Sprint announces HTC One for April 19th launch, pre-orders for April 5th


Not to be outdone by AT&T, Sprint has also announced the availability of the HTC One on their network. The phone will launch the same day as Ma Bell’s version, April 19th. Pre-orders for Sprint begin April 5th. Sprint will carry a 32GB version of HTC’s flagship handset for $199 on a new two-year contract. The phone will be available in both silver and black. Check out the link below for the press copy.

[via Sprint]

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HTC One coming to AT&T on April 19th for $199, pre-orders begin April 4th

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  1. Cool, can’t wait to see it on the cheap on eBay #screwupgrading

    1. Eh? I’ve never seen new(ish) phones ‘on the cheap’ on eBay…

  2. squeeeee! #upgrading

  3. finally!!

    1. How is Rihanna doing?

      1. I would ask her, but, she’s a little preoccupied right now.

  4. so after all this wait for a phone that lacks upgradeable memory, those of us on Sprint won’t even have the option of a 64GB model?

    1. That’s a good point… My guess is Sprint will eventually get both, but they don’t know when due to HTC’s lame supply issues. I’m sure HTC has been focusing almost all of their production efforts into the more affordable 32 GB version since it will be their prime seller.

      Then again, after reading the first para of the AT&T announcement, they’ve stated that they’re the “only U.S. wireless carrier at launch to also offer a version with 64 GB of memory for $299.99 with a two-year commitment.” So perhaps they signed an exclusivity agreement for the 64 GB version?

      1. AT&T has an exclusive agreement with HTC for the 64gb version. So if you want the One and need more then 32gb then AT&T will be your only option, as no one else can sell one with more storage and there is no expandable memory. No other carriers (Sprint, Tmobile or Verizon) will carry the 64gb One since AT&T has exclusivity with this version, so it’s not a Sprint only problem.

        1. Hmm.. lame. Good thing I was planning to get the 32 GB version anyway. Sucks for everyone else, though! It’s a shame the marketing was vague and got everyone’s hopes up.

    2. AT&T signed an exclusive with them, I would have preferred the 64 also, but, 32GB will fit my needs. I have never been anywhere that I couldn’t access my cloud storage, and I use my tablets to store my movies on, so I’m good to go.

      I also would be shocked if the AT&T deal is longer than 30-60 days.

  5. Does it leap buildings in a single bound ?

  6. I pre-ordered mine today from Best Buy on Sprint. I stopped in to see if they would offer the pre-order on Friday and the guy told me he could do it now. They had the black HTC One dummy unit in and man oh man is that one sexy looking phone. I almost bit the bullet on the black one, but, I always order black phones except for my HTC Hero and my Samsung S3 since it only came in blue and white, I got the blue one. So, I wanted to buy something different.

    Online everyone said the silver one looked better in person and that the black one shows finger oils more, so I went with Silver, but it was a tough decision. I don’t think the back of the black one looked as nice as I thought, I think it has to do with the lines on the back being black, while the silver one has white lines.

    I think the perfect HTC One would have the front black, and the back silver & white. They didn’t have the silver dummy one in to look at but the Best Buy employee said HTC sales reps were in the store earlier today and they had the silver ones and he said it was the best looking phone he had ever seen, better than his iPhone 5 and his S3.

    Was on the fence between this and the S4 but since the One comes out first, I can play with it for a week or so and if I’m not in love with it, I can return it in time to order the S4.

    1. You preordered for Sprint via BestBuy? So you just pick it up on launch day? Also, thanks for the write-up. It’s is exactly the kind of feedback I’ve been looking for because I’m still on the fence on which color to choose. The more I think about it, the more I’m thinking I’ll get the silver even though I really don’t like the white edges. Like many others, I think it looks great and it’ll be a nice change from having an all black phone. Also, as much as I hate to cover up the phone in any way, I’m going to get a case to protect it for that one time I carelessly drop it in the next 2 years. After watching a drop test video, it was painful to see the metal body get chipped/bent and see the screen break. With a case, even if it’s just an edge case, I won’t be seeing much of the white edges that I don’t really like.

      1. Yes, the phone will be in on the 19th. I’m hoping they offer a bumper case like the Nexus 4 has so the sides are protected and you can still see the back. The silver one has those beautiful chamfered edges. The black one has them but they are harder to see.

        I will be sending HTC my old Evo 4g and receipt for my HTC One purchase and they will give me a $100 visa gift card and I signed up for the promotion Best Buy had at Christmas and they are giving me a $50 gift card when I pick the phone up.

        So when it’s all said and done I will be only out $50 for this beautiful phone.

        1. Thanks. For cases, search Amazon for “HTC One Poetic Case” and you’ll find a few different colored bumper cases. There are probably a lot more out there, but I have been specifically looking at the Poetic and Cruzerlite cases on amazon. Right now a lot of them are discounted, I guess because they’re preorder items… I’ll probably order a couple soon so I have one on or near launch day. As for getting a rebate, my Nexus S 4G bit the dust on me a few weeks ago, so I have no trade-in… :( I’m currently using my old HTC Hero that is so beat up it doesn’t qualify for the trade-in discount… plus I think I’ll hold onto it as a memento since it was my first smartphone. :P

          1. Thank you for the case info. I just ordered 2 of them. This is exactly what I was looking for when I use a case. 2 of them are not out yet and didn’t have a release date that I’m interested in also.

          2. No prob! Yeah, I ordered 2 today, too…. :D I ended up getting the black Poetic Atmosphere and Edge cases. I think both will look rad w/ the silver phone. I considered a lot more cases and even read through this entire thread on xda (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2171713), but in the end I liked these the most. Not all are on amazon, which kind of ruled them out since I was finishing off a gift card with this purchase.

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