Report: Android’s lead in US market share widens over Apple


Google’s lead in US market share continues to grow, according to the latest report from Kantar. For the three months ending in February 2013, Android held a 51 percent lead. Compare this to the nearest competitor, Apple, at 43 percent. The numbers weren’t always this way.

For the same period last year, Apple held a small margin over android with 47 percent to Google’s 45 percent. The growth is another sign of Android’s dominance in the mobile industry, largely thanks to the availability of many inexpensive devices running the operating system.

The outlook for other platforms isn’t so bright. BlackBerry has dropped below a single percentage point, while Windows Phone, which has seen some growth, is still looking at a steep uphill battle. Microsoft’s mobile OS hold 4.1 percent of the pie.

[via BGR]

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  1. But how many IPhone converts have their been recently?… Never enough, that’s what I say!!!!

    1. I converted from iPhone in January (my entire family of 4 were all iPhone users) and I love android. My enthusiasm sparked and interest and now my mom dad and brother are all recent converts. Baby steps!

  2. I doubt many out there will get this reference, but, I think we’ll need to “uplift” most iUsers in order for them to understand Android. :)

    1. very true

    2. david brin

  3. @ Dan: Are you a tech enthusiast? Or a 3rd grade teacher? I bet a lot of people are very uncomfortable around you, always being analyzed!

  4. Was expected the iPhone 5 is not new anymore and everyone when planned to most likely upgrade (or buy a new one) did that in the last quarter of 2012

  5. Kantar “analyst” is a subsidiary of Millward Borwn ad agency.
    The point of this reality-distorting “report” is to show how SMALL Android’s lead is and help boost iphone demand.

    It’s NOT true.

    Apple isn’t 43% in the US and Android is NOT 51% in US.
    It’s MUCH BIGGER difference in numbers.

    1. Thats their emergency excuse when they run out of other explanations

    2. Ya, Kantar just as Strategy Analytics are completely bogus “analysts” that promote Apple at every “analysis”, they are bogus. Android has over 65% market share in the sales in the USA.

    3. Especially when it’ll just be the iPhone4sss

      That makes it sound like its on fire!

  6. The price of android devices has nothing to do with its gain, most people only buy devices on contract, with that said there is an iphone 4 thats free and a iphones 4s starting at 50 $ in some places. So its not like they only have one option when it comes to iPhones. The cheaper iphone 4s and 4 are actually leading all the iphone sales, the only time the iphone 5 sold well was during the holiday season when Apple offered discounts. In other words iPhans are just as cheap.

    1. Came here to post almost exactly the same comment. The whole “cheaper” Android options is no longer valid.

    2. Not all devices are phones. Inexpensive Android tablets, particularly the Kindle Fire, are probably what tip the balance.

      1. Yea but this article only includes smartphones, as it also includes the phone carriers by share as well. But i agree tablets are another story. i can see how cheap Android tablets might be diluting the market share.

  7. All I want is a NFC capable device that has wireless charging with premium materials. I want to be able to throw my phone in the dash tray and it turn on Bluetooth and Pandora and charge my phone all at the same time. I dont care what operating system its running.

  8. Good. Here’s to more android and windows phone growth. Every other mobile OS can disappear.

    1. Wouldn’t want that. Competition with iOS makes android better. Google knows it has to compete, so it tries that much harder. And the reverse is true with iOS users also getting more freedom because of the choice of android.

      I’d love to see Blackberry succeed as well.

      MS can go to 0% for all I care. It would serve them right to be shut out of the market, by consumers and other developers, because of their history of predatory, anti-competitive behavior.

      1. Really, you want MS to disappear but not Apple based on anti-competitive behavior? Apple is the paradigm of anti-competitive. By your logic, you should wish Apple into the trash heap of history.

        Personally, I want to see them all succeed in some shape or form. The more in the game, the more great ideas. MS is doing cool things on their phones, although translation to desktops sucks. Android has brought smart phones with options to the masses. Blackberry is too soon to tell. ios oddly enough has become the dinosaur of the bunch.

        1. Absolutely!!! Apple invented Evil and perpetuates it.

  9. A “51 percent” lead? Uh…may want to rephrase that.

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