Apr 3rd, 2013

While the goal of the HTC One is to bring a global device experience and marketing strategy, it looks like the phone won’t be identical in every region it touches. China, at least, will see a device that, while the same appearance-wise, features a slightly different arrangement under the hood.

It starts with the fact that users can actually get under that hood. Yes, the WCDMA version of the phone headed to China Unicom (model number 802w) features a removable backplate. This is useful for gaining access to the phone’s dual-SIM ports as well as its (gasp) microSD card slot. Sounds like HTC was willing to sacrifice seamless construction in order to provide a feature (dual-SIM support) that is highly desired in China. But throwing in the microSD reader is icing on the cake.

And that microSD reader is the main reason why this version of the phone is worthy of having attention called to it. There is still a pretty hot debate over the necessity of removable storage on Android devices. Some users don’t miss it. Some won’t buy a phone that doesn’t feature the option. So are we disappointed that HTC didn’t include on the feature on all versions of the phone?

[via Engadget]

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