ASUS teases something square and silver but what could it be? [UPDATE]


When it comes to teasers, ASUS loves ’em. They’re always hyping some new product up on their social networking pages, the latest coming by way of Google+ and a mysterious device. Or washer. Or…. subwoofer? Really, we have no idea what it is. Judging by the tiny feet holding it up, we’re wondering if this isn’t the ASUS Qube we took a look at back during CES. If it is, it’s gotten a major design overhaul. Wont have to wait too much longer to find out. Apparently, all will be revealed tomorrow. What do you guys think it could be?

Update: As some of our readers have already pointed out, it looks like this could be nothing more than an ASUS optical drive (picture below). Oh, ASUS. You and your sick little games…

Update 2: ASUS has confirmed, it’s a damn DVD drive. ARRRRGH. Touche.

Thanks, Alex!


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  1. I’m guessing this like everyone else has been saying:

  2. Optical drive

    Was also discussed on Android Central

    1. If you look you will notice that the device with what look like feet is wider then the optical drive is.

  3. I think it’s probably a luxury toilet seat cover. But I wonder where I can buy a square shape toilet to go with that gorgeous Asus cover.

    1. Apple patented square shaped toil… never mind, I can’t even do it anymore. :-

      1. Don’t stop….. don’t ever stop.

        1. I’ll quit when I’m finished.

          1. that’s what I said

          2. Don’t speak unless spoken to.

          3. No, don’t quit until Apple stop suing everyone for stupid reasons

        2. That’s what she said

      2. No they haven’t, just the sh!t that goes in it.

  4. what sick game, they emailed me this like an hour ago…

  5. there needs to be an ASUS developed Nexus phone. just a random thought.

    1. I feel the same way. Well, a ASUS Padfone Nexus phone. :p

      For the most part, ASUS is awesome with firmware updates and only does light themeing of Android on their devices. Closest to stock out of any OEM I’ve seen.

      1. i know, the padfones are sick!!!! Motorola’s current skin is pretty light as well.

    2. I don’t understand why Asus won’t release a regular smartphone instead of doing just the Padfone. I like the way their phone looks in the Padfone looks but I’m not buying a Padfone.The phone looks high build quality and a nice UI.

      1. same here. I love the look of the newest padfone.

    3. I love the padfone idea, I just wonder how their radios are.

    4. Phones aren’t their thing. Then they’d have to deal with carriers and their nonsense.

  6. A new CHRIMEBOOK!

    I honestly have no clue…

    1. A Chromebook would be awesome.

  7. Refrigerator?

  8. This will look great with my zenbook prime.

  9. Hahahahahahaha I’m crying here!!! I keep seeing their ceo revealing a hybrid washer SLASH optical drive in a way only he can, like a drunk magician! Hahaha no disrespect, asus kicks assus!

  10. All this hype for an optical drive? AAUGH!!

  11. people still use optical drives?

  12. Um, why not a Blu-Ray with backwards compatibility?!?! If you’re gonna do something do it right!!!

  13. Really!? Not even a blu-ray? lol

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