AT&T launches and expand 4G LTE in seven markets


AT&T has announced that three new markets should now be enjoying its 4G LTE signal, with expansions in four others. Those living in or near Gloucester County, NJ; Hernando County, FL; Gary, IN; and Princeton, NJ will be enjoying expansions that should give folks a wider range and more reliable signal.

In addition to that, three new markets — Hilton Head, SC; Harrison, AR; and Watertown, NY — are being lit up today. AT&T has an impressive device lineup to allow users to take advantage of that new high-speed signal such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the HTC One X+ (and, of course, the forthcoming HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4). I

f you have an LTE device and want to know just how fast AT&T can be in your area then be sure to grab your phone and see that shiny new 4G icon light up in your status bar.

[via AT&T]

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  1. Atleast the have finally acknowledged that SC exists.

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