PrimeTime for Google TV gets Amazon Instant Video support


Google TV’s PrimeTime app seeks to be a total replacement to your TV guide, and it’s slowly getting better at doing the job. Aside from incorporating your television operators channel lineup, Google has slowly been adding providers like Netflix and HBO Go to the mix. The latest is Amazon Instant Video by way of Amazon Prime.

It adds one more option for individuals looking for the best access to TV and movie content. Even better, the update to the app now features a “Subscription selector” that will mark content from sources a user subscribes to as “free.”

PrimeTime is a great concept and one of the best features Google TV offers, but it’s a growing service. With some more refinements like these, Google could be on to something.

[via GTVSource]

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  1. I just noticed the update yesterday. I have all three services and I think it is a great update for the Google TV.

  2. Sadly all these cool services (Google TV,Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix) are all not available in South Africa….:(

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