesday at a conference between city leaders and Google….later Time Warner.

    1. Wait!! So people from Austin are called “Austinite”?

      1. Heh. In reality, people from Austin aren’t too worried about what they are called. Pretty relaxed bunch, socially.

      2. Yes. Cause it sounds a hell of a lot better that Austinian or Austiner. But hey…Texan is the only label that matters!

  7. I’m in Dallas should bring it here instead lol

  8. Come on Google. Give NYC some love. Sadly Bloomberg will delay it, just like he did fios.

    1. lucky for us its his last term for good.

  9. Its awesome that Google is spreading the fiber to other cities.
    I’m waiting patiently for my install this spring, I’m prepared to ditch at&t for this..

  10. I’m a say Dallas also

  11. Google: How about showing your home state some love?

    1. and covering the whole state

  12. nyc please stat.

  13. Chicago PLEASE!

  14. Come to St Louis!!

  15. Bring it! We need some fiber love in Austin :)

  16. C’mon down to Baltimore and take my money!

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