Facebook Home initially available for Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2, Galaxy S4, HTC One, One X, and One X+


Those anxious to get their hands on Facebook Home are probably wondering if it will work with their current device. Well, we have the official list of supported handsets, and lengthy it is not. If you have a marquee phone from Samsung or HTC you are most likely covered, but those with lower-tier devices or something from another manufacturer are out of luck (at least initially).

On April 12th, the following devices will support Facebook Home: the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, HTC One X, and HTC One X+. Home will also be available out of the box for the AT&T exclusive HTC First.

Facebook is moving to support as many handsets as possible, so if your phone didn’t make the initial batch there is still hope. As for tablets, it could be a few months before we see anything in that arena.

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Official: HTC First announced as debut Facebook Home handset, launches April 12th

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  1. That’s a cool move by Facebook; putting their launcher available on Google Play.
    Now, if only Google would put the stock launcher from their Nexus devices on Google Play…

    1. Theres nova and apex which are better than stock anyway

      1. Yeah, I got Nova just to settle with a close-enough stock experience… If Google would release their launcher and the stock apps, I’d drop Nova in an instant.

        1. Wait, now I’m confused. Release there stock apps? Because Gmail isn’t in the market? And if you REALLY must have the stock launcher with no gimmicks, might I suggest Trebech (spell check) Laucher. But you really confused me about Google not releasing their stock apps.

          1. Trebuchet, which is the launcher that CyanogenMod comes bundled with. It’s the bee’s knees

          2. The stock dialer, contacts, and other apps that usually get the UI makeover from manufacturers. At least that is what I think David was meaning.

          3. That would make sense. I do prefer the Stock Messaging App. Only because it shows your face when you’re texting people. =.P

    2. If you want stock launcher, just get the Nexus phones. They are usually awesome phones :D Beside, you can always root your phone and flash some awesome Rom onto it

      1. No thanks, I need LTE, SD, high-cap battery. Keep your Nexus.

        1. LTE? CDMA Galaxy Nexus has got you covered (if you live in the US that is).
          High-cap battery? Sure, there’s an extended battery pack OEM for that.
          All it’s missing is SD card support, but couldn’t you just keep it in the cloud?

          And before you say that it’s not the Nexus 4, sure it’s older and has a slower clock speed. But with stock google it’s overclocking heaven and the Super Amoled isn’t really lacking either..? Just suggesting before you flat out refuse Nexi/Nexuses.

          1. Nexus 3 screen scratches easily, I had one last year. Cloud? No thanks, you can’t stream saved video files from the cloud at 1080P or even 720P

          2. No, we can’t just keep it in the cloud. Especially the CDMA cloud

      2. You can get Lauchers out the playstore, no root required. =./

    3. Holo Launcher is a stock launcher

  2. Slap in the face for Nexus devices.

  3. why announce if its not avaliable yet ,dicks..

  4. Slap in the face for Nexus devices

    1. you mean great news for Nexus owners. No chance that someone install this crap on our phone.

      1. He’s being sarcastic…

        1. I love seeing people reply with this. Nobody ever replies themselves to state it was sarcasm. Someone else must say it.

      2. Uhh, I don’t know if you knew this but, somewhere in a galaxy far far away, there is someone else with a Nexus that would be pleased to have this launcher to try out. Oh wait no, there’s some people right below you who want it. Wait.. So what’s tripping you out?

  5. Is it actually improved in terms of usability or did they just add a bunch of cool swipe features and animations to distract us from the fact it still sucks?

  6. How could it get to those phones before it’s available on the galaxy nexus or nexus 4?

    1. Because it’s not google launching the app, so thus nexus devices don’t need to get it first.

      1. What a thoughtful response by you. I would think that with the nexus line originally being a “developer” phone and meant to be the android standard, that they would develop their app to be compatible with the nexus just by default. Doesn’t just about every android app developer use nexus as their standard device to develop on?

        1. Maybe some developers use the nexus line as their standard device, but i know quite a few that just use whatever device they have personally

        2. It probably went with market share to start(or when they started developing it anyways)

  7. Nexus 4 didn’t make the cut.

    1. cuz the want it to be aimed at Samsung and HTC

  8. No Nexus support? That is a little ridiculous.

    1. As a Nexus owner, I’m actually pleased by this. Being such a huge fan of the “pure Google” experience that I’d buy a Nexus device, why would I want to taint it with this crap? Please, FB, don’t support my device, ever. I don’t use your services, anyway, and look down upon the people who do. I think if I saw a Nexus running FB home, I’d probably cry a little inside.

      1. Is the air any thinner on that pedestal than it is down here for us plebes?

      2. I don’t plan on using the app, but it should still be available for the nexus. How does the app being available for the nexus taint your experience with the N4. You’re not required to install it.

      3. Its fine if you don’t use Facebook. But looking down on those who do? Really? Get over yourself

      4. pure google for you sounds like pure Apple to me. My idea of pure google is the classic “let me do whatever crap I want with my stuff.” Even just to play with it a little before uninstalling.

    2. Who cares? It can be used as an apk to be brought over.

  9. Strange that there is no Nexus support, but luckily I have both a Nexus 4 and an HTC One X so i’ll dust off the One X and use FB Home on it so I can keep the Nexus 4 completely stock (as it should be)

  10. Is anyone actually thinking about putting the bloatware loaded, tracking, spam-ware on their phone? It must be design for old people or gullible ones. All it is going to do is add ADVERTISEMENTS to your lock screen so Facebook and try and generate some revenue.

  11. Hmm I wonder if the HTC first will be the first HTC phone in a few years without HTC sense!!??

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sense is still hiding in there on other screens that facebook didn’t take over.

  12. Can anybody explain how/why it’s only available to a hardware subset? Surely if it runs on SG3, it’ll run on anything with a reasonably current version of Android??

  13. wierd its not for Motorola phones as well…. ummmm hello Google… you own Moto… are you there?

    1. You know that Google and Facebook are different, right?

  14. It will stay the hell off my Note 2

  15. I must ask all of you that are whining because this is not on Nexus phones, why would Google want to taint their pure Android phones with this garbage? Facebook is a competitor (Google+ anyone?) to Google. I am glad this is not on LG devices. Facebook stay out of my pure Android!

  16. this is so funny. i swear i was laughing through the whole presentation.

  17. Facebook found a home already. A home on my don’t download list for Android Apps. This current app is meh and they want to make a launcher? I rather have a launcher made by T-Mobile over that. And T-Mobile is annoying with their bloatware.

  18. I need to read more about this. I thought it was an OS. Now it seems like it’s just a launcher. I’m so confused right now.

  19. All this love for HTC, yet no mention of the DNA…

    1. I just just going to say this same thing.

  20. I love how HTC and facebook teamed up on the Status 2 years back and it did terribly. Now HTC and facebook come back to the drawing board to see how many of these phones they can give away for a dollar in 4 months.

  21. Bunch of followers Lmao..

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