T-Mobile announces Samsung Galaxy S4 for May 1st release


Earlier we covered T-Mobile’s plans for a new lineup of 4G devices to coincide with the launch of their 4G network. Among them was the Samsung Galaxy S4, which now has its first official US launch date thanks to the carrier. Buyers can pick up the Galaxy S4 on T-Mobile’s new Simple Choice plan starting at $50, but pricing for the phone has not been made official.

T-Mobile is doing away with subsidized phone pricing and replacing it with a down payment model that spreads remaining costs over a 24 month period. The GS4 could launch for $100 down with a $20 interest-free monthly charge recurring after. Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon have not announced final plans for the release of Samsung’s new flagship phone.

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  1. Now I just need to figure out which carrier to go with. T-Mobile is looking pretty good, since they announced the LTE rollout.

    1. and no contracts for top of the line Flagship Android phones !

  2. T-Mobile is about to be on the map, I know the carrier that should be worried the most is Sprint, since their customer base isn’t that much bigger from T-Mobile. Also the fact that almost every AT&T LTE phone can work on T-Mobile LTE network due to the botch deal, might have big bell worried as well.

    1. Agreed, I think they’re going to rock the mobile world. A major carrier with a “no contract” service but you can get the top of the line phones for cheap, without a contract, is going to change everything. Glad I never left T-Mobile..im just gonna slide off my contract and into a new phone in just a couple of months.

      1. Heck Ya Same Here…..

        1. as Harold said I’m impressed that a mother able to get paid $4023 in one month on the network.

        2. …—-goo.gl/Rp02H (Home more information)

  3. What if you wish to purchase one without the down payment and monthly payments? Some of us are not on welfare.

    1. If you’re incapable of doing the math on the payment cost, then I’m surprised you aren’t on welfare.

      1. My question was asking if the phone could be purchased out right vs the payment plan as it was not detailed above.

        I guess you are incapable of comprehension.

        1. I believe you could just buy the phone outright. You would have to check with T-Mobile, Im sure they wont force you into monthly payments if youre gonna give em $600 for the phone, lol.

    2. T-Mobile allows you to buy the phone outright, as well. They are just being flexible for people who can’t afford to pay for the phone outright.

      1. Or to take advantage of free use of someone else’s money.

      2. This was the answer I’m looking for, unlike Mr Helper YamiYamba

    3. I gave you a +1 because I laughed but other than that it was still a stupid comment.

  4. push backed watch and see….

  5. By the time these S4’s are available on all the networks it will be time for Google I/O and another phone release. This sucks, I’m never going to get a new phone.

    1. There’s always gonna be a new phone around the corner jut pull the trigger already….lol

      1. Nah… The time to pull the trigger is after Google I/O not before. I do agree there’s a point you just have to do something but right now is not that point. I bought a Nexus 4 2 months ago but it was only because I had to after abandoning Verizon for Tmobile. Wish I could’ve held out but oh well.

    2. There is never a right time to buy a cell phone, computer, or anything else based on technology because something better is always going to be just around the corner. If you want an S4, get it. It won’t be a bad decision.

      But I do understand your dilemma. I wanted an HTC One, but now I kind of want a Galaxy S4. Then there is the Motorola X Phone coming out. Then there will the next Nexus phone. The next Galaxy Note would also be cool. Next thing you know, the next HTC One and Galaxy S5 will be right around the corner.

      My advice – Just do it!

      1. In this case, with people on the fence, close to purchasing a S4, with a month to think about it… If you were Motorola and wanted lots of sales, wouldn’t it be smart to actually officially release/tease a few really great features about the upcoming X phone? They would be able to perhaps convince some perspective S4 buyers to wait for theirs. Of course, they want something great to announce @ I/O so they won’t, but Motorola also wants to turn a profit… If this phone is a high end phone, and they have to charge a lot for it to break even or make something, the margin will be low. I think the smarter move for them is to make a mid-range phone with some premium features so the margin is high and the adoption is higher… sort of like the Nexus phones. I’m getting a S4, and probably won’t regret it. Since there is next to zero info on what the Motorola X phone is shaping up to be, besides customizable (which doesn’t add cost for us but will for Motorola), I would hate it for all you guys, the waiters, to hold off on the S4 and then discover that Motorola has designed a phone that is not targeted @ you.

    3. Buy a phone and stop reading the news about new phones coming out….lol phones come out so often some “improvement” is coming soon…

  6. I’m stoked on this. I’ve had a HTC Sensation since the very day it was available. I now want the S4 the day it is available. I can’t wait for a pre-order page to come up or maybe I’ll head into my local store and put down some sort of down payment to reserve one of the first. I’m going to call my store right now come to think of it.

    1. I’ve got the Sensation, too… So why the S4 over the One?

      1. Simple… I love what the Sensation gives me that the S4 has and the One doesn’t. The S4 has a removable battery and an ext-sd card option… both are lacking in the HTC one. I even liked a lot of the gimmick software features they offered, like the health/exercising tracking software, the camera features, and I’m interested in the humidity/temperature sensors as well. Also, with the removable back, I can now add the wireless charging pad option with the S4… something that is not available to the One.

        1. it’s so choke full of features.. i mean a thermometer and a freakin pedometer lol (and pedometers are not really cheap)

          1. You can buy pedometers at the dollar tree.

        2. My only concern with the battery is that I tend to hold onto my phones around 2 years or so. I normally end up having to replace the battery at around 18 months in most phones.

          1. I have had my Sensation for more than 2 years and while I can’t recall how much juice it could hold 2 years ago, my battery is certainly not dead and I continue to use it.

          2. I’m at 18 months on my Sensation, no battery yet. But my G1 and G2 both needed replacement batteries around this time.

      2. Another Sensation owner. Although I’m hoping to be able to hold both of them in my hand before making the absolute final decision, at this time I’m going with the One because of elegant software & hardware (and the Zoe stuff actually looks kind of cool since I like to take cool pics). Most of the S4-only features are “neat”, but I doubt I’ll use them much…and the S4 just seems geekier.

        The hardest part of accepting the One will be the non-removable battery and the lack of SD card. I currently have a 64GB SD card in my Sensation and it will no longer be usefull.

        1. One more thing…the battery life in the Sensation is so bad that the even larger battery in the S4 is another big reason I’m not certain about the One. I can barely make it half a day if I barely use my phone. If I am read/writing emails or the screen is on…it lasts about an hour or two.

          1. My Sensation’s battery is fine (barring the occasional fit it throws for no good reason). I charge on my commute (45 minutes each way) and overnight, and haven’t been worried about running out on an average day.

            Right now (4PM, off charger 7.5 hours) I’m at 76%. Have read several emails, GTalk messages, and checked weather.

            I think there may be a bug that if you pocket the phone while the screen is on, it will act like you put it up to your ear and just black the screen while leaving the backlight on. I’ve caught it doing that on a few occasions, and those are the days my battery life is nonexistant.

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        2. The Zoe is something I’m looking forward to trying. I always miss a “good” picture by a fraction of a second, and I’m hoping I’ll be better at taking Zoes.

          I’ve got a 8GB card in my Sensation, and while I would like to put more music on it, it’s not as much of a deal breaker if I had 20-25GB of free space internally.

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  7. After 20 years with Sprint I pulled the trigger went to T MO 8 months ago and couldn’t be happier 3 x the data speeds never a dropped call always consistent…< just outside Philly

  8. I can’t imagine tmobile selling the GS4 for only $30 more than the GS3 currently costs. The down payment will likely be $200+.

  9. If the pricing is gonna be like the S3 release-price last year, it’ll be $300…

    1. My money is on $250 down at release.

      1. More than likely it going to be $99 down, why I say that is based on the pricing off 3 phones. The BB Z10, iPhone 5, and HTC One are all $99 down. I doubt T-Mobile will price any higher than those 3. Which is a great deal compared to $199 at the other carriers. Even if you’re still financing the phone, you still come out on top and save more compared to the other 3.T-Mobile should done this from the gate when introducing value plans. I’m ready to finish my contract with Verizon.

  10. Phone looks awesome as usual. Great news~

  11. Smart move my T-Mobile. This is exactly what carriers should be doing. http://www.AndroidAppsForWork.com

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