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OUYA’s main enzyme is the community, so it is not surprising to see them put this much effort into it. The $99 Android console will be launching this June, giving us about 2 months until its official release. Of course, the console/platform is not perfect, so they are listening to the community and asking for its help.

Hardware Improvements

For example, early units were facing a small problem that annoyed many backers. The battery covers in the front of the controller kept falling off during shipping. We thought this was done intentionally, as you can see in our unboxing video.

Our first idea was that the company wanted to show users where batteries went (in the controller handles). Turns out this is a slight manufacturing mistake and they are thinking of adding extra magnets to make the product stronger and keep everything in place.

Software Improvements

We are seeing the very first iteration of OUYA’s software right now. Though it is good and simple, it lacks a few things. This is why OUYA wants to make sure you know the company is on top of things – improvements are in the works.

Here is what OUYA is currently working on, in terms of software improvements:

  • External storage for games
  • Simpler game install process
  • More metrics for developers
  • Controller support for video players
  • More payment options

How You Can Help

If you have extra questions, OUYA will be holding a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) event during the first week of May. The rest of OUYA’s update looks as we expected it to. The UI will stay simple and more games are coming!

The most important factor here is you, the user. OUYA understands this and is asking for early backers’ help. Get in touch with them and give them your suggestions! Do you love the console? What do you not like so much?

[Source: OUYA]

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  1. I can’t wait to get mine!

  2. As long as I can side load emulators, I’m good :)

    1. Won’t need to sideload them. There are a couple already in the OUYA store and more coming.

    2. Agreed, i’ve never seen the purpose of this outside emulators. Especially with PS4 coming out. The shovelware that is Google Play store gaming has no interest to me. That and if this could do media streaming.

      1. It has no other purpose besides emulators… it needs no other purpose :) As for the PS4, piss on it. I didn’t want to play Killzone on the PS3, and I sure as hell don’t want to play it with ‘sub-surface scattering’.

  3. Magnets? I would think that to cause some interference with the wireless signal.

    1. Probably not much. Magnets/batteries tend to only slightly affect the “shape” of the bluetooth signal from sphereoid to more conical, but manufacturers tend to already account for this distortion (since usually it needs to exist next to batteries, and magnets don’t really affect the signal more than batteries do)

      1. Hey, this guy knows how magnets work!

  4. I’m really looking forward to using the OUYA with XBMC, but it desperately needs a separate audio-out jack. I’ll be using it with a projector, and the workaround is a bit of a PITA — not THAT hard, just annoying.

    Also: Using a razor-thin depth of field in the unboxing video gives it an unprofessional look. Close the aperture a little.

  5. The oem should be a hybrid of the custom Ouya gaming os and the Media portion of it more google tv oriented all the best of gaming and google tv features is the way to go

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