Mar 22nd, 2013

When it comes to teasers, ASUS loves ’em. They’re always hyping some new product up on their social networking pages, the latest coming by way of Google+ and a mysterious device. Or washer. Or…. subwoofer? Really, we have no idea what it is. Judging by the tiny feet holding it up, we’re wondering if this isn’t the ASUS Qube we took a look at back during CES. If it is, it’s gotten a major design overhaul. Wont have to wait too much longer to find out. Apparently, all will be revealed tomorrow. What do you guys think it could be?

Update: As some of our readers have already pointed out, it looks like this could be nothing more than an ASUS optical drive (picture below). Oh, ASUS. You and your sick little games…

Update 2: ASUS has confirmed, it’s a damn DVD drive. ARRRRGH. Touche.

Thanks, Alex!


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