Official: HTC First announced as debut Facebook Home handset, launches April 12th


Facebook Home wasn’t the only thing Mark Zuckerberg had up his hoodie sleeves today. HTC CEO Peter Chou was also on hand to unveil the debut piece of hardware to run Facebook’s new “people-first” mobile experience. Say hello to the HTC First. The First is optimized for Facebook Home and will launch on AT&T’s LTE network.

The HTC First will be available in a variety of colors and will be available from April 12th for $99.99 (contract price). Pre-orders open today. Make sure you are the first to grab the First by heading over to our HTC First landing page and sign up to be notified when the phone is available.

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Facebook announces Home, turns any Android phone into a social media machine

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  1. I missed the specs…. it won’t let me go back and rewatch now that it’s over… wtf.

  2. What happened to HTC not releasing droves of random handsets this year? LOL!!!

    1. This is a contract that HTC is fulfilling for Facebook… They are just the handset maker, and nothing else. Also if you couldn’t tell, it goes far away from HTC’s design language, so that indicates that this is what Facebook wanted their phone to look like, and has simply chosen HTC to build their phone.

      1. Not only that, because this isn’t an HTC Sense device, it’s running STOCK Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Pretty cool.

    2. Samsung releases more phones in a year than anyone else.

      1. But Samsung turns a profit.

  3. Did they say anything about the specs?

    1. Working on getting some confirmed specs but in the meantime I can tell you this: It’s running stock Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean :)

      1. No doubt some of those that are getting the HTC ONE are gonna have a bit of screen envy:

        HTC ONE: 4.7″ vs HTC FIRST: 5.0″


        HTC ONE: 4.7″ vs HTC FIRST: 4.3″

        I was looking @the HTC BUTTERFLY specs when I saw the 5.0″ dimension,my mistake…….

        The hardcore FB’ers who are looking @ getting the ONE may want to take a look at this first. I’m guessing the other specs will be a non-issue w/the general public.

        Definitely not the phone for me, but then again, I’m not a FB’er. For those that are, this could be a great phone.

        1. I’m now on-board with your screen envy comment since you’ve edited it. Screen size creep is just getting stupid. Sub 4″ was too small, 4.3″ to 4.6″ is my sweet spot 5″+ is just getting stupid. over that it looks great but it’s hard to operate with one hard which is generally what I’d rather do. I’m hoping the next Nexus doesn’t grow more than the 4.7″ it’s already at.

          1. Some will no doubt prefer a bigger screen,but,the 4.3″ size will appeal to a broader audience.Perhaps if sales warrant,a sequel will soon follow.

      2. I’m sad that you seem excited about this phone. This phone is an abomination.

        1. Well, the part I’m excited about is Facebook Home which I think looks kinda cool as a lockscreen AND…

          The fact that the HTC First is running on a stock version of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

      3. No specs, so we don’t know if it ships like that or not ?

        So HTC builds the “ROM”, but no Sense is added I presume. And updates would come from Facebook (as from carriers) after they test updates HTC sends them ?

        But at this early stage, likely nobody even knows if there will ever be much in the way of “ROM” updates, say to KLP. App & launcher updates will be more expected, and likely come from Facebook more directly.

  4. 99$ off-contract – I’m in!

    99$ on-contract – Good luck with that

    1. If it were that price off-contract, I’d love to buy it and flash a custom ROM on it.

  5. What’s up with the htc’s phone names? I could see ordinary people getting confused bc they all deal with 1. The order almost seems backwards too. First, One, One X seems like more logical order. Some people will probably think the one x is better than the one bc it has an x added to it.

    1. HTC has little man syndrome. They keep wanting to be first, but have not been yet.

  6. Garbage device. Also, forget about privacy if you buy this. When you will be sitting on the toilet with Chipotle diarrhea, Facebook will automatically send you ads for stool hardener

  7. I wish there was one optimized for Android, and not the Nexus One, I mean the Next One :P

  8. Say what you want but even though I won’t be using this, I applaud the UI they designed for the launcher. Like I said, I won’t be getting this phone or using Facebook Home, but I enjoy the effort they put into the UI. I can also see people doing cool things with this phone simply because it is an android device.

  9. I’m in on the off-contract too! Anyway, shouldn’t he be taking care of the Facebook phone first?

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