SwiftKey Tilt might be an April Fool’s Day joke, but it’s a real feature


Today as part of the many April Fool’s Day jokes running rampant on the internet, the folks at SwiftKey have announced Tilt. The new input method promises a full-body typing experience that allows users to use motion to enter text, no touch necessary. Yes, the idea is a bit zany (and the video introducing it even zanier), but you can actually experience Tilt right now.

If you have SwiftKey installed, simply type the word ’tilt’ at any input screen, long-press the prediction, and tap “SwiftKey Tilt.” For best results, have Flow enabled. Then simply guide the pinball cursor with your movements to flow through words. Bump it into a prediction to enter a new word. It’s not the easiest to get the hang of, but it actually works.

The bad news is that if you actually take to Tilt as a text entry method, the keyboard seems to disable the functionality every time it is closed (so if you want to use Tilt again you will have to re-enable it following the steps above). I think we’ll stick with the more traditional ways of typing for now.

[via SwiftKey]

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  1. Haha that’s good stuff, it actually works

  2. I think I will pass on Tilt.

  3. Lol oh April 1st how I enjoy the hilarity thy day brings!

  4. It typed “I am a beautiful person and go to home”. LOL.

  5. Sorry guys, not funny for a day like April 1st

    1. And I typed it on a toilet :-P

  6. Swiftkey is turning us into April Fools. It looks like an android Harlem shake.

  7. My Italian mother already talks with her hands. Italians.. Always ahead of the curve! (btw, Tie her hands up and she won’t be able to talk!)

    1. I’d like to tie her hands up ;)

  8. AWESOME!!


  10. And now there is a harlem shake video for this

  11. When they all tilt together they look like Zombies. I can imagine how it may look like when I’m doing that in a meeting. ;-) But hey, since I have started using SwiftKey last year, I just can’t find a replacement that can help to type faster than this.

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