Mar 26th, 2013

A new round of games have come to the Humble Bundle for Android. This particular release isn’t being numbered or advertised, oddly enough, but should you choose to plop down the $5.44 or higher donation you’ll be able to get Contre Jour, Anomaly Korea, Plants vs Zombies, Metal Slug 3, The Room, and Bladeslinger for your Android devices. In addition, you’ll get the soundtracks for all aforementioned games except Contre Jour.

As always, donations can be split up whichever way you want in a three-way dance: the Child’s Play Charity, the Electronic Frontiers Foundation, and the developers of said games will all get however much you decide to give them. Of course, if you don’t cough up at least $5.44 you’ll be missing out on Metal Slug 3 and The Room, so consider that before going the cheap route. If you’ve already heard enough then get over to the Humble Bundle site to get started.

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