Eastern Europe could see first Galaxy S4 shipments in two weeks


A new report says the Samsung Galaxy S4 could begin shipping to countries in Eastern Europe in as little as two weeks, with Russia and the Ukraine among the first to see the new flagship handset. The Exynos 5 Octa version of the phone will drop down first in 16GB form. The 64GB isn’t scheduled to ship until early summer, while the 32GB variant has apparently been dropped.

The Snapdragon-powered LTE version of the phone will land as a 16GB model towards the end of May, while the 64GB version will launch in June. It is important to note that these dates apply to launches throughout Europe, so they may not paint an accurate portrait of when the phone will launch in the US. The 32GB model could still launch in both Exynos and Snapdragon variants in other regions.

Either way, it sounds like Samsung plans to closely control the flow of Galaxy S4 stock during the initial months of release, hopefully avoiding any shortages or delays. The bad news is that those hoping for larger storage capacities may have to wait a few extra weeks.

[via SamMobile]

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  1. Of course U.S. won’t see it first.

  2. Where are all the haters that were crying about the “delayed” HTC One launch? Sammy isn’t doing much better especially on the storage side of things. Couple of months wait for an S4 with more than 16GB storage … Ouch. HTC’s only mistake was committing to a rough date early on and keeping us informed.

    1. not doing much better ? they sayd it was going to be released at end of april, but the shipments will start at mid-april, i think thats the opossite of what htc did

      1. We have no idea when the GS4 comes out in the rest of the world. Read Phaseburns post, he said it better than I did. Sick of the HTC One delayed drivel. I’ll take a 32GB One before the end of April over a 16GB GS4 that has no confirmed release.

        1. 16GB+Expandable Memory > 32GB w/o Expandable Memory.

          1. Yup. Beats it everytime.

          2. I’m sure that’s an opinion shared by others as well. See below. I remember feeling the same when I went from the Nexus One to the Nexus S, but I changed my mind quickly when I realized I never had to deal with “apps2sd” ever again. Not exactly the same scenario here but at the same time there weren’t 4GB games back then either. Anyway, I’d much prefer a high speed integrated 32GB over a 16GB with a low speed, additional purchase, expandable memory option. I can live with 15-20GB of music with plenty of space left over for photos/videos and a few games. I don’t depend on my phone anymore for serious gaming or Blu-Ray rips when a tablet/N7/N10 is more reasonable for that. I suppose I would have liked to see Samsung offer a 32GB option, and maybe that will still happen. Hopefully the 64GB GS4 is released shortly after the 16GB version. There is always the 64GB HTC One as well, the Dev version if it turns out ATT hogged the standard version. Either way I prefer the 32/64 option with the One over the 16/64 GS4, expandable memory or not. Still lots of speculation at this point though; let’s see what happens.

          3. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo what you’re saying is… *you* don’t care if it has expandable memory. As long as it has at least 32GB of storage.

            You like typing long convoluted answers don’tcha?


          4. bit of bender last night … fire bombed the internet

          5. Oh you were at the meeting too? Did you see Fred? Man… the divorce is really taking it out of him…


          6. Yeah I was the guy that came to his front door and said, “I’m here for the orgy.”

          7. Whoa! Simmer down there Don!
            You’re logic isn’t welcome on the interwebz… being all logical n stuff…

            Just stahp!

  3. Oh Zeus people whine too much about things like this.

    Manufacturers have two choices:

    Option A) Tell people in advance that $AWESOMEDEVICE is being released, and people complain about having to wait for it.

    Option B) Don’t tell people in advance that $AWESOMEDEVICE is being released until the day it’s available, and people complain they just upgraded a month ago and wouldn’t have if they knew.

    I’ll take Option A every time.

    1. People have 2 genetically ingrained responses to the world around them:

      Option A) Whine about everything
      Option B) Complain about people who whine about everything

      I myself am a complainer, whining is just so pedestrian.

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