Mar 29th, 2013

The folks at iFixit have torn apart HTC’s latest flagship, and they have one piece of advice: don’t try this at home. Any self service to be performed on the phone is not for the faint of heart. The HTC One’s solid, gapless construction creates quite a few issues when it comes to getting inside the device to take a look around. The first warning sign: iFixit had to literally pry the device apart, and it sounds like it was no easy task.

The innards of the one are no easy task, either. HTC has plastered everything together in a way that doesn’t make it all that easy to get at individual components. Even the screen, which would likely be the most common repair attempted at home, has connections routed on the motherboard in a way that still requires the entire phone to be cracked open, likely resulting in permanent damage to the phone’s aluminum case.

It looks like in accomplishing the feat of design that is the HTC One, some sacrifices had to be made when it comes to serviceability. That could just end up being One big headache.

[via iFixit]

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