Hands-on: ASUS Qube with Google TV at CES 2013 [VIDEO]


A Nexus Q replacement it is not, but the ASUS Qube offers an interesting take on the Android-based Google TV. We had a chance to check out the new hardware at ASUS’ suite in the Trump Tower here in Las Vegas as part of CES, and while the user interface might take some getting used to the Qube would be right at home in our living rooms.

Priced at $130 for a launch later in Q1, the Qube is a bit more expensive than its closest rival, the Vizio Co-Star. Both devices feature similar hardware and include a two-sided remote with touchpad and TV controls on the front and a full QWERTY keyboard on the rear. Where ASUS differentiates their product is in the unique user interface that translates the cube theme to Google TV’s navigation menu.

You still have access to everything you expect, including enhanced TV listings, the Google Play Store, apps such as Netflix, and the ability to search your channel guide (in this case, the Qube even offers voice search via the remote). Want to watch “The Simpsons?” Just ask.

The ASUS Qube takes a bold approach to a stale Google TV platform, so give it credit for that at the very least. But we suspect once users get accustomed to the experience it could rank as one of the best Google TV boxes on the market.

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  1. nm, looks pretty great!

  2. i’m perfectly happy with my WD Live TV media box.. it plays all the major codecs, i can plug my 2 TB HDD into it, and it can access netflix, hulu, etc..

  3. nexus logo?

  4. Wrong year

    1. Yeah,
      Hands-on: ASUS Qube with Google TV at CES 2013 [VIDEO]

  5. I think I’m going to pass on Google TV this time and just get one of the Chinese Android sticks floating out there for about half the price of this. Jellybean and rooted with the full play store? Count me in. I have a Logitech Revue, and am not really interested in the ultra-limited app selection of another Google TV.

  6. How often does it lock up and have to be rebooted? I’m looking at you Vizio Co-Star.

    1. …..And I’m looking at the Logitech Revue lol

  7. should be able to switch from a standard ui and the qube. im waiting to see a dev make a custom launcher in the play store for gtv, that knocks the tits off of everyone. like what launcherpro and adw did back in the pre 4.0 days.

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