10 hours left to buy a refurbished ASUS Transformer TF700 for $350 on Groupon


Groupon has been holding a pretty nice sale for the past day or so, but time is almost up on it. Still, the 10 hours left on the timer should be enough time to get your funds together if you’ve already been saving and waiting for the perfect time to buy ASUS’ Transformer TF700. The deals server has listed the tablet (in refurbished form, mind you) starting at just $350 until that aforementioned time is up.

Normally $500, the TF700 comes with NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor that features 4+1 technology for exceptional performance on the first four cores, and battery-friendly computing on the fifth core for less demanding things. Other specs for one of the OEM’s premier tablets include a 10.1 inch IPS display, 1GB of RAM, options of 32GB of 64GB of internal storage with the ability to expand that via a microSD card slot, dual cameras, and more.

There are a few different options on this particular offer so let’s take a look at them:

The Deal

$349.99 for an ASUS TF700 Transformer Pad Infinity 32GB (manufacturer refurbished) ($499.99 list price). Choose between two colors:

$429.99 for an ASUS TF700 Transformer Pad Infinity 32GB with a keyboard dock (manufacturer refurbished) ($649.98 list price). Choose between two colors:

  • Champagne tablet (TF700T-B1-CG) and dock (TF700T-DOCK-CG)
  • Gray tablet (TF700T-B1-GR) and dock (TF700T-DOCK-GR)

$439.99 for an ASUS TF700 Transformer Pad Infinity 64GB in gray (manufacturer refurbished) (TF700T-C1-GR) ($599.99 list price)

$499.99 for an [ASUS TF700 Transformer Pad Infinity 64GB in gray (TF700T-C1-GR) with a keyboard dock (TF700T-DOCK-GR) (manufacturer refurbished) ($749.98 list price)

Sound good? Head on over to Groupon to cash in if you’ve been waiting for a good deal on a tablet that still holds its own.

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  1. I love my transformer infinity. Isn’t worth it without a keyboard dock if you ask me though.

  2. Oy. Why did I look at this? Now I’ve got the 64GB / Dock on order.

  3. Huge deal, wishing I didn’t already have the Prime :(

  4. I’m not sure how anyone can recommend the Infinity to anyone, especially having owned one myself. I IO issues are just intolerable, let alone the build quality issues or even the substandard battery life (compared to other tablets).

    1. I agree to a degree. I would never recommend this to a normal end user. The out of the box experience was terrible. However the update has made a small improvement and the browser2ram work around makes web browsing possible without the constant popup warnings that the app is not responding. I’ve just resolved to not try to use the tablet while any thing is being written to storage in the background as the entire table is brought to it’s knees, but at least it doesn’t lockup and reboot anymore. I just hope my screen doesn’t completely separate, I’ve been trying to wait till just before my warranty is up to send it in and hopefully if they send a replacement or a refurb they will have all these things ironed out. Well I guess all accept the background storage writing issue which will most likely never be fix because it seem to be mostly because of the flash storage chips used are to slow, which is what the I/O issue mentioned above is.

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