ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity receiving Android 4.2 update


“REJOICE!” reads a post made by ASUS to their official Facebook today. Why? The Transformer Pad Infinity is now receiving its update to Android 4.2. The new Jelly Bean version is especially appealing for tablet power users due to the implementation of multi-user sign-in, but the software also comes with Android’s gesture keyboard, lock screen widgets, and more.

ASUS will push the update over the air starting today, so you will want to check your tablet’s system menu to see if Android 4.2 is already available for download and installation.

[via Facebook (ASUS)]

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  1. Shwing! Just downloaded for me!

    1. Fantasic! Now since you have an option to create mutliple accounts can you make me 1

  2. If it’s anything like the TF300 4.2 update then it should be good. Mine’s been off for the past few months while I’ve using my N7 as it was pretty much unusable as it was so sluggish and choppy but now it’s brilliantly smooth.

  3. TF-201 love? Thought they were nearly identical guts besides improved screen..

  4. I love Asus. Can’t wait to download this when I get home.

  5. prime?

  6. No photo sphere?

  7. Very nice. Got Android 4.2.1 to my Asus TF700 here in Brazil. Pleased :D

  8. No update here in Iowa, yet!

    1. Still waiting….ridiculous!

      1. Seriously…still waiting…anyone know how I can get this without waiting for OTA?

  9. Really want this to come to the Prime. I’m guessing its next on the list.

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