Apr 6th, 2013

Google Fiber is the new sensation when it comes to internet providers. Affordable 1000 Mb per second internet speeds have only lived in our dreams, but Google is making it possible with Fiber. The only problem is very few of us can actually get it, as it has only launched in the Kansas City area. All rumors are pointing towards a second Fiber market coming soon, though – Austin, TX.

The main rumor comes from Venture Beat’s sources, who claim recent invitations from Google and the City of Austin are related to Google’s stunning internet and TV service. Nothing is for sure until the announcement is made, but last night we got a glimpse of a little something that will surely give Austin a great deal of hope.

This screenshot displays an official Google Fiber blog post published in the wee hours of the morning (3 AM ET). The title of the post gives it all away, but there is no text and the author is “SoAndSo”. Could this have been posted by accident? Was it simply a mistake? We doubt the latter, but anything is possible.

The non-article was removed soon after being discovered, but at least now we kinda know what to expect. Any Austin citizens here ready to sign up? Start praying!

[Engadget, Venture Beat]

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